Debunking: Colour, Negative connotations in Belief Systems
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 05, 2020 12:28AM

In most of the belief systems around various uses of colour (as frequency) are used and we as humans give them different meaning.

Frequently in the spiritual circles, black is seen as the abhorrent, negative shade ( in science, black is the frequency that is lacking in light - not absent if it entirely), and white is seen as pure, ( in science, white is a colour that visits of all colours, brimming full of light ).

Brahma Kumaris in particular frown upon black colour, and the person who says that they see or sense in their own personal fields.

However, in hermetic Kabbalah, a black outline on the aura is seen as a given protective measure to those traversing specific spheres (don’t ask me which, I don’t know).

In physics, dark energy in space is considered an essential fuel to the fact that we (and everything else in its entirety) exist in the first place and is observed as a rapidly expanding space, a dark space that we perceive as black from different perspectives, we are encased in it and there is no way of changing this fact of life.

Black is not even considered a colour in colour theory, since it is empty space lacking in light, colour is only apparent due to the visible frequencies of light upon given surfaces.

Black is not a lightless place, it is simply lacking in it which is as it should be for what it’s function is in the whole.

It is in now way harmful, and denotes nothing at all aside from a person being a naturally living person.

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