Fear, Covid 19 (coronavirus), and Cults.
Posted by: facet ()
Date: March 22, 2020 12:44AM

My thoughts are with everyone at the moment not just due to the outbreak generally though due to the high amounts of unnecessary fear circulating that impacts those who follow or have followed religious leaders and cults.

It is a very dangerous and highly stressful time for most who are within cultish groups and for those who have previously been in one.

Cultish leaders will and do use world situations such as the current one to further control and use unnecessary fear as a handle within the group. Sadly, global issues are a tool that gets manipulators hands rubbing together with plans to keep people enslaved by:

Reminding followers that their lives are worthless, the physical body is pointless - after all, life is but “a dream”, an underhand way of glorifying death.

Reminding followers that should they leave the leader or disobey in any way, they are doomed - based on the leader being seen as closer to whatever the object of worship is, distance means downfall since followers are no longer close to “source, god, truth, alien lineage” etc. By remaining a follower, survival is more guaranteed because if the special something that is followed, even though leaders have an insidious yet very open lack of value for life.

Reminding followers of old prophecy, and / or teaching they gave themselves regarding end times, end of the world, reset of humanity, etc, which served to keep people running on unnecessary fear. They use symbols which are objects placed in people’s minds by story telling, some notably through bible stories.

You are safe. Don’t t worry too much, and just stick to the common sense precautions dealing with the outbreak.

Take good care and remember to have some sort of joy in your day no matter how smaller act it may seem.

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