Learning with feelings
Posted by: facet ()
Date: January 22, 2020 11:25PM

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write today about how important it is to feel feelings, especially our fear.

I’m not saying that we should all consider taking ourselves into over inflated mind fear oblivion, though more to feel and understand the feeling as it comes up in certain situations and with various people.

I know I’m not alone when I say that lots of us who have been involved in cults and manipulative relations have been in abusive situations and / or families growing up.

This factor alone means that our normal is cult and manipulation, our physical senses are shut down in order to get by, or survive as a being.

Stepping into a cult or manipulative situation means that we will have shut down more, and may have been asked to step beyond all fears, internally we begin to doubt our ‘this is unusual’ radar and carry on regardless because again, we are afraid that we won’t progress as a being.

If feeling fear, or grossed out, or anything else when it comes to situations and people, it is our radar sensing a potentially incoming unidentified flying ego. An intrusion of sorts. Something that is not right for us.

It is something to be listened to and responsible choice be made on wether to continue on allowing this UFE further into our airspace or not. This might mean going beyond strong survival feelings and inner rationalisation where we weigh out the pros and the cons.

The only way of knowing what we’re getting into in an unregulated future is knowing that if it does not feel right, it’s unusual. We must be in touch with our natural physical feelings and listen to them in order to take the best care of ourselves, which paved the way for our ability to take care of others as a unified humanity.

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