Exhibition:Cult /High Demand Group Survivors' Creative Work
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Date: April 05, 2006 04:03AM

The [b:53f0f1fe1f]International Cult Survivors Association [/b:53f0f1fe1f]is having their annual conference on June 22-24 in Denver, Colorado. All cult survivors are invited to attend. You can find out more information about it here: [www.cultinfobooks.com]

Part of the conference is an exhibition of art and media that has been created by [b:53f0f1fe1f]cult survivors only[/b:53f0f1fe1f]. Here is the announcement about the submission process:

[b:53f0f1fe1f]Deadline for Creative Work for Conference Arts Exhibit[/b:53f0f1fe1f][/size:53f0f1fe1f]

[b:53f0f1fe1f]Former members of cults, or high demand organizations,[/b:53f0f1fe1f] are invited to take part in the upcoming [i:53f0f1fe1f]Phoenix Project[/i:53f0f1fe1f], an exhibit of cult related creative work created by former members, to be presented at the 2006 International Cultic Studies Association conference in Denver, CO, on June 23.

[b:53f0f1fe1f]The deadline for submissions of proposed artwork is April 15.[/b:53f0f1fe1f]

The artwork should illustrate or illuminate some aspect of the cult or high demand experience: the world of ex-members, their healing or recovery, or their time of transition from their cult or high-demand organization.

Creations may be in any art form, including, but not limited to: literary (such as poetry, drama, short story, or other writings), music of any kind, dance, and the visual arts (such as paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture, fiber arts, photography, film, video, or multi-media).

[b:53f0f1fe1f]If so desired, this work may be presented anonymously[/b:53f0f1fe1f], and the artists need not attend the conference for their work to be included. The exhibit coordinator will make every effort to assist each ex-member artist in creating the best presentation possible for her or his artwork.

Our hope for this exhibit is that it will shed light on the reality of life in a high-demand organization, and of its effects on individuals, and that it will provide an empowering experience for participating artists, as well, giving them the chance to tell our own stories in our own ways.

For more information, and to submit email exmemberartwork@yahoo.com.

We look forward to considering your artwork for this event, and hope that you will join with us in the creation and presentation of art which will enlighten others on cult and post-cult life.

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