One component of recovery - make a dictionary of cult language
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 11, 2018 10:42PM

One way to strengthen your recovery is to write down jargon and catch phrases used by your guru or group. Likewise if you've been in an abusive relationship, see if you can list words or phrases your abuser habitually used. Ditto for topics that were areas of obsession/hate from your guru, your group or your abuser.

Scientology has its own jargon and former members have created a dictionary


Survivors of Werner Erhard's est/The Forum/Landmark have identified jargon specific to that group (Erhard spent time in Scientology)


Recently, former members of a church group called The Walk have begun compiling
a dictionary of that cult churches private language.

A participant in this discussion, Jesusjesusjesus suggested compiling a list of Walk jargon.


I'm thinking about what resources ex-members and pastors/church members who try to support them might need. One thing I realized is that the "walk talk" is heavy, and can create some major miscommunication and misunderstanding.

So - what words or phrases would need to be included if we were to create a dictionary for the unindoctrinated, so to speak? Not just words that are used differently in the Christian world as compared to the Fellowship, but also phrases that express uniquely "Body" ideas.

And.... go!

The Walk Cult Church Jargon Dictionary Project discussion began here. Former members were amazed at how much special terminology was used in that group.


The Fourth Way, a bundle of sects tied to GI Gurdjieff has its own jargon, which can vary from group to group.


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