Safe forms of healing, spirituality, etc?
Posted by: cei42 ()
Date: June 20, 2018 09:30AM

I'm interested in personal growth, and every now and then I research an author or teacher and find this forum, which is a wonderful antidote to all the rah rah new age sentiment surrounding many "spiritual leaders".

What I haven't been able to find here is a discussion of how to follow a path of self-improvement without falling into the trap of reading someone who is teaching crap for personal gain. For example, are there writers on Western Buddhist or mindfulness who are teaching well-supported techniques? Which techniques of personal healing are not ripe for misuse (if any)?

One obvious answer is mainstream psychotherapy, in it's multitude of versions, and that is one thing I've done. But I'm interested in other modalities, like mindfulness, and wondering if there is a guide or resource list or rules of thumb for how to do alternative self-help without getting suckered (of that's possible). For example, I have found the ancient writings of the Stoics, who are enjoying a modern revival, to be wise and valuable.

Put another way, bad leaders sucker people who feel damaged and desperately want to heal. One way to stop that exploitation is to warn people about it. But that will only get you so far without an alternative to offer them, because people like that feel they must do something. Is mainstream psychotherapy really the only option?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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