A good Job
Posted by: qtc ()
Date: February 04, 2006 12:14AM

I would like to thank people like Rick for the good job he/they are doing to help people away from destructive cults and sects.

I live in Norway and have the resent days seen all the "cracy islamic fanatism" regarding some newspapers printed a few pictures of muhammed.
Now some Islamic religous group is saying they will "attack" Norway.

"Some people" cant learn to difrensiate and understand that pictures of muhammed or any religious leader are "free for media to do whatever"
"They should understand that the freedom of speach and printing for media is importent. It keeps the "free world going"

Ye that freedom has been "fighted" for trough centuries and are a part of the modern democracy.

So it is importent that people like Rick trying to make people see the "truth" about many religious issues and he (people like that) realy deserve theyr "Rose" :)
Best regards Qtc :)

A good Job
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: February 07, 2006 04:55AM

Hi qtc,

I'm from Australia, which is also a democracy. We down here also believe in freedom of the press, (media). However, with a right, comes responsibility.

Currently there are public discussions down here that were originally raised by a Judge that our society is loosing how to be polite and have manners, and show respect and consideration for all.

The balancing act for the media is to demonstrate respect with integrity while remaining free.

To make my point, Islamic cartoonists could have presented Jesus Christ in an equally satrical situation. Christians would have been outraged BUT I doubt they would be burning embasies and Islamic sacred sites.

Two major newspapers here - The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age stated that they would not print the cartoons as it may lead to injury and distruction of property. Is this balancing respect and freedom? I don't know.


A good Job
Posted by: qtc ()
Date: February 07, 2006 06:00AM

Cant help it , my mother was missused when she was a girl, the same with the love of my life so I hate pedofil behavior.

Acording to "holy muslim" scripts Muhammed married a child and had intercorse with here when she was 9 years old.

Thats for me a criminal act and sould me condemed thereafter.

This selfproclamed prophet/messiah also cutted all the mens heads of a hole jewish tribe and took the women and the childs for slaves.

This is also an illegal act and should me condemed thereafter.

The fact that Muhammed also practisised polygami is also a thing from archaic tribe mentality and dont belong in a modern world.

So in my point of view I cant justify the socalled prophet more then I can justify Charles Manson when he kills.
They (people with that behavior) can not be justifyed and surely there are many "strange pictures" of Charles Manson ETC and other "cracy" people who thing theyr killing spray and pedofil lust can be justifyed because they are a selfproclaimed "prophet or messiah".

Life of brian is a exsample of the freedom to make a parodi film/drawing ETC. (and funny 2 :)

Its like the religious fantatics trying to "flame" Rick A Ross for his work with offprogramming the "brainwashed" people.
Some of those fanatics surely want "Rick" to not exsist or "be dead"
Ye this page (text/pictures) is WERY provocating for many fanatic religious people but Rick/page has the right to exist, the right to speak, to print, to public every story /picture ETC, nomatter what some fantatics says. the same with the free press and pictures text with this Muhammed caracter.

Fanatics are "setting on fire ambasses and flaming freedom to fight fantatism and freedom to make a drawing. diffrent artforms can also be provoking for somebody but U cant stop the freedom to create.
Liberty is the Key :)

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