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The reality is that the culture of AMORC is akin to the culture of the Roman Empire. After all, Imperator means Emperor. And, in Rome, the Emperor was considered a god. So the Culture of AMORC is a dictatorship.
I am continuing to receive information from an interesting insider to recent Rosicrucian events in New York. The following comments, while containing his or her true accounts of these events, generally paraphrases the comments of other
participants, even though I am placing these comments in quotations.

On Sunday December 4, 2011 NYC Lodge has a convocation as usual. Following the convocation, an Envoy from San Jose made a surprising announcements.

1. AMORC will be creating a cultural center at the location where the NY City Lodge is located. That is, 32 Irving Place, New York, NY 1003 will no longer be the home of the New York City Lodge but will become the home of an AMORC Cultural Center. The center will start in March 2012

2. The Grand Counselor of AMORC will no longer be authorized to perform the Temple Degree initiation at the Lodge. Instead, from time to time an AMORC Envoy will come from San Jose CA and will perform the necessary Temple degree initiation.

Members were shocked and surprised by such big announcements because nobody had any idea that anything was “cooking” in San Jose. Some brave members (indeed, very brave) decided to ask questions. The Envoy from San Jose was somewhat taken off guard. The reason is usually members are very compliant (or are supposed to be complaint). This is, in fact, the ultimate purpose of AMORC training. Decisions made by the Grand Lodge are “cosmically inspired decisions” and therefore should be not be questioned in any way whatsoever.

Questions from Members and Answers from Envoy

Question 1. Why did our Imperator target the New York City Lodge instead of any other lodges for this project?

(During these times, members are compelled to use the phrase, ‘Our Imperator,’ when referring to Christian Bernard. The omission of the term, ‘Imperator,’ in even casual conversation, is a basis for severe punishment including a suspension from AMORC, which means the member is, for that time, excluded from the protective umbrella of AMORC’s Egregor.

Answer 1: We (AMORC) have a similar center in Philadelphia (comment: This is actually a lie and you will see that in the meeting follow-up on December 11th.

Question 2: Will the Grand Lodge of San Jose pay the monthly rent?

Answer 2: As a matter of fact, the New York City Lodge is not able to maintain the current monthly rent. The Grand Lodge of San Jose is stepping in to keep the New York City Lodge from being evicted from this place for non-payment of rent. As you can see, the Envoy is changing the “why.”

Question 3: What about the funds currently in the New York City Lodge Building Fund?

Answer 3: Nothing will happen to the fund. The fund will be frozen and be “untouchable” by the Grand Lodge of San Jose.

Question 4: Why are they taking away the power of initiation from the Grand Counselor?

Answer 5: The Chairman of the Board that was attending the meeting, was completely silent until this question was raised: “We are running quite late. This was supposed to be a quick informational meeting. Given the time constraints, we will ask the Envoy to attend out next business meeting schedule for Sunday, December 11th, after the Pronaos Convocation.

Conclusion: This is how the meeting ended.

This is a strategic decision aimed at giving more time to the Envoy of San Jose.

After leaving the formal meeting, the “die hard” members stay in the lobby of the Lodge and later on the sidewalk until 10:00 or 11:00 PM talking about the surprise announcements and what might be behind this kind of strange decision. Also, during that “spill over” discussion among members, they devise a strategy. It is decided that each member in his or her own circle will reach out to every possible member in the area so they will come in large numbers to the meeting on Sunday, December 11, hopefully to ask questions.

However, the members are about to receive a very big surprise on December 11, 2011. They didn’t know and could not have predicted that AMORC has anticipated their plan for December 11.

I will describe the December 11, 2011 events in my next post

The Open Letter to Christian Bernard Venerated Imperator of the Rosicrucians is available in French, Portuguese and English

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