Lack of democracy in western countries.
Posted by: judith Pascoe ()
Date: April 10, 2011 11:28AM

Have recently left S.G.I. Australia, where many leaders are really wonderful people and very open minded. They think they are practising the way Pres.Ikeda intends for Australia, and put down any ambiguities to Japanese culture, and the misunderstanding of Americans! Here in Australia, Ikeda is still regarded as a fallible man, as yet. Although the mentor\disciple mantra is being increasingly pushed.The infamous Ikeda H.Q. videos are not shown at meetings here because Aussies do not like them.
I have been visiting this link, and have found much in common with what has been written here by former S.G.I.ers. As a long time member, have been through all the changes. In Australia , members are in the American 1990s period, where democracy is promised if only YOU become the change! Thank you for a forum where people can freely express how they feel.
Here is a link which others may find interesting. Dominating Tradition_ Soka Gakkai and the Creation of Levi Mclaughlin. Contains translation of Ikeda's memo to members,where it is pretty clear that there is NO DEMOCRACY in Soka, and the full import of the master/discipleship is explained.

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