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Re: Mahesh and money
Posted by: sjerker ()
Date: July 28, 2010 11:18PM

First, I appreciate and enjoy the stories you tell on this site. I am a former TMer and attended MIU (now MUM) in the early 90s. In one of the earlier threads you spoke about your experiences of TMO when growing up. Did you spend time in Fairfield ? Just curious. Also, there are some very revealing aspects in what you tell. I am still learning it seems... For example, I met Doug Henning once at MIU. I did not know the whole story, so thanks for telling it. It is rather shocking in fact that he virtually meditated himself to death, since he refused treatment by conventional means for his cancer.

Thank you.

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John Gray Mars Venus - Maharishi U Seelsberg
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 12, 2022 01:10AM

The Naked Truth About John Gray



John Gray has turned his book into a brand and wrought a financial empire through publishing, a chain of licensed counseling centers, seminar workshops, a syndicated advice column, television and radio broadcasts, not to mention the lucrative lecture circuit.

The synergy between all of Gray's various interests and enterprises have undoubtedly made him a wealthy man.

But the basis upon which John Gray built his professional career and counseling conglomerate is not sound and seems to be essentially faked.

The relationship guru who constantly promotes himself as "Dr. John Gray" and lists a "Ph.D." has only one accredited degree, a high school diploma.

Previously reported that Gray's doctorate is "worthless." According to California's attorney general a "diploma mill" that was later shut down issued it.

CultNews kept checking further and can now report that both of John Gray's other purported degrees are also unaccredited and essentially worthless too.

Neither his BA nor his MA is from an accredited institution of higher education.

Gray received his undergraduate degrees from (URL bold font)

Maharishi European Research University in Seelisberg, Switzerland

before returning to the United States in 1982, according to his posted bio at Brooks International.

Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland is not accredited according to World Education Services (WES) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Both accrediting organizations could not find the Swiss Maharishi U anywhere in their exhaustive and well-maintained databases.

The Swiss school should not be confused with Maharishi University of Management in Iowa.

Maharishi University in Iowa was not granted accreditation to issue a Masters degree in psychology until 1984 according to records kept by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). The NCACS is the regional organization that has accredited the school.

John Gray is a professional member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), which he prominently lists on his bio.

However, the ACA requires its professional members to have at least a Masters degree accredited by CHEA.

Mr. Gray apparently disregarded that standard and the ACA must not have checked.

Associate Director of Member Services Carol Neiman explained that members are on an "honor system" due to the size of the organization, they have 50,000 members.

John Gray articles from Cult Education Institute Group Information here:


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