Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: Mercurius ()
Date: November 04, 2006 06:52AM

I am also from Romania. Since eigth springs I study Gnosis at AGEAC, although I have left, then come back, and in the meantime studied on my own. I have done deep research in many fields of esoteric study. Several Gnostic groups have interpreted widely different what Samael in his books say. He had some excellent ideeas, pretty revolutionary, especially of disolving the ego, it helped me much. Also before I met Gnosis had an innate ability to astral project during sleep time, Samael could not have lied about this. There are many things I do not understand, many things indeed, yet from what I have saw before Gnosis, and then checked with Samael ... it made perfect sense. What I do not agree is sometimes his temperamental behaviour, always saying that other paths are wrong and not to be valued. I dont agree with this at all. Oh ... btw, I'm only 22 :)

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: Alejandra ()
Date: November 04, 2006 08:11AM

hi, I know this family one by one and they are sick.. you are almost right on the spot..

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: Alejandra ()
Date: November 04, 2006 08:13AM

glad you see it

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: Alejandra ()
Date: November 07, 2006 06:01AM

ur right on the spot, with teh family history I know them, that family
I'm just getting the word around about the various Samael Aun Weor group as many cult watch organizations dont have info listed about him. (if you dont have it already).

"Samael's" real name is Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez born March 3, 1917 in Colombia, South America, and moved to Mexico in the 1950's. He died on December 24, 1977 in Mexico City.
Victor Rodriguez was a member of Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua (FRA) in Columbia. Now to what extent Victor Rodriguez was with the FRA is uncertain. Although Gabriel Gaviria dispute that Victor Rodrguenz has ever met Arnold Krumm Heller. And the FRA dispute the claim that Victor Rodriguez was ever made a "Bishop" by Heller. Gaviria said something in the regards that Rodriguez was too young to have met Keller or was in some other part of South America.

Pilares Villa, "Liber Veritatis", p. 23; Ramirez Cifuentes, letter of 26.8.90; Pilares Villa, letter of 9.3.90.
letter of 7.9.92.
Gabriel Sanchez Gaviria, letter of 20.10.92.

Some of the claims of Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez and his followers. Such as him speaking to aliens or claiming to be the "Arch Angel Sameal" or "Buddha Maitreya", "Avatar of Aquarius", "Samael the Arch Angel Regent of Mars" etc (I was also told in private by a member of the Aun Weor groups that he is " Arch Angel of the Sun" as well.)
He even named his 4 children Osiris, Isis and Horus. He had another named Hepatia.
Osiris is currently co-ordinating the "gnostic" groups under Litelantes (his wife*) who had passed away. Keep in mind that there are several Sameal groupings that splinter off when "Samael" died.
(I have heard one of his daughters left the group. I dont know for sure who. Its quite possible he had a fifth child???? Her name may be "Luna"???? I'm not 100% sure who "Luna" is but she did write a booklet in which I have from their grouping. When I inquire who Luna is all I got was a blank wall response.)

(There seems to be alot of these little catches that someone "neglect" to informed you. Or some other little surprise.)

(*"Litelantes" real name is Arnolda Garro de Gomez.)


They use a progression fear base method of manipulation. When you first join the free lectures they appear as a innocent spiritual school. But as several months pass they start increaseing their fear rhetoric. Its fearful message repeated over and over again little by little.
They also practice some form of sleep deprivation based on the teachings of Gurdjieff. (I would say miss interpretation of Gurdjieffs teachings.)

They claim that "Sameal" says people shouldnt follow him blindly. But at the same time Sameal and his followers scorn and place condemnation on those who dont agree with him.


This is from one of of the Aun Weor's websites. A Lecture by Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez (aka Samael Aun Weor) Titled "WHO IS SAMAEL AUN WEOR?" :

Many think that Samael Aun Weor is just a pseudonym. Therefore it is now very important to transcribe what the Venerable Master Samael said about himself. The following text is a transcript of a lecture that was dictated by the Master in the Civic Auditorium of the State of Guadalajara, in the year 1975.

"Many people believe that Samael is just a pseudonym. No! Indeed, I am Samael! By yourselves, you have read that in Kabbalah that Samael is classified as the angel regent of Mars. In the Bible, Samael is classified as a demon. It does not matter! The fact is that I am Samael! ......"

".... Samael Aun Weor is my true name as a Boddhisattwa. Samael is the name of my Monad! I am perfectly cognizant of the dawn of life in this Solar System! I saw the dawning of Creation! I am here with this humanity, from the very first moment, since the heart of this solar system started to palpitate after the long Cosmic Night. I came here (to this planet) because my Internal God, my Father who is within me, sent me! My only purpose is to serve and help this humanity! This is why I am serving my fellowmen. This is why I am working for the sake of this humanity! ..."

Source: []

Obviously he has a Messianic complex.

You might find this article interesting.



" Latin American Cults Watched Following California Suicides

Apr. 07, 1997

QUITO, Ecuador (CWN) - Latin American nations have taken initiatives to control and even ban some cults under Gnostic or New Age influence in order to prevent a massive suicide similar to the "Heaven's Gate" suicide cult that occurred recently in California.

In Quito, Ecuador, authorities have banned any proselytizing by the "Gnostic Christian Universal Movement of Samael Aun Weor," due to the similar beliefs regarding the "messianic signals" of the Hale-Bopp comet. According to local police, the decision to forbid the sect's actions in Ecuador has been taken in order to "prevent any dangerous reaction such as the one that occurred in the United States."

Even though the Heaven's Gate sect has no official representation in Ecuador, some of its members have organized an international summit that was going to be held in the country. Since Ecuador is on the Equator, the country is seen as an "energy pole" by many New Age cults. The Ecuadorian government has forbidden the Heaven's Gate summit.

At the same time, in Peru, the government asked the National Police to investigate the "Alpha and Omega" cult, a Gnostic movement which promotes a messianic expectation on the arrival of a UFO that will bring universal peace and love. The sect says that Jesus was a forerunner of the interplanetary aliens they are expecting.

Similar investigation of other New Age sects are underway in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. "


This is from another one of their booklets.

"Skeptical people must not come to our studies because occult science is very demanding. The skeptics fail totally. Thus, skeptical people will not succeed in entering the Heavenly Jerusalem."

In other words you have to become a TRUE BELIEVER.

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: iloveauto0 ()
Date: November 29, 2006 08:19PM

I'm just getting the word around about the various Samael Aun Weor group as many cult watch organiza...
Knowledge is force !

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: TheOrhtodox ()
Date: February 15, 2007 08:03AM

Please be extremely careful. Samael Aun Weor's gnosis immediately puts the adepts into the direct spiritual experiences. The danger of that is that spiritual realms are filled with demons. An unknowing person may be let astray by the influence of demons, who appear as angels of light.

Once Satan appeared as an angel of light to an Orthodox christian monk. "I am Angel Gabriel, and come to visit you" he said. The monk then replied "I, who lives in sins, am not worthy to be visited by an angel". Satan immediately disappeared.

Please be careful.

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: homeopath9 ()
Date: April 01, 2007 07:57AM

hello to everybody, i live in athens, greece, i was many years in the school of gnostic movement.....i investigate the matter, samael, in his books, falls into mistakes, very clear to someone who dwells and researches....i had the opportunity to visit india many times.....and we ask shivananda ashram if shivananda did alchemy like samael proclaims, the answer was a clear NO...

also he proclims that guru of yogananda sri yukteswar was doing the same, i have visited the grand grand son of lahiri mahasaya, in benares...and no clue of that i ve heard.....

In the book of medicine, samael condemns medical systems that they work, like phytotherapy, homeopathy etc...

here in greece after the death of ravolu the school is closed, still some people continue to meet, and do the practises....

please this person who writes in previous posts that he was with samael, ravolu, very close, can give us more light in this case...

now, with the experiences in life i have concluded that there is a very strong the gnostics.....egregors are entities, created by thoughts, they manipulate people with fear, never let man go directly to god-father.....once you are in their circuit they manipulate you mainly through the astral dimension......

many esoteric teachings, proclaim that the masters that gnostic movement is giving emphasis to meet in the astral plane, are no longer there, the opposite are there, the dark forces....the masters are in much higher planes....

anyway please if anyone knows important info.....share them....

here in greece many people were destroyed by the many ways.......from living an isolated life ---to serious mental diseases......
all those years in the gnostic school, i was living a second middle age.....these people were doing things that only spiritual werent.....
especially the people who had some kind of position....

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: n_a_t_a_l_i_e ()
Date: May 21, 2007 08:10PM

Hi, I'm new to the forum. I did a search for the best relevant thread for my enquiry and got this one. I actually studied gnosis for awhile because I felt their teachings on how to avoid projecting negativity would help me be an overall good person, and it did help me alot to tell you the truth, however I dropped out around about when they started getting to the 'out there' stuff (including the sex stuff) and I just didn't want to go further.

Anyway, my question is in regards to the 'second chamber.' My aunty (who was the one who got me into gnosis in the first place) has been studying it for a few years and is now in second chamber. We were both extremely close, and still are, however she refuses to answer any of my questions in regards to second chamber. I did a google search and couldn't find anything specific about it, I was hoping someone in this forum might have heard about it? or knows something about it? Thanks to anyone that can offer any information. Naturally, I've created all sorts of possible scenarios that could be going on in there, so I hope I'm simply overreacting and it's nothing too bad

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: mofason ()
Date: July 10, 2007 04:55PM

hi, ive replyed twice on here, and im just wondering if u ggot my replys as i cant c them, many thanks

Samael Aun Weor ("gnostic" cult)
Posted by: mofason ()
Date: July 17, 2007 06:35AM

it appears my mail was deemed not suitible for this site, would anyone care to give me an explanation many thanks

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