Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: June 27, 2010 11:04PM

Dear Doubtful"

I agree with everything you wrote in your last post except, "Ikeda has succeeded at introducing Nichiren Buddhism". In the very same post you prove that what he has succeeded in doing is to spread Ikedaism and Gakkaism, not Buddhism. If you study the writings, even among those who chant NMRK, you find those who are not disciples and believers of Nichiren. It is precisely the MIXING of Nichiren Buddhism with Ikedaism that invalidates their claim to Nichiren Buddhism, let alone their outlandish claim to represent the one true body of believers.


Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: DrJesusEsq ()
Date: June 28, 2010 03:53AM

@John Traficante

Welcome to the forum, sir! We would love to hear your stories!

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: June 28, 2010 05:23AM

Dear All:

This is in response to a post by Pass the Doobie [Thomas] the de facto leader of the Chanting Growers Group, an SGI group on International Cannagraphic. It looks harmless enough but there is more moderation on this group than just about anywhere on the net except other SGI websites.


Pass the Doobie [Thomas]

“Oh Ya! I am so glad that I facilitated you getting that out so quickly and so well!!!” — Tom Disciple of the Cultmeister

To the Toon of David Bowie's Space Oddity....

Mind control to major Tom
Mind control to major Tom
Take your Gakkai pills and put your juzu on
(Ten) mind control (Nine) to major Tom (Eight)
(Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four)
(Three, two) Check faith (One) and may Ikeda’s (Blastoff) love be with you

This is mind control to major Tom, you’ve really made our day
And Ikeda wants to praise the shirt you wear
Now it’s time to take a stand if you dare

This is major Tom to mind control, I’m stepping out the door
And I’m thinking in a most normal wayyy
And Ikeda looks very different today
Here am I floatin’ in the void with feet back on the ground
Planet Earth is blue and it is because of you

Though I’ve walked ten thousand Gakkai miles, I’m feeling very ill
And I think Nichiren knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows
Mind control to major Tom, your faith is dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you…
Here am I sitting in my office, mind clear as the Moon
Planet Earth is blue and its all because of youuu

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: DavidM ()
Date: June 28, 2010 07:05AM

John Traficante
Hi guys,

I discovered your site just two days ago and I'm furious about that. Had I discovered it 2 or 3 years ago, I would be a free man by now.
My story with SGI is a piece of work and I'm writing about it. I still have the GOHONZON that I hope to send back next week.
I'm gonna your support (advice mainly) on how to cope with the aftermath of what I've been tru. You won't believe it but I went tru so much that I think the best way not to let my personal crisis go to waste is to write about it.
I'm now on board with you guys and I read all your writings. Bravo.

Welcome John, I hope writing your experiences helps, it has for many people here. I hope we can help you too with everything.

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: Blue Lady ()
Date: June 28, 2010 09:23PM

someone on here has got your IP addresses and are sharing them with the Leaders of SGI This is illegal to spy on someone.

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: John Traficante ()
Date: June 28, 2010 10:19PM

Blue Lady, how do you know it? And what have you heard about that?

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: Rothaus ()
Date: June 28, 2010 10:22PM

How should they get a hold of our IP's ??? You'd ahve to have access to the protocols from here. And even if they did reason to prsecute then.

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 28, 2010 10:31PM

To whom it may concern:

There is no way for anyone to obtain and/or expose the identity of anyone using this message board.

Always be careful not to disclose any identifying details about yourself through private messaging.

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: Blue Lady ()
Date: June 29, 2010 12:17AM

The reason I am suspicous is that yesterday---- I was guestion by one Area Leader asking me how I was doing becuase one of the Zone leaders wanted to know how I was doing? this person has my phone number and could have called me directly. A red Flag went up.
BUT WHAT GOT ME a few minuted later... ..I was leaving the center and a Vice General Director pulled me from a conversation I was having with my Area Leader ... very rudely if you ask me... And said point blank. " I heard you have a problem with the SGI" Where would he get such an idea. I do not talk to anyone about my issue with SGI... except one member in another city who has the same issues and yes she can be trusted!!!!!

Then it can only be rumours going around? I dont know? but it bother me the gestapo type tactics.. I hate that - just come out and tell me what you have heard about me. Dont catch me off guard and ask me such a guestion. I really dont see SGI has a cult per se but after yesterday I have to wonder.
Sorry to scare anyone - there is only so many places were you can trully speak your mind without being harassed.

Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 29, 2010 12:28AM

Blue Lady:

There is absolutely no way that you can be identified through this message unless you do one of two things.

1. Post identifying details about yourself on the board that might tend to identify you.

2. Disclose personal information through private messaging.

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