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Posted by: Spartacus ()
Date: February 23, 2013 11:35AM

Hitch wrote:
Mike Kikumura was a lanky, bespectacled, nerd-type of sidekick shadow to Williams. In the '80's, he gave the same stupid speech over and over, something about "spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti ..." - I kid you not. Us YMD nicknamed him "The Spaghetti Guy", because he looked like a walking spaghetti noodle that wore glasses. He always seemed to show up and be pushed to the podium to speak whenever Williams couldn't be around, kind of like a second choice.

"Spaghetti Guy" - thats a great one Hitch! I'm sure you probably also knew that Kikumura was often used as a hatchet man/attack dog by the cult. He made a good fit in the "good cop - bad cop" senior leadership role.

On the morning of the opening ceremonies of the first Texas Kaikan in Dallas, we (mostly leaders from all over Texas) had just begun recitation of morning gongyo by the first large leader's meeting, being held in front of our new Joju Gohonzon and led by the visiting bigshot leaders from HQ in Santa Monica. Suddenly Spaghetti Guy jumps up, stops us in the middle of the second prayer, and begins to YELL at everyone, "either chant together with more unity or get out!" As he angrily berated everbody in the room (my gongyo was nearly perfect, thank you), I sat there in shock at hearing the vitrol spewing from his mouth. Here was one of the big shot HQ leaders that everyone had been so brain-washed to follow and to respect, acting and sounding like a spoiled little kid throwing a tantrum. You could almost hear all the assholes puckering shut in the room as we all cowered in fear of one of our great buddhist leaders. In retrospect, now I see how hitting us over the head with such an emotional shock was designed to strengthen the ever tighening grip of the cult upon us all.

Later during the evening when Williams and all the general membership showed up for the official Kaikan opening ceremonies and evening gongyo, the cult axe of retribution fell on me for my previous sinful sansho goma episode. HQ desperately wanted (for the sake of appearance) to have the first american male take over the top position in Texas from the Women's Division pioneers. In the Dallas leadership pecking order, I was considered to be a front runner in line for the coveted top position. But without any official explaination or discussion, I had suddenly lost my bid to be named as the top cult leader in Texas.

I was shunted from attending the meeting by being assigned to Sokahan duty in the parking lot (an uninspiring job usually reserved for lowly SokaGrunts) during the opening ceremonal meeting. Shunted, after I literally resided in the building for seven months while it was renovated and remodeled each weekend by free labor of members into a cult community center. (how many members did you ever know or hear of being allowed by the cult to have their own personal butsudan kept in the back room of any kaikan?) In a strange way, I felt locked out of my home. Shunted by the cult, just as it would someday be for Williams himself.

I got a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I peeped into the windows to catch a glimpse of the meeting going inside. I knew that I was done for in the eyes of HQ leadership, that it was over for me to ever gain a higher positon, and that it would only be a matter of time before things would get worse and worse for me. I understood the unspoken meaning of my punishment. As I stood outside the doors, I remembered how I had once been directed to assign a YD Sokahan leader to parking lot duty because he had fallen out of favor due to being enthusiastic about his use of the IChing in his practice. Now it was my turn - funny how karma comes right back at ya!

Years later in San Antonio (during the second phase of my practice with the cult) at a big meeting with Williams and company, I sang with a rock band that a few of us misfit members had put together. Kikumura (Spaghetti Man) approached me after our song performance with unsolicited guidance for me. "So you've become a musician and singer, eh? Well, don't quit your day job!" I was flabbergasted. Who the hell did he think he was anyway?

Quit my day job? I was already supporting my family by earning a living as a musician and singer in a world where making a decent living as a professional musician is nearly an impossible feat! What an idiotic statement from the asinine cult leader, Kikumura. I no longer feared him, so I just ignored his bullshit comment. Having learned how to be more of a rebel, I had already become quite adept at not listening to any robo-beings trying to tell me what to do with MY life. Since I am much stronger now, if that same circumstance could repeat itself today, I would go far beyond ignoring him by also adding this famous Vice-Presidental DICK Cheney reply to Kikumura's insulting guidance - "GO F**K YOURSELF! (quack, quack, quack)


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 01:58PM

A sampling of rank and file SGI members thoughts put to words:

"Mr. Ikeda is referring to Nichiren Daishonin's admonition about
ignoring slanderers. That's why we are standing up to you whenever we
can. You are a great slanderer, Mr. Bratcher. And some day, the wild
dogs will be paying a visit to your stomach. Some day you will cry,
"why, oh why, oh why did I ever believe the priests and slander Mr.
Ikeda?? What is going to happen to me now??? Won't the Universe take
pity on poor Craig Bratcher....????"
**** Hower, SGI member

"In an honest discussion, there SHOULD be embarrassing posts. There should be
Jim Celer

"Those that donate, and bitch about it,
are just monkeys, and can kiss my ass."
Rick Hukkenen, SGI member

"If I had my way, i'd erase this shitty newsgroup from cyberspace forever."
Rick Hukkenen

"Using a provisional teaching to explain the Lotus Sutra is like trading gold for shit."
Rick Hukkanen

After several years reflection on this subject, It doesn't matter one
bit to ME, what happens in sho shoe. WE'RE NEVER COMMING BACK!
(yes, we are BETTER than you are), so screw you, screw nikken, and
screw your temples that WE paid for (I hope you tear them ALL down in
nikken's silly tantruming).
Rick Hukkenen

I think that the SGI's reproduction of the Nichikan Gohonzon is very appropriate.
If Nichikan were alive today, he would severely reprimand Nikken. Possibly
slap the shit out of him for being such an arrogant asshole like some of the
NST members here. These NST folks will follow Nikken into suffering in
their future existences.
Rick Hukkenen

You can have your high priest and all the other stuff that goes with it.
I don't really give a shit. I'm GLAD that you NST guys are not SGI members.
Rick Hukkanen

"As far as I am concerned if the rest of the adherents of your concepts of what you so
slanderously call Buddhism, die, as the ones that have in the past, I
would not weap one tear for them"
A confused SGI member

"You find guys with radios "creepy". Fine.
I am not on arbn to discuss religion with you.I am on arbn to watch you.
The children of the Buddha have the right to watch the enemies of the
Buddha. And we have the right to use the Internet, radios...
I'll give the point to you: the only reason (besides the fun) I'm on arbn
is to watch you guys. I think you are extremely dangerous."
Keith Robinson, Proud SGI member

"I want YOU to prove to ME that YOU aren't a gd son of a bitch mf...
You can convince me by dressing up in a tutu and having conjugal
relations with a porcupine."
Jack Shoults (MIA)

"You have a lot of nerve to call yourselves Buddhist. I would describe you all as
dogs wearing the robes of priests. Nichiren Daishonin would SHIT on you
and use your faces to wipe his ASS."
A very confused SGI member

"I am afraid of going to the temple, you're right. But not for the
reasons that you suppose. I am afraid that if I attempt to go there, I
will not be welcome and I will set everyone's teeth on edge and curdle
the milk."

You heard ME say that, David.
SGI Jack Shoults (MIA)

Stuart, SGI member (MIA)

"if you engage prostitutes for certain services like Nikken, I
just don't think it's very enlightened not to pay them."
Brian H. gives profound guidance, SGI style

"It's easier to stick a needle is a person's arm than
making them drink."
Paul Wersant explains how SGI hooks members

"If President Ikeda, who has led activities for realizing
world peace for more than 40 years, is not the Buddha,
then, there is no hope that I can become a Buddha. Then,
Buddhism is a mere idealism, and I will quit."
Richard Hower's SGI-USA home page

"When people regard a teacher as a Living Buddha, Is it my business
to castigate them for loving Ikeda?"
Chris Holte, SGI-USA

"So we have some who chanted for Nikken to die, and from the looks of the feelings
of some of you DANTO some who want Ikeda to come to a bad end. It is natural.."
Chris Holte, SGI-USA

"The daimoku campaign to close the temples in the US is NOT a freedom of
religion issue" I'll chant for the temples to close and for the sad people like
your self to find wisdom to cure your blindness."
Joe Stevens, Jinzai-Net

"My master is Daisaku Ikeda in this life."
Harsh Mishra

"In my lexicon, a saint in Buddhism would be someone who leads many people
to the true law. For me, that law is NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO and that person is
Daisaku Ikeda."
Allan Saunders,Proud S.G.I. member.

"Sure, President Ikeda is the authority on Buddhism in our time. His life has
proven it. You will only be fooling yourself by believing otherwise. It
changes nothing even if he made the earlier statement."
Harsh Mishra

"SGI has a top down organization that was created by Toda, who was influenced by
people such as Mao Tse Tung and Lenin. Toda was influenced by the apparant success
of the communist party. There is very little democratic in the structure of
the Gakkai."
Chris Holte

"Ive been in the SGI all my life, and I would do
anything for the SGI, Pres. Ikeda"
Pat Hawes, SGI-USA member

"We are the only religious organization that admits that it
had to lie to the membership. All of them do it, believe me."
Kathy Ruby

"Tremendous! A Russian Scholar who is neither a member of the
SGI, nor even a Buddhist gave such a profound talk! She did not
specifically mention who is the Buddha of the modern times. But
from the context, I believe that she is pointing to Ikeda
SENSEI as the *Buddha of the modern times, and that, in more
general sense, all members of the Soka Gakkai International
throughout the world are Buddhas of the modern times."
Richard Hower, SGI-USA member, from his website:

"Those SGI-USA members who are chanting for the temples to close are chanting
just for that -- for the temples in the US to close."
Kathy Ruby

"By the way, if the law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is true, why cannot a "bad"
prayer be answered? - I believe that the law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is
Craig Ellis

"There are many cases where the truth is not value creating, in my
opinion, and I think most reasonable people would agree."
Allan Saunders, SGI member

"At the present time, the Soka Gakkai itself is the one and only
group of united priests which receives and inherits the 'lifeblood of
faith.'" (D. Ikeda Seikyo Shinbun, 9/18/93)

"No one in SGI is a priest...This does not mean that SGIers ARE priests.
I personally would regard it as an insult to be mistaken for a priest."
Kathy Ruby

"One of the greatest novelists Hugo said "Traitors always fall a victin to
traps made by them!` It is also true of priests. I strongly recommend
you to stop faking lies and come back to the most beautiful world SGI.
I warn you that if you don`t do so,,your future is horrible horrible
horrible. Because priests faking lies are none other than heretical
teachers.I gave you a chance to avoid your becoming unhappy.
This is my last letter.
Good luck,

After several years reflection on this subject, It doesn't matter one
bit to ME, what happens in sho shoe. WE'RE NEVER COMMING BACK!
(yes, we are BETTER than you are), so screw you, screw nikken, and
screw your temples that WE paid for (I hope you tear them ALL down in
nikken's silly tantruming).
Rick Hukkenen

"Hitler was much more than a mere mortal man, or a genius, he was an
Tim Croft, SGI member

"I invite you to pucker your lips and kiss my Buddhist
Craig F, SGI member

"I have a problem with PI = God (or Nikken = God) i.e., perfection and
salvation through worshipping them. I have no problem with PI = Buddha"
Shirley, SGI membe

"Because We have the money, and Hokkeko does
not have EVEN A FRACTION of the money we have,
who do you think will win this battle between
the corrupt priesthood and SGI?"
Richard Hower, SGI-USA member

"I personally know of Gakkai members who have disrupted NST events,
at Temples and in peoples homes.(and in airports) Some of these people I love
and respect a great deal, I do think however, that attending events (posing as a
member or not) of any organization with the sole purpose of creating a disturbance
is a poorway of making a point and is disrespectful."
Allan Saunders, SGI member

I've spent the last two nights building an auto-injection dart for my blow-gun and
when I'm done, I'm going to off a blackbird in my back yard while they calmly eat
the bird seed I laid out for them.
(Greg Dilly, SGI-USA member and follower of daddy Daisaku)

and someone comments:

"The point is that it's just another example of hundreds of warped and "twisted"
things that SGI members do. Greg's sick act are just the tip of the iceburg.
Here are some other examples:
- chanting for death of people
- chanting for temples to close
- stalking people at airports, and meeting places
- Attempting to torch temples- with people still inside
- Fabricating evidence, planting it in the govt crime computer, and
getting CAUGHT by the US CONGRESS
- Murdering your own lover
- Stabbing your lover in the chest at SGI HQ
- Throwing your own 5 yo kid in front of a train"


"You would really love for all the twisted and sick acts of SGI members
to just be forgotton wouldn't you. But the problem is that these things
just keep piling up, month after month, year after year. Even if SGI's slate
was wiped clean right now, chairman Ikeda still continues to instigate
acts of intolerance and violence, and the membership will continue to jump
higher than ever for the man, joyfully performing any evil act he desires."


"Wasn't it Soren Anderson who posted that gem about various forms of public
masterbation and bopping people on the head with their penises?
Just look at the crap the SGI members have posted here. Diapers, sperm
ducts, prostitutes, drinking urine-- all gossipy rumors created by the Soka Gakkai
organization to smear the priesthood. And not one main stream article to back
any of it up."

"To Dr. Yoshiro Tamura, associate professor of Toyo University, the "true nature" of
Soka Gakkai is "fanatic and dangerous." He says Soka Gakkai "makes politics
dependent upon religion as long as that religion is Soka Gakkai . . . and will eventually
act against freedom of religion."
LOOK Magazine, Sept. 1963

"Many people say they have stopped subscribing to and reading the World Tribune
because they don't want to hear about the temple issue. Such people are
influenced. Increasing readership of the World Tribune will reconnect our
members to the "sun" of this Buddhism. It will also contribute to dispersing
the dark clouds hanging over our organization." Greg Martin, Lecture on the "3
Powerful Enemies" On the SokaSpirit site

"I think some or these so called spies were probably people who were curious to see
if you guys are as weird as I said you were. -
Tom Ultican SGI member

"All that I can say to this Kurt, is that I have never seen it officially
encouraged. At the heaght of the temple wars, people have definitely acted
in ways that are regrettable in retrospect, but those actions , in my
experience, were never condoned.
Allan S.

[Search Kitano Memo to see how Allen lies]

"It's very important to "Nichiren" Shoshu that this 10 billion daimoku campaign
be about "closing temples". In fact, no one can tell anyone else what to chant
for; some are chanting to close temples.."
Jim Celer, SGI-USA Bureau Chief

"Thanks to Mr. Holte for reminding us of the
depraved "protect the members" gambit. "We *have* to lie to them!
They trust us! If we deal straight with them, we'll destroy their
trust!" Say *_what_?!*"
Joe Shay, SGI member on the happy IRG message board

Demolishing Nichiren Shoshu temples is not a sin.
Building them is.
Julian Stevenson, Proud SGI member

"I will bury you in the gound face down, cut off your b---s, and sodomize your
wife in the ass."
Phillip Brett SGI member

Internet Commitee, Soren's "blackmail" etc
From: Bo Fugen <> (email address deleted to protect privacy)
Date: 1996/10/12
Message-ID: <>
In light of Soren's idiotic attempt at blackmail, in order to prevent me
from criticizing SGI, here's my personal experience with the SGI
Internet activity":

All cults, totalitarian organizations (such as Soka Gakkai
International) and dictatorial governments employ the same means for
keeping their members, followers and citizens obedient and docile.

The main key is dis-information in combination with the brainwashing into
belief in the absolute righteousness of their respective causes.

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, SGI found itself with
a potential problem. No matter how much brainwashing is done at the SGI
meetings (zadankai), the members with the access to Internet may be
exposed to all kinds of alternate ideas and opinions as far as Buddhist
doctrine is concerned and, what's worse, they may be exposed to the
truth about SGI and its leader Daisaku Ikeda. These things, while
carefully suppressed within the SGI cult, may find their way inthrough
the back door of the Internet and possibly corrupt the unity and
dedication of the followers which the cult leaders are trying so hardto

I was involved in starting the "Intenet Commitee" in Philadelphia.SGI
purchased a separate telephone line and a Netcom account. Several
"dedicated" members with the Internet access were recruited tomonitor
a.r.b.n, collect "weekly statistics" (exactly like what Soren isdoing)
and the offending posts. All data was sent on a weekly basys to Ian
McIlraith (I think he is SGI USA Youth Division chief) in LA. Thewhole
operation was done in secrecy and no one was supposed to be aware ofit
besides the members of the "Internet Commitee", Joint Territoryleaders
and some leaders of Anti-Danto group (eventually the AD and Internet
groups were combined). In the beginning all the posts were e-mailed>to
Mr. McIlraith for approval (I still have his letter praising these

It is curious to consider the degrees of the "offense". While any>issue
regarding the Buddhist doctrine was TOTALLY ignored and considered
irrelevant, the most offensive articles were considered those that
criticized Daisaku Ikeda, and then the SGI cult itself. The TRUTH was
not even an issue at all. The most important thing was to defendIkeda
and SGI, no matter what. That's when I started posting here as "Bo
Fugen ". Craig Bratcher was considered the "worst offender"
(Congratulations, Craig ;)!) and, as some might remember, Craig and I
were involved in one bitter "flame war" after another. Some of myposts
against Nichiren Shoshu were so bad that they were flamed even by>Soren
(that must have been the ultimate in bad taste:(!) At that time I
replied to Soren, explaining my position and got his personal "blessing"
(apparently he is trying to blackmail me with that now).

Another curious point is: It has been decided by the "brains" behind
this activity to not attack Kempon Hokke but to try and become>friendly
with them so together we could fight against the "common enemy" -
Nichiren Shoshu. During that time I have had numerous discussionswith
the Soka Gakkai leaders as to what is the correct Buddhist doctrine,
according to SGI and the answers were quite clear " We are not>Nichiren
Shoshu, we have nothing to do with Nichiren Shoshu, forget about the
Nichiren Shoshu, etc. We can not discard these doctrines overnight as
there are too many members that believe in them and if we tell them
otherwise, they'll leave. Give it 10 years (!)" The person who told me
that, in fact, said that Kempon Hokke is much closer to the truth - the
same person that went to Myomanji with the purpose to discredit the
Kempon Hokke sect (the reason is the same - prevent members from leaving
SGI and since KHI is active on the Internet - that is where they need to
be attacked.)

I am not interested in defending cults, organizations and sects - allI
want to do is practice Buddhism and attain enlightenment. THERE IS NO
BUDDHISM IN SGI - it is a disgusting and oppressive cult, truly
represented here by Soren and Kathy. They have a purpose of being on
this newsgroup - that purpose has NOTHING to do with Religion, Buddhism
or Nichiren. Their purpose is to discredit anything that threatens their
cult by spreading lies, half-truths, more lies and more half-truths.

I have access to dozens more if you are interested. These are not, for the most part, high level leaders but the "good hearted' general members and low level leaders.


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 02:37PM

Re: in-japan survey on sex - part II
"There was one woman who kept visiting me but then saying no. It might have
been over moral reservations, but I'm not sure. The lady actually invited me
over to meet her parents, which I thought was a good sign. They fed me
dinner but then showed me a one-hour film extolling the wonders of the Sokka
Gakkai church and their leader Mr. Ikeda. Turns out they were more
interested in recruiting me to join their religion. I would ask the daughter out
on date - to spend the day driving around the countryside or something, and
the mom would call up the next day and cancel it. In retrospect it was pretty
funny; obviously the daughter felt guilty for making a date, went and told her
mom, and the mom called me. One time she asked me out for a date! The
"date" turned out to be bringing me to a Sokka Gakkai meeting. It was worth
it, because I'd never seen anything so strange (that's another story), but after
that I pretty much gave up chasing her."

Just another good hearted member was she, I guess


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 02:42PM

Full-name: AHamada
Message-ID: 11.4ea719e.2675ba84@a...
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:01:08 EDT
Subject: Soka Spirit Movement
To: (48 e-mail recipients, deleted for privacy purposes)
"As many of you know already, on June 24(Sat), the 20th Anniversary Ceremony
will take place at the Myogyo-ji Temple in Chicago. To support this event,
Nikken is going to dispatch Rev. Obayashi, the oversea bureau chief of Nikken
sect with other priests from Japan. Also it is expected that more priests
from Europe, South America as well as other parts of USA are coming to
Chicago. Sugeno and many temple members are very actively promoting this
event to recruit people and create more momentum within temple members. To
discourage such an attempt as expanding the slanderer's force, I'd like to
ask you to pray individually or by group for "No body goes to temple on June
24 from our state, our city and our organization", and to take any other
appropriate actions to keep temple members away from temple on that day
. I
really appriciate for your cooperation on this matter."

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:01PM

Sincere [ly wrong] [killing] kindly SGI YWD leader...

"Last week I had the opportunity to attend the SGI youth training
course in Japan, which was attended by 250 young people from 45
countries. I was struck by the seriousness of the youth, the depth of
their conviction and their **love for president Ikeda.**

At times, I felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we were
engaged in. But I was constantly surrounded by young people who
were **truly seeking president Ikeda.** Their fierce determination
to fight side by side with out mentor inspired and pushed me to
keep going.

As I am writing these words, I am still struggling to understand
my experience in Japan. It is the picture in my mind's eye of
these gallant comrades in faith that gives me strength.
To me, the main theme of the training course was mentor-disciple.
In fact, it felt as if President Ikeda himself was determined to
personally train each one of us in this regard. As soon as we
arrived in Japan, we received a message from him. Throughout the
trip, he sent messages to us and presented us with many gifts!
I was deeply moved by President Ikeda's consideration and
his determination to raise us as his successors. In my heart,
I resolved to reply to him in some way.

While we were in Japan, it was so clear how President Ikeda
is focusing on America. To be honest, the feeling that I came away
with is that the SGI is like the favorite child of a doting father.
[...] *I will give my life* to helping prepare America to greet President Ikeda
on May 3, 2001 and advance with our mentor towards worldwide
kosenrufu"" --

World Tribune, 10-6-00 page B of the youth section

"Stewardess, there is no emesis bag in the seat jacket."


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:15PM

"Dear Carmen, do you really think that sending spies
to the temple violates their rights somehow? Isn't it
the method of the spy to not get caught? To blend in?
If he creates a disruption, then he reveals himself." --
Kathy Ruby good egg SGI leader whose only thought is
joy, true self, purity, and eternity


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: TaitenAndProud ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:16PM

Skunky, that was an excellent dozen points - I'm forwarding that to a friend of mine!

But can you explain to me what THIS meant? "It is what Hannah's father implied to her, after her eye-opening conversation with him at the prison. "

Who's "Hannah"? Who's her father, and why's he at the prison??

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:34PM

"Let us proudly advance on the supreme road to Kosenrufu
as we BRING AN END to the Nikken sect"
WT, March 1, 1993, p. 4

Please understand that most members and leaders have only the best of intentions. They would never actually follow their eternal mentor for life's call for the destruction of the "Nikken sect". Their only wish is how can we cause the masses of beings to enter the Supreme Way and quickly attain Buddhahood. You have taken President Ikeda's passage out of context. You misunderstand the pure* minds of the SGI members.

*pure like highly refined petroleum distillates just waiting for a spark

In the future they will set their sights on others, like the Nichiren Shu and the Kempon Hokke. Mark my words.


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: TaitenAndProud ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:44PM

""I think some or these so called spies were probably people who were curious to see
if you guys are as weird as I said you were. -
Tom Ultican SGI member - per Nichijew"

Nichijew, I have spoken with Tom Ultican personally. Granted, it's been about 8 years, but I DO know the man - a bit. Can you please provide the context? It appears this quote can be taken either way - that he was saying to people that the SGI members were really weird, so the temple members sent "so called spies" - OR that he was saying that someone else was weird and that...what? So I just don't understand what this quote is supposed to mean.

If you prefer to PM, my mailbox is open :)

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: TaitenAndProud ()
Date: February 23, 2013 03:54PM

Nichijew, I have thoroughly enjoyed the various comments you've presented - they're eye-openers, to be sure!

However, I can't escape this nagging feeling that it's all directed at ME O_O I know, I know, I'm such an attention whore, aren't I? Unforgettable...that's what you are...everybody SING!!

Perhaps I'm the exception that proves the rule, or whatever THAT's supposed to mean? Everybody in the SGI is evil and dangerous - except ME, because I never was??

Sorry, not buying it. I know *plenty* of SGI members who ARE good-hearted, kind, and well-meaning. Not everyone who is in SGI posts on-line, and not everyone who posts on-line posts inflammatory threats. We should all know that by now.

I'm not saying that there *AREN'T* icky SGI members - there obviously are! I've known a few of them, myself! Remember, I rubbed elbows with the national leadership! Seen it O_O

Perhaps I mentioned it before, but I arrived, a few years back, at the conclusion that all religions are essentially equal. There is no difference between them - they're all *neutral*. The only important detail is whether a given religion meets YOUR needs or not. If it does, that makes it the *RIGHT* religion. If it doesn't, ignore it. Religions are a big buffet - take as many items as appeal to you. If you aren't interested, you can take nothing! If you like, say, Buddhism + Taoism + Confucianism, why not? A billion Chinese can't be wrong!! Sure, you might be hungry an hour later, but then you can go right back and choose something else, right? Who's to stop you?

The person who wants to restrict and dictate your choices is the dangerous one. The person who wants to remove options "FOR YOUR OWN GOOD" is the manipulator you want to avoid at all costs. Yes, I have my eyes open.

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