The Cult Called The Pathwork and Religion
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Date: January 08, 2005 01:03AM

One of the members of this discussion forum (Topaz) warned us about a cult called The Pathwork. This cult is not only based on the US, but also in many other countries in Europe and Latin America. In my case I had contact with this cult in Mexico, through my former wife. Needless to say that in a few years period I saw this cult expanding itself extensively in Mexico and Argentina, just to mention a couple of countries.

I attended many of the so called Pathwork sessions with my wife (nowadays ex wife due to The Pathwork itself). One thing that called my attention is the way The Pathwork approaches to religion. As Topaz said, the whole thing about this cult is based upon what they call “The Guide Lectures”, allegedly written by Eva Pierrakos in automatic writing while channelling a so called spiritual entity called “The Guide”.

Well, in lectures 8, 9, 19, 20, 22, 28, 35, 42, 67, 82, 88, 94, 102, 134, 184, 197, 247, 248, 251 and 258 “The Guide” refers to religious matters. For instance and just to mention a few things, in one of this lectures The Guide states that he is the bringer of the blessings of Jesus Christ and further more, of God himself. In other lecture The Guide says that we should not praise Jesus Christ, in other one of the lectures The Guide says that he knows what is the real will of God, implying that the will of God is that of The Guide and vice versa. The Pathwork is always referring to reincarnation as one of many things that their followers have to believe in. Well, in one of the lectures The Guide quotes in a perverse manipulating way fragments of the Gospels and by that he tries to proof that Jesus Christ was aware that reincarnation is the natural way of the body and spirit. In other lecture The Guide refers to a “spiritual conversation” that, according to him, took place between Jesus Christ and Lucifer in which both negotiated the plan for Divine Eternal Salvation.

One of the main differences between The Pathwork and many other cults is that in general a cult demands from their followers to abandon their current faith and beliefs in order to embrace the one that is preached by the cult while The Pathwork says that no religion or religious beliefs are opposed to what The Pathwork teaches and that no matter what religion you may have, you can practise your religion and blend the teachings of The Pathwork with it. Nevertheless, The Guide says that in order to get to a higher spiritual level everyone, no matter their religion, must accept Jesus Christ. Needless to say that the concept of Jesus Christ is completely twisted by The Guide, far enough to make someone think that Jesus Christ and The Guide are the same. This is something very aggressive for some people belonging to Jewish and Muslim religions, just to mention a few. In other words, unlike other cults, there is not a disjunctive between The Pathwork and Judaism, Catholicism or whatever other religion but in my point of view the strategy of The Pathwork is to mix and confuse their believers. Of course this excessive mixture tends to create a very relaxed moral behaviour among the attendees, meaning that for them nothing is categorically morally right or wrong. Anyway, if they cause any harm to others, there is always reincarnation to pay past dues and by that the possibility of reaching the highest spiritual level is always open.

The fact that The Pathwork allow their followers to mix and blend all kind of religious beliefs with The Guide’s teachings makes it, in my personal opinion, more dangerous than other cults. The Pathwork tries to show their doctrine as a tolerant inclusive one but what it is really doing is to mess around with religious beliefs and everybody knows that religious beliefs are an important and determinant part of the person’s upbringing, that implies not only interaction with the members of his religious community but also religious beliefs are in great part responsible for the foundation of certain moral values.

In resume, as Topaz said, The Pathwork’s methods are based on a concealed psychological attack, but there is also a moral attack of exactly the same characteristics. Supposedly analogue concepts mixed, as it happens with religious beliefs, are a very effective way to perm into other people’s mind without being noticed and in my opinion, that is what The Pathwork does, using it as a tool to attract more and more people who think that by attending the so called sessions will allow them to enrich their religious background.

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