Dahnhak--If they just let us do yoga we would have been fine
Posted by: msj5555 ()
Date: August 01, 2004 11:38AM

First of all, I am a former member of a cult. I got into one at 17, and finally woke up and left at 23!!

Currently, I am a professional in my 40s and have come across the greatest yoga class where I got such positive results! 3-1/2 months and over $10,000 LATER--I finally woke up! I knew it was "cultish," but loved the system so much, I didn't want to see that it was truly ANOTHER CULT! I will not be attending the second session of Dahn Healer's School basic training in September. The main reason is that the people at the center have become so pushy toward members signing up and paying for multiple workshops, "gold memberships," various trainings, etc. They even call to see where we are when we don't come in for a couple of days and actually ask us WHAT WE'RE DOING!!! I believe they are MIS-USING their "spiritual authority." This makes me feel VERY uncomfortable. Unfortunately, a group of us will not be returning for the same reason. It's so disappointing, because if they just let us do yoga/brain respiration, we would have been fine...

The two main signs that Dahnhak is a cult are:
Dahnhak masters see Ilchi Lee's way as THE ONLY WAY.
Dahnhak masters do not like members to DISAGREE with them.
There are many other signs, but these are the main ones.

Boy, have I learned an expensive lesson! Although, I also got the opportunity to meet such quality individuals that I will continue to be in contact with.

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Dahnhak--If they just let us do yoga we would have been fine
Posted by: Wordgirl ()
Date: August 18, 2004 03:56AM

Yikes. Expensive indeed. Glad you're out of there (and warning others).

As one who wasted way too many years in a cult called Sahaja Yoga, I am now forever wary of anything having to do with meditation/yoga.

But if you feel you learned something useful from the experience, I don't see why you can't just do the practices on your own.

In any case Dahnhak sounds like the noise my cat makes when he's about to puke up a hairball.

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