Seeking NXIVM Horror Stories
Posted by: qntal ()
Date: June 25, 2005 02:41AM

It was harder to find this time. Seems like they are adding more sites. How many names do they need for the same damn program. This is the site and it appears in google as KEITH RANIERE in bold. Fortunatly, for us it just directs you to a porn site. I would puke if it were really Raniere. He is a short hairy italian with thick glasses to cover up his cross eyes. He apparently has a number of women (most of his faculty) that he sleeps around with. I never found them attractive although they thought that they would become more beautiful with more integrations (the patent pending thing). Well I guess a bunch of unattractive women with one incredibly unattractive man is alright. I mean who would want them anyway.

Do you think they read this? :lol:

I dont know of any lawsuits. I have cut all connections with anyone envolved. Its about time someone did something. I certainly cant. I went through my own trauma but I didnt lose it to the point where I was crazy. I saw many people lose it to the point where they would have to be taken to the hospital.

Do you have any encounters with them that you can share?

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