Youth With A Mission
Posted by: mochi ()
Date: June 27, 2004 05:35PM

I happened on this site by accident while looking up an old acquaintance. I grew up as a child within the organization of Youth With A Mission. While I am not with YWAM and do not go to church( by my own choosing), my mother is still with this organization. After many personal hardships she still has the call from God to share his word with others. I don't believe it to be a cult but made up of people with differing personalities and skills. The Discipleship Training School is like a core course you would take in any university before you proceed to the next level. It is like the foundational layer of six months training. The first three months is learning "to know God" and the second three months is "to make Him known". It is daily training that a student (and the staff) pay for just like any school.
Youth With A Mission is non-denominational and celebrates all christian churches. Students and staff are encouraged to find a church of their choosing for further fellowship and teaching. YWAM promotes the family and the relationships with family not currently with them. (I know because my mother visits her children every opportunity she gets from her busy schedule of traveling and learning).
Just like any school/organization it has gone through growing pains, adjustments and even management re-organization. It has many ministries and people involved, individuals may a different agenda then the goal of YWAM and it may not be for them( like me), but it does not make YWAM a cult . There are many topics within this topic to cover so feel free to respond.

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