Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: December 28, 2008 10:24PM

Hello needhelpplease,

Ich antworte mal direkt in Deutsch. Ich kann nicht unbedingt sagen dass ich dir helfen kann, aber wir können wohl etwas versuchen. Ich bin derjenige der diese Faden über DB und Theohumanity angefangen hat. Du kannst mir entweder erreichen über meine Emailadresse über diese Website oder guck mal auf meine Website: Über die Infoadresse kannst du mir erreichen und auch meine Telefonnummer in Hamburg gibt es da. Weiter kannst du natürlich auch erstmal alles was wir hier allen geschrieben haben lesen. Dass könnte schön etwas geben.
Ich höre gerne von dir.

Liebe grüße,

I will answer you directly in German. I can’t say I surely can help you, but we could try out. I am the one who started this tread on DB and Theohumanity. You can contact me by email through this website or just look at my website: you can reach me under the info address and my phone number in Hamburg is also there. Furthermore you could read at first all that we have written here on this subject. It could give you some understanding.
I love to hear from you.

Best regards,


Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: needhelpplease ()
Date: December 29, 2008 07:36AM

Hey Jos,

thank you soo much for your answer!
It feels good, that there is someone listen to me!

I will contact you over the e-mail on your website!

If there is anyone else who has an idea, which possibly could help me
I would love to hear it!

Thank you
Best regards..

Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: December 30, 2008 01:16AM

To all visitors of this site and this thread.

Because Daniel Barron and a lot of other so-called Gurus make a lot of shit with their belief systems like EBE, I would like to offer myself as aid to help the best I can former EBE-members and/or affected families to get rid of their pains und to give them the understanding they need during this process.

I will do this by opening a website under the name of which can be used as a blog and forum, etc, for me to write down what I am doing in this respect and for others to tell what their experiences have been, including all kinds of material like written emails exposing this kind of gurus and Daniel Barron especially.
I also offer the said members and families accompanying personal ways out in forms of advices and therapeutic counseling.
Because I live in Holland and Germany I offer this to people outside these countries by means of telephone, Skype and personal email contact, and for people in Holland and Germany also by means of live sessions.

Furthermore I ask you all, especially they who have written to this thread, to send me all material you have, like letters, photos, video, emails and addresses of members and former members, to expose Daniel Barron and Theohumanity, but also the good things you have encountered in this respect. I say so, because my idea is, although impossible, at least to try to be as objective as “we” can be, and therefore showing also the positive next to the negative site of this man and his belief system.

This all will form itself in due time. The said website will be ready to start somewhere in January 2009, but form off 31 December 2008 email can be sent to: info at thehumanity dot org.

With this means I hope we will have the start up to be able to stop the awful site of EBE as practiced by Daniel Barron.
I thank you for all the help you offer.

Wishing you all a lot of New Year to get rid of all kinds of non sense in Guruland, I do greet you,

Jos Hoebe

Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: January 04, 2009 04:52PM

Jos....... GOOD ON YA! :-) Yay!! I love you big!

Hope everyone had a wonderful ringing in of the New Year. I enjoyed wonderful celebration of the New Year coming in, great friends, and last year being over. The toast... 2009 is mine!

I heard from my son. It's very bitter sweet. He's very different and I am in uncharted territory with him. He doesn't want to call or see me. He has insisted we begin mending our "painful and hurtful" relationship via e-mail. It's odd. He's odd. He's made some positive life plans and I am very proud of his accomplishments and aspirations. My instinct is to deal with him the way I know him. The more we e-mail, the less we communicate and the more he works to prove how much I don't know him and that he is a man. "There is literally no way I can relate to you as a son at this point." Although, that's the only way he had ever related to me until Summer 2008. Until EBE. The last time he was home, he walked out into the backyard, stretched his 6'2" arm span, took a deep breath, and while sighing it out exclaimed, "It feels so good to be home. I love this place." What the hell? Now every word I say to him is dissected and regurgitated hurtfully strewn.

(You can not relate parenthood to a young person when they have nothing to compare it to. The pendulum swings from absolute magic to a gut wrenching worry like nothing else will ever cause you, and all of the miraculous things in between.) So......... yeah.

Love, Health, Peace, Prosperity, Healing, Understanding and Grace, To All,

Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: January 04, 2009 10:14PM


Something went wrong with the extension of the website. It came out to be dot net instead of dot org.
Anyway the website is there, the email address is there and now we have to (full)fill it with our experiences.
As said it will take some time to run it properly, but you already can send material to the info at thehumanity dot net address.
I hope it will work out in due time as we want.

I hope also that Daniel Barron and his companions understand that at least my understanding of EBE is that EBE is as such a good thing, but that he makes it not useful because of his own wounds.
My idea is: he has to give it free to the world and has to stop with the bogus and controlling the facilitants and facilitators.
Because he will not do that, I will in due time rewrite EBE with the recommendations how to use it for your own benefits without the DB nonsense.
I hope ex facilitators like Eric will help me to write it down in correct English and in the right formulations so that EBE can become another self-help tool. In my opinion it is nothing more than that.
When done so, I expect that every therapist, who studied the tool by using it on himself to know how it works, will be able to use it in his or her therapies with their clients and that this breaking up of families and friends can stops with it. Then this Theohumanity nonsense will stop by itself.
That I hope also.
So there's a lot of hope. Let's use the energy in it.

With love,


Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: changeispossible ()
Date: January 05, 2009 01:46PM

Hello needhelpplease,
yes, I think so (know what you can do). And to my knowledge it should be exactly what you did already: to call for mutual support in a networking community. Only to read the posts in this forum helped me a lot, to know that my experiences aren't that stange and crazy, but common and explainable.
More details in my PM
Have a good da

Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: January 05, 2009 10:51PM

With age comes wisdom. And lumps and bumps and bruises and pain and trials and tribulations and heartbreak and stuff. And..., perspective. And joy and miracles (god willing, lots of miracles.). And choices. Lots and lots of choices. The optimal solution is to make amazing choices, be an amazing human, and ultimately live an amazing life. Of course, this comes just after your amazing parents, who have made amazing choices, kiss your forehead, lift you high above their heads, and place you proudly, upon a pedestal, before the world. Confidently you are now out on your own with an amazing foundation. Right? Lather, rinse, repeat. (Oh, I almost forgot, ... and consequences!! :-)

Choices. Choices made throughout hundreds of generations influenced the people who raised YOU and you are the proud owner of genetics, inherent and circumstantial social and parental cycles, and other people's choices. Woohoo! No matter what recipe you (global you) happened out of, once you are ON your own, then, your life IS your own, and you hafta make choices. That means everyone else is making choices too, and our collective choices are mostly all squishing everyone, and every thing, and mushing each other up. (Technically speaking.)

The choice. Free will. I choose to see there are miracles everywhere, everyday no matter what. I chose love, grace and peace. Do you TRULY know what it means to be a peacemaker? Pray for grace or unconditional love? Acknowledge the genetic traits and cycles within your origin, and actively work to break your family's curses? Well, I think it means that these are my chosen lessons. Let me explain. It's like when you wish for more money... and end up with a second job. Not magically, a sudden pile of cash. I started praying hard at 6 years old. I had already seen sooo much that my prayers were pretty profound. Of course, at the ripe old age of 6 they ended with, "and God bless Mommy and God Bless Daddy and..." But, I prayed for peace. For unconditional love. And for my parents to be "fixed". I begged God to let me be a Mom someday so I could do and be all the things I wanted from my parents. 'Cuz I knew how to love my kids. And life precariously went on. I was told at 15 years old that I would never have children. I have grown two boys since then. But check this out... neither of my parents speak to my brother, and he wouldn't speak to them anyhow. My parents divorced when I was 6 and they haven't spoken (i.e., screamed at each other) since I was a young teenager. My mom won't speak to her father and visa versa. My grandmother used to berate me for speaking to my father and she wouldn't speak to my brother either toward the end of her life. I... have a great relationship with all of them. I mostly always have and it's always been a lot of work. I won't lie... some time's have been strained. I had years of strain with my Dad. Early on, there were years of fussing with all of them. I have maintained a good peaceful relationship with all of them for a lot of years now, with the exception of my father. Just before this Christmas, I drove 7 hours to his house and seriously hUMbled myself for a few days. What has happened with my son since EBE was a direct influence on how I treated my father this time though. Instead of admonishing my father for what i feel he has done wrong, for the first time ever, I could put myself in his shoes a little bit. That's not true. I have always been able to put myself in his shoes a little. I could put myself in his shoes a lot. And, I knew how hurt he was. We have not only made peace, but a break-through. A connection. Yay!! (Phew. To make a short story long!) My Dad is really really important to me and it was worth every second of it. Pride aside, I listened. I am so thankful to have the rest of our lives to build on. No matter what "the rest of our life" means, me and my dad... we're okay. How I am affected by my son has made me look at myself, my relationships, and my responsibility to this life, a lot closer.

Truth be told, I could write a book. (I won't do that to you guys, LOL.) In my life, I have always found that the hardest things I have ever done have always paid off the biggest. It just NEVER feels that way at the time. My son is extraordinary. I know that all parents say that. But I am talking about a man who is cah-razy smart. He read Plato in Jr. High, Friedrich Nietzsche in High School (and on and on) and for a good solid 7 years he read 4-5 books simultaneously. Most were philosophy and religion. Working full time and still reading with vigor, he is now headed for medical school. I have to believe that this isn't all for not. Daniel Baron doesn't deserve my son's loyalty. I believe it is a lesson. Certainly not the first, and with the grace of God, not the last. I forgive Daniel, but I will never get back this time in my or my son's life. I just don't want Daniel to get away with that. As for me, I am going to direct my energy into the greater good and a better me and work to restrict my choices that squish everyone, and every thing, and mush anyone up.

humbly yours,

Re: Theohumanity, - Eric
Posted by: ciardha ()
Date: January 14, 2009 04:37AM

Hello Eric,

My name is Ciardha. I'd be very interested in communicating with you for many reasons. I'm quite familar with Barron's work, and while much of it is quite masterful, I do see sizeable potholes in it. However, I'm looking towards his work and information in order to resolve and rectify some serious issues in my life right how. From reading your post, I'd say we have a fair bit in common. If you are open to it, I'd like to discuss this, as well as your experience with EBE itself. Also, I may be able to assist you in some things, as I've managed to actualize quite a degree of greater consciousness and insight. I'd be happy to share with you, and learn of your experiences with Barron himself and his work. I am considering getting into EBE, and I'd certainly like to know better what I'm getting into before I do. I do have a very close friend who is in EBE, she's having really fantastic things occuring...albeit painful and arduous, but no less significant and beautiful...


Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: January 14, 2009 05:50PM

Hi Everyone,

I want you to know that I will no longer be posting much unless specifically written to. I have had some healing around my own past with my father, authority in general, and Daniel and I no longer feel the need to process in a public sphere around this. This is not to say that I condone what Daniel has done, or the destructive aspects of EBE. I just find myself no longer focusing on it as I had in the past, which is great something is completing with my relationship to it, yeah :)

Take care and be well.

with love in my heart,

PS Ciardha I sent you a private post response.

Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: January 25, 2009 03:33PM


How is the website coming? Will it be in English?


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