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Re: website?
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: January 25, 2009 10:27PM

Hello Melissa,

I'm sorry for the delay.
The website name is: 3w dot thehumanity dot net
The email address is: info at thehumanity dot net.
You can send already mail, but the website itself is under construction and therefore not on air yet.
It will take some time.
It will be in English, Dutch and German, but I have to do the translations too.
And I have my normal work to do also, so please have patience with me.
I will take care for it.
As soon as it is ready I will post a message on this forum.
In the meantime, please send me everything you want to see on that site.
Including links to sites of ex ebe members and facilitators and how I can contact them.
I like to have their stories.
Eric, may I use the comments you have written on several websites?
And do you have some more? Addresses of others? Also from people here in Germany?


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: TheStorm ()
Date: January 27, 2009 05:26AM

Hi Jos, hi Eric and everybody else,
I read your text with a lot of interest. I appreciate your ways of telling your own truths.
I started with EBE 2 years ago in Hamburg. I wanted to improve my own work as a therapist and also I liked the ideas in the Daniels first book. That s why I started. I appreciated my facilitator Christiane very much So I was interested in an open door day with Daniel. After this I was quite disappointed. Why? The answers were really simple, sometimes obstrusive, I do not know, why people pay 100,- Euro, besides they are really in desparation like me, specially in this time.
Still the time with the group and the work with the subpersonas were very intersting. I trusted Christiane so much I engaged in the one-week seminar. After a lot of inner criticism, which I put at an edge for the rest of the time I really felt great. It was a feeling and connection with other people on a really heart-level! I did not experience this before such a long time. It felt unusual, a bit unsecure but loving to myself and others. This was a great gift from these days.

There were 2 weddings within the workshop. One of them were my facilitator and her husband.
Last day Daniel put this marriage into the workshop as an issue. Said he should not have done this marriage, because there is so much co-dependancy in it.
I also was wondering, because it seems to me that here are some arenas of life not really fitting. But still there is so much intend in EBE to be free of co-dependancy and here we have facilitators.... so,I was interested how people work with it.
After some weeks every participant of the seminar got the following letter from Daniel.

I was totally upset. Not because of the content but the whole tone of it. Because I think the letter is written with no respect and a humiliation to the couple. Does anybody ask for the co dependancy to the paradigma?
This letter was the opposite of my experience of the seminar. It confused myself a long time and let me fall in all rememberances of my past as a real enslaved participant of a sect in germany years before.
I find and sense here the same words, attitudes and the not healed wound issue of heart and power as before. What a pity!
I put the letter in, because I have the feeling I am standing alone with my thoughts. I shall pay, that somebody explains to me why this is "Though love" (!), or search of course by myself why any Sentinel likes to speak like this and so on....
After all I want that people shall have all oportunities to make up their own opinions!!!

Still I appreciate the emotional healing work and would like to divide it from everything else which holds people back from their own freedom and power!
With Love to All!

Hello everyone ~~~~

i write to all of you who were at the Sex & Spirituality Retreat last
month. You all saw the terrible and empty ceremony with Christiane and
Michael. As a result of this, Elle, Gertrude, Gloria, Gabriele, and i
all confronted her on the obvious codependence that makes them cling
to each other without any real connection. We all said she must do a 6
month demed from Michael to work the next level through to healing,
and if she was not willing to do that, she would have to leave EBE
because we care about her too much to support the unhealth in the bond.

But rather than confront what she knows is a wound-based bond, she has
chosen to leave EBE. This is her right, of course. But she is telling
everyone she is leaving EBE to take consequences for what happened at
the Retreat, which is worse than a lie: it is a twisting of the truth
to make her look like she has integrity, when it shows she is simply
wanting to cover up the real truth of her refusal to face into her
fear of not being with Michael. This both causes me much sorrow and
much anger, and i want to use this to make sure you all get how
clearly this shows how codependent grabbing is one of the most
powerful drugs of all.

So.......we have to give up on Christiane because she has given up on
herself, and have given up on Michael because he is going all with
Christiane's decision like he is her child. If you are a facilitant of
hers you have a right to be angry and hurt, and i urge you to work
with these reasonable reactions. As a former protege of Heidi's, what
we have here with Christiane is another shake-out of the deep ways
both of their Premier Sentinels ran what they think is their HOH life.
Heidi understands this and is healing now, but Christiane refuses to
face into what is happening.

i apologize from the bottom of my heart for all of this, because in
the end it is my responsibility to make sure certified facilitators
are chosen as those who truly feel and embody the paradigm. Over the
years it has been so difficult to discover how many facilitators only
perform the actions of what looks like an embodiment of the paradigm,
and not actually feel it and live it as they say they do. At the same
time as all of you, i have had to learn this truth the hard way: it
has been my blind spot that i could not believe that someone could
actually 'perform' the paradigm: i have been proven wrong many times
over the years.

Please use this opportunity to get clearer about how difficult it can
be to really live what Theohumanity offers as a path: as we say
countless times, it is not for everyone. Make sure it really is what
you want: you as a being are more important than any paradigm,
including this one. That Christiane chooses to leave is sad, but her
right: i only mourn the effect of her decision with all of you who
work with her and have looked up to her.

In other words, the consequence of leaving EBE she gives herself for
displaying the emptiness of the bond to everyone, is that she is
leaving to be in the very bond she admits is so empty she has to leave
for being in it! A ten-year-old could see through this contradictory

so much love

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Different perspectives
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: March 25, 2009 01:32PM

Hi Everyone,

I want to refer you to some other resources for different perspectives on Daniel, EBE, and the authors experience of both. I think there are some common threads among them, and a lot of clarity in several spots. I find myself these days not thinking that much about Daniel or EBE, other than when I see someone around town that is still involved. So there is really no crusade I need to be on about them here and my past there. I feel pretty much at peace about the whole thing. Its nice to move on.

Here are those links:

There also are some radio interviews on Pathways radio from Daniel, Mark, and Mary from the past couple of years. This would give you some more insight into their perspective. Just scroll down and you will see them.

And a book by Daniel I believe under a pen name:

Take care,

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Re: Different perspectives
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: March 26, 2009 01:05AM

Hallo everyone,

Thanks Eric for the links.
It reminded me of my idea to make a website on EBE and cultism.
I will not.
Among I lot of other good reasons, the best is because DB is not that relevant for me anymore.
I do not like to spend anymore of my time on this man.
I did and did enough.

I think all that could be said pre and contra about him and EBE is said in this forum und in the links mentioned.
More of this blogs will come in due time.
I think EBE will stop by itself.
Not as a very useful therapy, but as a DB-thing and all its lateral nonsense.
An examples is the sovereign heart healing of Jill and Wayne and there are many more to find and to come on the web.
This forum and the mentioned blogs and links will have done its job, and to me it’s fine that way. I have nothing more to say on that.
I thank every contributor for his or her part in this.

I still offer my assistance to everyone who wants to do EBE as a therapy, and don’t want to be in the DB-cult.
He / she can contact me via email: info at
Because I live in Holland and Germany, it will be more useful for everyone in Holland and Germany, especially Hamburg, but outside that area a lot can be done also by means of skype or telephone. So don’t hesitate to contact me.

To all newcomers to this EBE-forum: welcome.
EBE is a wonderful thing without DB.
Look for the alternatives.
They are and will be (t)here.

In love,

Jos Hoebe

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 11, 2009 07:27AM

Look for the entry titled 'My EBE Experience'

Just in case this has not been posted, here is a new blog


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: July 11, 2009 03:31PM

Dear Christian,

AH-MAY-ZING! :-) (I had to logon to, twice!) What an incredibly articulate dissection of your experience and study. I have to be honest... I am going to have to re-read this a few times so that I can gather my thoughts with an intelligent response to your writing. I am so proud of you for putting this document together and making it available online. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I look forward to hopefully adding something of value to the work you have done.

YOU are GREATLY appreciated! Good on ya.

Very best regards,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: Brevoman ()
Date: March 09, 2010 02:03AM

Hello to all readers of this thread.

My name is Wayne (Marvin) Vriend, and I was in EBE for 3 years until July of '08.

The attraction to it, the experience in it, and the leaving of it....are all things that I hold as part of a sacred and growthful experience for me.

The fact of our connectedness with people and the universe leaves us inescapably 'in relation.' In this way, we can't escape being part of a cult-ure. All we can do is learn what we are meant and given to learn in each culture we find ourselves a part of, whether by our choice, or by undue force. And then we may courageously choose to leave and say a firm 'No' to the harm received, and also a true 'Sorry' for the harm we've given. What is life but a series of entries and exits?

And in saying that I am in no way minimizing the harm done in cults and cultures, and EBE's form of it is pretty intense, to say the least. Maybe because it addresses so directly some of our deepest and most current longings as a species.

Recently, I started a private online discussion/recovery group for former members who seek a place to debrief, share, express, contribute, share recovery resources, and move through the insanity of leaving EBE. My email is posted on my profile (I don't think I can receive private messages yet), so please email me if you are interested in joining the group. Those of us in the group would love to be in contact and connected to you.

Wayne Vriend

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: joshoebe ()
Date: March 23, 2010 03:38AM

Hello Marvin, Wayne, (what do you prefer?)

It is like travelling. one starts, travels and then it´s done. and then one can look back, see the pictures and tell the stories to everyone who wants to hear them. experience. that´s what it is all about.
when you did it conscious aware it will give you a lot of heart and being felt insights of how you and others be, can be, will, could be, love to be, thinks to be, feels to be, projects to be, protects to be, e to be, e be.
I like to hear you stories.

[Moderator note: Don't post contact information, which is against the rules you agreed to before posting here.]

best regards


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: April 30, 2010 04:52PM


Hello. My name is Melissa. I don't know if you've read any of the previous posts on this forum, but my son joined EBE a couple of years ago and has since disowned all of his family. He is so missed. As his Mom, I am left with so many questions. It was a very abrupt and complete separation. I will send you a private email to see if it would be possible to check out your new forum.

Congratulations on getting out.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: sionnansinn ()
Date: July 30, 2010 11:14PM

Hello all,

I have some light to shed on this subject that may or may not be of interest to anyone who has been touched by 'Daniel'

I was searching, a seeker, back in the late 90s and came to Sedona, Arizona, what some call "the New age capital of the World" in 97.

Stacey Barron had just moved there from Eugene, Oregon area and had changed his name to 'Johesh'. He already had a few self published books including 'Wise love', 'the Deep Dance', 'The way of Self', and the play 'Josie'. He had just self published the book 'the You You've Been Yearning For' and that was what he was pushing. Several members of his group/organization had moved there with him from Oregan and several more were preparing to follow. He had a large group and following and a lot of these people were very involved in therapy, promoting etc and the group was very strong and like a family.

I met a lot of these people and I have to say they were awesome people including Johesh but there was already a shift happening. the group was small enough and intimate enough that I would sometimes go for lunch with Johesh alone and got to know him somewhat and he even confided in me sometimes although he was clearly a teacher to me. but it was also big in some ways too. the core group probably had a dozen solid people that made this their whole lives working tirelessly in Arizona and about half of that in Oregon. There was then actively involved another 20-30 people maybe and that includes people just getting in etc. So big, yet small, if you know what I mean.

He taught me, with the rest of the teachers Dave, Dev, Kaya, Riaka, Don, etc, etc, many many things that helped me grow and are still tools today. Most importqantly a zen like approach that is part of my core now (but a more humble source nowdays would maybe be ekharte Toole) and of course the Theohumanity which really helped heal old wounds. Before I share the 'bad' I want to say that I am honestly thankful for meeting these people and for what I learned.

Johesh was talking to groups and started to get a lot of attention. Heck, thats how I found him and several others too. He started to shift and make comments that he would slam other 'guru's' and make references that perhaps he was a christ or the reincarnation etc. this did not sit so well with the group and the members confronted him about what they said was his ego, which was a process that he encouraged at the time (confronting to help someone see and heal especially because one pillar of his approach was "ego obliteration").

At first he was very tactical and angry/evasive and he got the generation X group members to side with him, who were a whole other group in their 20s who were more of blind followers to some degree. This only worked for so long but eventually they didn't like what he was doing either and the older group was very disturbed with how he had tried that tactic. The group was falling apart completely.

what I believe started as a tactic, Johesh sought therapy so that he could show the group he was becoming humble etc. This is where it gets interesting. Johesh told me that his therapist told him that he was trying to build a cult and that he was building this as a way to feel validation and to feed himself, blah, blah, It was a revalation to him but he was honestly aware that was what he had been doing and discussed it at length and seemed to feel guilt and remorse.

A tentative peace was made between those that had 'cut him off' and the new him. They continued the tough love approach however and called him on his "stuff" and he would continue to make slip ups. He had hissy fits a couple of times, the group wouldn't budge, he became really hurtful and the back was broken of this thing to a point that it probably couldn't be fixed and or healed. This early group were students but they were far from blind followers. Johesh dissapeared and went back to Chicago where he had been before Oregon and from there fell off the earth for a while.

I always wondered where he went and from time to time would search for him online but for whatever reason never found anything until yesterday.

I respected this man a lot and have to say that I had always hoped that he had learned his lesson and removed the ego from his program and carried on. He had mixed up sex with this thing even then and talked people into getting into relationships because of past life needs etc and there was a lot of swapping of relationships going on even then.

What bothers me is not that Daniel aka Johesh, is human or that mistakes were made in the past but that he knows that what was happening was a cult and that he recreated it and this time with full awareness of what he was doing and with experience of what to do and what not to do. I had hoped to find him online and reconnect with him and hear that he was healing, teaching and had destroyed that ego (isn't that what Zen really is Stacey you lost child?) but instead find that he has been very busy manipulating people perhaps, not by accident or some flaw of character, but with INTENT. There is nothing that could sadden me more.

I felt morally obligated to share what I know. I did not read all of these old posts but read a lot but did not find any other mentions of this time (late 90s) so wanted to share. Sorry if it is repetitive but I think it is important to know. Daniel Stacey Barron aka Johesh, knows what he is doing is wrong and if you are on the fence and just trying to figure him out I would suggest that there are others, humbler more godlike men and women, who can teach the same things and are not intentionally trying to pull the whool over anyone's eyes.

Peace be to all of you

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