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Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 20, 2002 02:13AM

"It seems to me that David Layne's 'Church of God Restoration' stretches the truth to suit its own needs and situations. This church may say it allows medical treatment, but there is a social stigma attached to this within the group. It is not viewed as a 'spiritually mature' for a person to seek medical care, and instead this is seen as a sign of 'weakness.' My mother died as a result of these beliefs. She was 'spiritually mature' and strongly believed that she would be healed by her faith. She refused any type of medical treatment from area doctors, which would have demonstrated her 'weakness.' My mother accepted her illness as what God had ordained, as she struggled to breathe without oxygen. Church members have said that she didn't suffer or die in pain. But I know that her last night alive she suffered tremendous pain and her caregivers recommended medication, but they couldn't use it until they called Danny Layne for permission."

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