the Legacy Center
Posted by: danielrdu ()
Date: February 28, 2004 04:50AM

My wife went to the Legacy Center in Morrisville, NC. A lot of pressure to recruit new business. Her stated goal was to improve her relationship with me. Well, when I dropped out of a course there because I could not condone the behavior, someone from the LC called her at work and told her that if she did not get me to return, our marriage was "dead." This was in mid November. She moved out of our house on January 5.

I have not seen much on the internet about Legacy, but I know that it used to be Lifespring. Has anyone else had experiences with it?

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Re: the Legacy Center
Posted by: durtdobber ()
Date: January 15, 2008 02:59AM

In Honor of the current NC100 Basic workshop, we are honoring Ms Linda-Marie Hubert as our Enrollment Leader of the Decade.

In addition, we are having a Guest Event on Tuesday, January 16th at 8pm here at The Legacy Center registration starts at 6:66 pm. We will give all guests an opportunity to experience a small sampling of the trainings, such as psychosis, mental breakdown, bipolar, paranoyia, dementia, scamedosis, wiccanism, satanism, etc .

Imagine standing in front of your loved one on Sunday night of The Basic and hearing those amazing works...Thank You, Thank You for destroying my life, Linda-Marie Hubert.

I would love to see you have everyone in your life exeperience these workshops. about all of Satan's demonic spirits.

Details, Details, Details

· The Guest Event registration starts at 6:66pm, event starts at 8:00pm ends approximately 10:30pm

· $100 Gift Certificate for the NC101 Basic or any Journey package

Call 919.678.0666 or email me at

Let me know who you are having at the Guest Event so I can be sure to meet them.

Dwight Coxsucker
Basic Enrollment Coordinator

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Linda-Marie Miller with, AKA Linda-Marie Hubert
Posted by: CultAlerter ()
Date: September 03, 2019 06:54AM

Linda-Marie Miller, AKA Linda-Marie Hubert, recruited me to The Legacy Center in North Carolina (WORLD LEGACY) where I was subjected to such extreme stress that I became schizophrenic and my life was destroyed.
I lost everything and incurred $200,000 in debt and ended up in a state mental hospital.
Later Linda-Marie Miller cheated me out $100,000 that she had promised me out of her $4 million inheritance.
Linda is a delusional psychopath who is the GREEDIEST and most evil person that I have ever known. She betrayed me TWICE.
Remember, Linda, your KARMA is going to be one hell of a bitch...just like you.

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