Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: January 06, 2019 07:03AM

Reepicheep Wrote:
> Regarding SU, those who have already invested
> thousands of dollars attending, or more likely,
> studying online, may find that their credits are
> not transferrable. Beware when a group tries to
> monopolize every aspect of your life. It's so much
> harder to extricate yourself from all the snares
> and entanglements.

I have no idea of what is going on at SU, but, of course I have an opinion based on a Bible College in another ear by county that a relative attended. Bear with me and let me know if this sort of rings a bell or not with SU.

My relative was so focused on learning the word of god and sharing it. I will not fault him. But the family could see that the pastor "professor" was a shyster who drove a rols royce profiting off of bible college students and his local cult church my relative drug me to post our WALK days. ( Did my relative learn anything?)

That bible college recruited their students from foreign countries. Those particular countries required their citizens to chose a religion. A number of the bible students proudly told me they chose to be a Christian because they did not want to stop and pray 5 times a day with the call to prayer - so the opportunity came to come to bible college in America to learn to be a christian leader... ( I saw something wrong with this picture )

That bible college was their ticket to come to America and find a "rich" American to marry. The way they learned to speak English was by starting to sing church songs. So they would get here enrolled in bible college and entertain churches with their beautiful worship music...get finance from "love offerings" singing like organ grinder monkey in my opinion - not that they understood anything they sang.

I don't know what was in those students hearts, most of them any way. I do know that my relative befriended his class mates and they loved him. Some really took advantage of his loving kindness to be like Christ.

Several of them were down right sick perverts - my relative could not see that for himself because they "loved Jesus" - bible college was their ticket to take advantage of America -and find someone to marry or rape - it was very clear to I have to question how legit is SU? Where are these SU students coming from? What is the real draw?

I was a bible scholar as a child and a teen. I often dug into that relatives concordances and I studied and memorized the bible way back when. I did not go to bible college to learn the bible... i studied on my own -that was a saving grace for me in the walk.
My son got a minister's licence on line about 15 years ago. He can marry people- it's a family joke. He is a mail order preacher. A "doctor of divinity" like JRS had was not a legit college degree. And how many walk leaders had any real education? They did not an legit credential to preach the word of god nor lead people in the path of righteousness.

Do I have a 'critical spirit" or a cynical inquiring mind? - I have to wonder what kind of scam are shiloh is pulling? My opinion - but, who takes it seriously as a real degree for god- fearing loving future church pastors?

Scares me to think about the answer and I guess it is not my business. I just have to wonder considering my experiences.

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: January 06, 2019 07:26AM

changedagain Wrote:
> kBOY Wrote:
> > (P.S. Please submit the make, model & color of
> > the car you are considering so we can all pray
> > about it in order to help you avoid making a
> > mistake. You may want to steer clear of Pintos
> > also--just sayin'.)
> Yes. And we should check to see if anyone within
> the Body works at a dealership that sells this
> particular make, model and color. Not only will
> it keep the money within the fellowship, but there
> will be a spiritual "covering" on your
> car...protecting you and other occupants from any
> possible harm. Pity the fool that even thinks
> about carjacking an anointed vehicle.
> p.s. Rather than taking it anywhere for needed
> maintenance. Just speak the Word ("I declare this
> car has now had an oil change!"), and it shall be
> done.

This is funny, now, in a very sick way. My ex burnt up 3 engines in cars from 1975 to '87. he laid hands faithfully on the cars every day believing the cars would take us into the kingdom... oh I forgot - a jezebel wife interfered with "god working". the neighbors would see him prayer for the car and ask me- why doesn't he just go change the oil?
Kind of funny, as well, that with so many brothers praying for my death- how comes I am still alive?

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 12:01PM

how does one define one's moral integrity? for the taliban,it's to throw acid on the face of detractors; for isis, to post public beheadings; for the roman church centuries ago, to burn at the stake those who committed the grave crime of publishing the scriptures in their home language and not latin; scientologists, stalinists, nazis, republicans in the early days of watergate era, and so many, many more in the course of history and i am sure i could add some many more as could the readers of this post.

there are many examples in the course of history, people who stood up to tyranny and the silencing of dissent and often at great expense, even their lives. the prime example for me is dietrich bonhoeffer. before i tell what he means to me (and give you time to "google" his name) i need to tell that all that i discovered about the story of this man's life and his moral fortitude came about while a graduate student and long after my being a professing christian. my extreme adoration for this man was his uncompromised moral integrity. i'll complete my posts in a few minutes so you can look him up

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 01:00PM

as i began the previous post,the examples i used employed their respective ideologies to give credence and "moral integrity" to their actions regardless of egregious affronts to normal human behavior. and now back to dietrich and how i believe this ties to the sense of moral integrity and gary hargrave (ah, goodness, you were hoping i would get around to SOMETHING). dietrich was an outspoken dissenter of the nazis and hitler during their rise to power. eventually,he was arrested by the ss and put in prison. and shortly before the prison in which he was incarcerated was liberated he was executed. why? because he stood up to the naziz, hitler.the ss? certainly. why? because moral integrity, a well balanced and well tuned moral compass, not something like someone like gary hargrave could ever understand, was central and imperative to dietrich. i think it imperative that those of you reading this know it is posted by an agnostic. this is vastly different from an atheist or theist. the only reason i point this out, my being an agnostic and dietrich as christian advocate, is that dietrich is to me one of the noblest examples in the last hundred years of moral integrity.

for those of you sad folks holding on to hargrave and his troupe, do compare him to dietrich, and if you've any objective analysis, any sense or true moral integrity, in my opinion there can be only conclusion - deitrich was a saint (and did not lose his moral compass in the marianna trench) and worthy of our adulation; on the the other hand gary hargrave is a predator of human souls bent on laying up treasures on earth.

so this is an appeal for those of you who are not laying up treasures on earth, for those of you are confused about to do, ask yourselves what would dietrich do - have the courage, fortitude, and essentially the moral integrity to do

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 01:06PM

one other thing,

gary hargrave is, in my opinion, is the antithesis of dietrich

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 02:13PM

i invoked the name of dietrich b., a hero in my book. he publicly stood up to tyranny and paid the ultimate price. he is one of my heroes, which he is. should i not do the same? he was very public so i shall be.
my name is paul young, i live in iowa city and own a store called sweet livin' antiques (aka, prettyboy - thank you F sharp). i believe in the moral integrity of the merries. i am not so sure that i will not suffer some adverse consequences from the dark side (hargrave and minions) which may be by becoming so public. to readers, do be reminded i've virtually nothing to gain by my posts other than perhaps, private folks will forgo their privacy for fear of retribution and do as i have just done. when you come out of the shadows you come into the light and that light is exactly what hargrave and his dark minions are most afraid of. they keep you in the shadows of fear and if successful in that endeavor they will pull off the great ripoff - certainly the material, but most importantly, for the hangerons, the essence of your soul and its integrity is in the balance. whose example would you choose to show you the way forward? dietrich b. or gary h.

i am pretty boy, real name paul young, owner of sweet livin' antiques in iowa city. along with abraham lincoln and some others, dietrich b. my heroes

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 04:05PM

additionally, for some of you that have been complicit in the hargrave and minions ruse, there are several ways out for you. the easiest, is just to go dormant. certainly, perhaps the most easy in the short term but what about in the long term? when the shit hits the fans, and let me tell the blades are spinning. imagine (at this point, one doesn't need much imagination) holbrook is charged in several states with sexual assault (used to be called rape) because some women, bravely come forward. hargrave, of course, had to keep quiet because wifee (marilyn- the new mother of god) always had his balls in her fists, insisting that mama boy rickie needed cover. poor gary hargrave, in such a difficult situationj. well given he never read anything about dietrich b. but emulating the so called apostle, who dumped his wife to then marry the new mother of god (sorry catholics), and then after the apostle to the kingdom died and was not resurrected, get this, you gotta love it, our new mother of god (sorry again catholics) marries hargrave. as we all well know now, poor gary, balls in a sling, gotta do big mama's biddings, after all she's the 2nd mama to god and little rickie, well, he's mama's little boy. and mama's little boy has done his havoc. faithful husband, guardian of the flock, gary hargrave not so much unlike adolph hitler, while the red army pressing near the outskirts of berlin and hitler putting bullshit medals on young boys to defend the reich. young boys! their lives ahead of them but only for a frigging moment so hitler could live one more day. and those boys of long ago are not so much different from those that hang on to hargrave today.

at the beginning of the post, i was addressing the merries and those that are hanging on cliffs. but the ending is vastly different, i realized, that i am addressing gary hargrave. how do you want to be remembered gary? where is your moral compass, did marilyn somehow take it away from you? you abandoned your first wife and the children she bore for this or for then that. and now your best recourse is to lay up treasures on earth? to be more like hitler pinning meaningless pins on those will never give up on you and the promise of some what? or rather, do have you the mettle to be a man, reborn with a sense of moral integrity. it's not just about you at this point; no doubt, there are some who would honor a pin on their lapels from you. and my guess that those who would have never heard of dietrich b.

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Prettyboy ()
Date: January 06, 2019 05:08PM

to gary hargrave,

i have posted a several posts on this forum. those who have read my posts know that i am no longer a christian nor even a deist. i have no intention of attempting to persuade anyone to my way of understanding life. but i wish to alert readers on this forum that while i was a professing christian and afterwards i was informed of many beautiful concepts and ways to perform life in an ethical way, the sermon on the mount (rivaling lincoln's g. address). these concepts, these precepts have endured and even grown larger as i grow older and hopefully more wiser. the scriptures that i find most edifying are those that lift us up and instruct our behavior = be not weary in well doing; treat others as you wish to be treated.

gary, you are at the ultimate crossroad of your life, are you disciple of truth or a disciple of marilyn?

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: kBOY ()
Date: January 06, 2019 06:51PM


Thanks for beating around the bush. We wish you would tell us how you really feel.

This development has indeed shaken the TLW tree, and one never knows what will fall out next, but we are happy you have decided to join us here on the ground with all the other precious fruit.

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: January 07, 2019 03:51AM

Prettyboy you are on a roll! WOW!
Do i dare ask of GH is one of the alleged predictors currently? maybe don't satisfy my curiosity.
So glad you joined us - I agree with your nazi examples. I do hope you are not a spy. We must be careful here.

Please do not say too much in the way of names on this forum. We want to be careful to not do anything that would jeopardize the investigation in Washington county. My feeling is that the Wash county sheriff has not idea how extensive this power and control of the 'walk' has been.

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