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Posted by: Onion ()
Date: October 17, 2018 04:42AM

Puddington - Thanks for your inquiries. I can describe the robbery at TLW.

What I can't do is explain what happened with the Wallers and Laughlins. was at the building when Richard and Denise stormed out after a meeting. My private thoughts at that moment (that LONG ago) was that Rick did something to Tamar. I don't know any specifics. And I have tried to find out and cannot get any information.

If anyone knows the story of the Waller/Laughlin departure I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW details! The only reason I can think of for the complete radio silence on this topic is because there must have been a settlement and a confidentiality agreement. I can't say this with any authority but I don't believe a confidentiality agreement is legal if it involves criminal behavior. But the silence could also be to protect Tamar and I respect that.

The Late Night Robbery: At TLW at the time, everyone who was a department head or needed late night access had a key to the front door. And we all liked to work late at night when it was quiet. I was over the accounting department and working on JRS' legal stuff at the time. Both my husband and I were there as were quite a number of other people. The lights were on out front, the driveway gate was open - people were working outside and inside on some project for the construction crew plus I was there in my office doing the accounting/legal thing.

We heard a loud ruckus and my husband came rushing into my office and turned off the lights and closed both doors and locked them. I called the police from my desk and I called JRS and Marilyn. I begged my husband to stay with me even though he was chafing at the bit to go get rid of these guys somehow. Thank God he didn't. We heard gun shots, we heard yelling through my closed doors in the back. At one point we could hear the robbers and they were trying every door and banging on doors because they were herding people into the kitchen area and making them lie on the floor. Thank God my doors were locked and the lights were off.

They took everyone's jewelry and any money they could find. But they didn't take equipment or anything - I think once they got into the place and saw all the people and activity they got intimidated and split. They had shot a gun right next to Jim Prewett's head and threatened to kill him and I think they shot off their guns in the front of the building when they saw all the people outside and wanted to herd them all into one place.

The cops arrived shortly after the robbers fled and went through the building to look at everything and take reports from everyone who had been there. The person I remember most was Tami (Pfeifer) Holbrook because I was so worried about her. She was one of the ones herded into the kitchen and made to lie on the floor. When they were stripping every one of their jewelry that little spitfire had the nerve to say to the guy - please don't take my wedding ring and he let her keep it! Obviously she honored her marriage to Rick without knowing he was probably already having multiple affairs. (Off topic, I know.)

The result of this was that we were no longer allowed to work late at night and none of us were allowed to have keys. It made it very difficult for anyone to continue getting their work done because so many people worked during the day and worked at TLW at night (often all night). One thing that came out of this was Rick's ability to exert control. From that day forward he determined who worked at the building and when. And his kingdom was created. So then he was able to steal people blind of their time, self-respect and money but with a really good/deceptive disguise.


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Date: October 17, 2018 06:10AM

The JRS-> Gary transition. Holy crap where to start.

Not long after the open house at Kling and the procession of people paying last respects and the subsequent temporary interment of JRS' body at Valhalla, a bunch of us went to Las Vegas. I don't know why the decision was made to go there but for people living in shock and dismay and grief, it was kind of a cool atmosphere because you could wander around in the middle of the, have a drink, smoke a cigarette, and cry and feel totally private. My two cents at that time.

The people who went included Marilyn, Gary & Donna, Me & Dan, Marti, and I think that's all for the one car but I think Rick and Tami came in another car.

Not long after we arrived, spouses were sent home including Dan, Donna and I don't know who else but it seems like more people were there and left.

Not long after that (few days max) Gary and I were walking into the hotel (Dunes) after parking the car and Gary told me he was in love with Marilyn. I remember saying yes I loved her a lot too and then realizing what he meant and I said "Wait - you mean as in love want to kiss her and make out and have sex love her?" and he said YES. Then he told me she loved him too. From then on Marti and I shared a room and Marilyn was shown on the registration as being in our room but she was in Gary's room. Rick and Tami were there for part of this but they may have gone home and come back. Rick and Tami were FURIOUS. A huge family division started between them and G&M at that point and for our sakes, it would have been nice if it had continued.

All together we were in Las Vegas I think for about 5 or 6 weeks. When we got back to L.A. I continued my routine of pretty much living at Kling only now it was with Gary & Marilyn. Gary separated from Donna and was sleeping in the middle yard shed that we had previously used as a meeting room. The dispute with Rick and Tami continued and there were lots of meetings in the backyard with various ministries like John Miller, Brent Finney, and I don't know who else. I was at the house but I was not included in any of these meetings even though JRS always had me attend his meetings because I was like the record keeper and person to follow through. So I knew these meetings were "heavy duty" and very secret. I was told that there was a general uprising among all the brothers over who would take over the church. JRS had left instructions for Marilyn to be the one who took over (I didn't see documents but I heard JRS say this long before he was terribly ill in instructions he gave Dan Statton).

We made another lengthy visit to Las Vegas a few weeks later - I don't remember the timing. We stayed in moderate priced rooms like motels with kitchenettes. They sent for Larry Cotton to join us and during that time Marilyn tried to engineer a relationship for me with Cotton that didn't work out, thank God. But I was told I should get a divorce too. Now that I am free from the nonsense of thinking everything Marilyn did was holy and anointed, I have a lot of regrets from that period of time regarding Dan. He had been JRS' friend and confidante, had cared for him in the sick room, had helped hide all of JRS' stuff after he died and then was treated like he was not even human. So awful.

If I remember correctly, Gary was one of the head guy's at ApCo and I think JRS had commissioned him over CLW and some other locations to bring the word. So he already had standing and a position in the church and probably in peoples' minds.

Slowly but surely G&M started telling people about their relationship. I was aware only of all the people who backed them and celebrated the idea. On March 17, 1984 they had a backyard party and got married informally by the pool (legally with a marriage license, etc.) so then they could live together without having a third party around to make it look kosher. I don't remember the date Gary's divorce from Donna was final but it couldn't have been very long before this March date even if it was only a status only divorce.

The party for the secret wedding was a drunken brawl as you might imagine.

Then slowly but surely Gary kept moving towards the goal of Kingship with his Queen next to him and the rest is history. There was no legal documentation that I am aware of pertaining to Gary taking this role so any legal passage of the baton was probably done through corporate documents especially after Hargrave Family Ministries was incorporated and given nonprofit status as the organization that governs all others. They hired me as their lawyer to get the nonprofit status so that had to be in 1993/94.

Okay, ask me anything.

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Date: October 17, 2018 06:57AM

Onion, thank you for shining light into very dark corners. My husband and I began to think about leaving when Gary left Donna and baby, and married Marilyn. We thought it was so wrong, but reading the posts, things were worse than we imagined. We were such suckers. We finally left after attending a service in Honolulu where a kamikaze-committed worker from LA stood and spent many minutes pledging her undying allegiance to Marilyn, and Marilyn sat there beaming, soaking it all in. I blame no one but JRS and G&M, but have to acknowledge that if I had been closer to the center of that skewed universe, but for the grace of God, it would have been me pledging my allegiance to M and the new order. So glad you made it out and are peeling back the layers of deception.

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Date: October 17, 2018 09:06AM

Onion, at the first, secret wedding between G&M, who officiated the wedding?

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Date: October 17, 2018 09:35AM

Puddington - I was trying to remember that when I wrote the history. It might have been Bill Maybee or maybe it was Dan Statton. I can picture Statton there but I can't remember who stood up and did the deed.

The bride wore a red and white t-shirt dress that was either a tunic top with no pants or a super short mini-dress. Very classy.....

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Date: October 17, 2018 09:41AM

Onion Wrote:

> The bride wore a red and white t-shirt dress that
> was either a tunic top with no pants or a super
> short mini-dress. Very classy.....


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Date: October 17, 2018 12:13PM

Oh! But they did not charge admission to that particular shit show.

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Date: October 17, 2018 03:25PM


There was a previous post regarding the formation of Hargrave Family Ministries being established in 1982, previous to JRS' passing. Was this something you were aware of?

* * *

Re: Hargrave Family Ministries formed over a year before John's death
Posted by: lily rose ()
Date: August 21, 2014 07:29PM

"Also the Hargrave Family Ministries Corp (a tax exempt status as it is a church) set up in 1982 seems to have preceded the set up of the Hargrave Family Trust (like a will but used to transfer family assets to beneficiaries privately without going through probate) which came after the G&M marriage."

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Date: October 17, 2018 05:33PM

The Blind Men, The Elephant, And The Prophetic Community
October 14, 2018 - by Gary Hargrave


* * *

"Everyone has had different experiences in the Church. Your experience is not wrong, but it is not the whole picture." (Things are actually much worse.)

"In this transition, we are not just solving problems . . ." (Not a good track-record there.)

"This is not a small vision, but we have the Word we need to succeed." (All the talk (tapes) and no actual walk has been the reason for the lack of success.)

"Let there be a brokenness of spirit and a humility in us." (Something never actually tried before.)

"We determine to not . . . disagree(ing) with others who don’t see it our way." (It has always been the highway.)

". . . we will have varied experiences among us, and some need deep healing." (From TLW leadership)

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Date: October 18, 2018 12:14AM

kBOY - Church of His Holy Presence (Anaheim) was of course established prior to JRS' death. In 1993 the name of the corporation was changed to Hargrave Family Ministries - A Living Word Ministry. So the first evidence of the existence of HFM was in the 90's but the corporate structure goes back much further under the former name. So Lily Rose was partially correct - but there was no HFM prior to 1993. The records are public on the California Secretary of State business portal.

Wow. I thought maybe HFM was hatched in 1982 in some devious plot before JRS died so I had to look it up.

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