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Date: June 30, 2021 08:30PM

TheJewel Wrote:
The god who created the universe has surely
figured out how to make a volume control by now.

"How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
He can make a volume control"

Sorry--that doesn't quite work. Please disregard.

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Date: July 01, 2021 10:51PM

Post by Twoteetwo from October 2018

Posted by: Twoteetwo
Date: October 17, 2018 06:57AM

Onion, thank you for shining light into very dark corners. My husband and I began to think about leaving when Gary left Donna and baby, and married Marilyn. We thought it was so wrong, but reading the posts, things were worse than we imagined. We were such suckers. We finally left after attending a service in Honolulu where a kamikaze-committed worker from LA stood and spent many minutes pledging her undying allegiance to Marilyn, and Marilyn sat there beaming, soaking it all in. I blame no one but JRS and G&M, but have to acknowledge that if I had been closer to the center of that skewed universe, but for the grace of God, it would have been me pledging my allegiance to M and the new order. So glad you made it out and are peeling back the layers of deception.

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Date: July 14, 2021 09:40PM

Which reminds me of a Kingdom proverb I submitted and that was immediately rejected:
"Don't bother trying to please Christ in the Flesh. It's not gonna happen."

Posted by: that little red flag
Date: November 29, 2018 01:19PM

lone.wolf and Onion -

I haven't been around at the local SD church for almost 5 years, but they had the apartment there (the Taco Shell). At some point I was involved in cleaning and set up for 2 - 3 years, and involved in getting all the new furniture and decor at one time. One of the times, years ago before the remodel, was so ridiculous. Someone from APCO directed us on a certain supposed decor that G & M liked. I spent weeks shopping and pimping the whole place out based on the input of what they would like. As soon as they arrived they made it know that they hated the decor, and that it wasn't their style at all. Long story short, come Monday after they had left, I was directed to gather and repackage everything, even if it had been used and return it all for a refund. It took weeks/months to return items, and get all the new stuff that they now claimed to adore. I can remember staying up til 2 and 3 in the morning trying to get the apartment ready for them, eyes half closed at the end of the night (uh, morning) as I searched for any amount of dust that might have settled during the evening. No spiders, no footprints on the rug, windows washed and then splashed by the kids in the pool, blah, blah, blah - all for the King and Queen. Oh, and then off to work by 7:00 am.

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Date: July 17, 2021 02:03PM

Wow--this is one extensive list.

Posted by: kBOY
Date: December 24, 2018 07:55PM


Amphitheater = Facility at Shiloh where the annual July 4th (sometimes on the 3rd) fireworks show took place
APCO = Apostolic Company
Authority = Ministries claim to exercise the authority of Christ. Congregants must submit to their authority
Babylon = Any church or business not associated with TLWF
Biblical Numerology = Understanding the design of God's Word through the meaning of Biblical numbers
Binding = Restraining/confining/capturing whatever is perceived as Satanic
Bless = Extend hands towards someone in prayer
Bless-In = A gathering, generally in a circle (left hand over/right hand under) increasing individual blessing by virtue of the collective
Blessing Ball = Build up 'anointing' and sending the 'ball' to another
Blow Out = Someone who left TLW
Body = Body of Christ (used almost exclusively referring to TLWF members)
Body-wide = including all of the the TLWF churches and members
Boomerang principle = Applies to both 'good' and 'evil' -- whatever is sent out returns to sender
Break your spirit = seek God until individual will is broken
Breaking Bonds = Severing soulish connections with others
Breakthrough = An imaginary new spiritual level where nothing outwardly changes but you still convince yourself to feel good about it
Bucket full of holes = someone who needs the same counseling and pep talks over and over again and never changes
Buffaloing a women = Grooming with ulterior motives
Build up your aura = Place your hands with open palm, palm toward your aura (about 8 - 12 inches away from your head) and stretch it out further so your aura grows and expands (invisibly of course).
Build wall of protection = Walk around your car, your house, your bed and hold your palms open toward the item you are surrounding and speak that you are building a wall of protection
Christmas Truck = Annual Xmas truck and parade extravaganza that marched through the streets of certain San Fernando Valley neighborhoods
Combat Communications = Frequent updates on the current flow of the 'word' (late '70s-early 80's)
Coming at you = spiritual leaning you're getting on a matter being considered
COMM Central = Midwest communications center (late '70s-early 80's)
COMM West = LA communications center (late '70s-early 80's)
Cross current = Going against the 'flow'
Cross dodger = Rebellious unsubmissive spirit
Dealings = Discipline by God for a rebellious/independent spirit
Designated Relationships = Assigned shepherding
Disciplined Spirit = Human will controls the human spirit. Set your will in submission and place your hands on your head and command your spirit to be in submission, to break a bond, to do what it's told.
Door Opener Apostle = JRS
DR = designated relationship
Drinking from other fountains = Reading material or attending churches other than TLWF
Elijah/Elisha relationship = a training/shepherding relationship, one-sided with the Elijah being completely in charge of the Elisha
Feasts = Purim/Passover/Pentecost/Tabernacles and other Jewish observances
First Fruits Apostle = JRS
Flow = The direction TLW is going
Fred & Ethel = Manuals developed for monitoring each church's corporate (Fred) and accounting (Ethel) activities for the fiscal year
Free agent = Not under TLW authority
Free Apostle and a dead Jezebel = Prayer for Martha (John’s wife) to die so he could marry Marilyn
G&M = Gary & Marilyn Hargrave
Gary = Gary Hargrave
Get a check = Lack of confirmation
Getting a revelation = didn't understanding something
Getting hit = Dysfunctional on many levels
Given = Used to describe anyone who is completely brainwashed
Going through it = struggling to come to grips with a testing in the spirit
Gourd = Rebellious/poisonous spirit
Intercession = Prayer, petitioning, requesting, demanding, reminding God of His promises, often done in group settings
Jezebel spirit = Female undermining spirit
JRS = John Robert Stevens
Kingdom Businesses = Financial efforts that funnel $$$ into the 'upward flow'
Kingdom facility = Main TLW locations (Shiloh, Monte Zion, LA, Honolulu, Maui, San Diego, etc.)
Korah spirit = Anytime you questioned anyone in "authority"
Lamp of Israel = Marilyn Hargrave (Tramp of Israel)
Lay on of hands = pray for someone by putting hands on their head usually only done by elders or other ministries
Little people = Anyone in TLWF not in a leadership role
Living Word = as spoken by a human vessel
Loosing = Freeing whatever is perceived as Godly
Losing your covering = Not being 'protected' by authority
Marilyn = Marilyn Hargrave
Marriage Check Out = Submitting relationship for approval--equally yoked
Menehune = A dwarf people in Hawaiian mythology who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, far from the eyes of normal humans. Apparently identified in the islands to JRS the 'channels, 'vortices', of 'spiritual highways' that were part of a matrix around the world, something akin to Haleakala Crater on Maui, Mt. Shasta in CA, etc.
Ministry = A pastor (shepherd), elder, deacon or other set-in ministry (almost exclusively male)
Mixed multitude = Sheep & goats together
Nephilim Spirit = Satanic minion, crappy attitude
New day = nothing to see here. Move along
New level = An imaginary utopia where doing the same thing, the same way, finally produces something of value
Not controlling your spirit = Keeping yourself in submission
Off The Wall = Satirical underground news-rag printed weekly during the heyday of Shiloh (1978-79)
Old level = Doing the same thing, the same way, and getting the same result - nothing
Old Order = Fundamental Christianity--not TLWF
Oneness = Obeying the leadership of TLWF. Other Christians are not part of the oneness
Opening your spirit = New Age technique to make you more vulnerable to brainwashing
Own thing = not submitting/being rebellious to authority
Probe = Invasive interrogation of the JRS era
Prophetic Proclamation / Prophecy = Speaking on behalf of God into existence
Position thinking = Falsely imagining you matter as much to God as your leader does
Pyramidology = Measurements of specific features corresponding to Biblical timelines foretelling the future and confirming Biblical authenticity
Raise the level = Usually it was said when silliness or raunchy talk began
Rebellious Spirit = describing the "spirit" of a congregant not submissive to the authorities. Closely linked to witchcraft and Satan.
Religious Spirit = Where doctrine trumps relationship
Restricted tape = Meat for the mature--usually of a controversial nature (heresy?)
Resurrection Life = New immortal body
School of Prophets = Annual week-long conference held at Shiloh around the 4th of July
Seeing in the spirit = Spacing out and looking down on everyone else. A valuable technique in helping you recognize your world dominance
Send it back = Usually applies to 'duck & cover' warfare
Sent to your room = Put on restriction for being rebellious
Set In = to designate a person to an office, usually by prayer and laying on of hands
Set Out = to put someone outside of TLWF (ex-communicate)
Shepherd = One who does exactly what G&M tells them to do, no matter how destructive it is to other people in their church
Shepherd’s Library = Tapes where TLWF leadership reveal why they had to lie about what they were really up to, e.g. our real goal is to get everyone connected and obedient to Marilyn – something we can’t really put on the sign out front. Until people are properly brainwashed, we can’t risk the possibility of them recognizing we are up to no good.
Siege = Winter of 1977-78 at Shiloh when most of the foundational work was done on the main buildings, along with violent intercession
Signs = places on the head and neck and face - emotions (back of neck), cheek bone (sign of Jael), temples (psychic assault), nausea - lust, itching nose - confusion caused by rebellion or witchcraft, crown of head for lordship, top of head where your spirit opens up like an elevator to God, judgment in the thumbs
Smoke screen = Deflecting attention away from something else
SOP = School of Prophets; annual week-long conference held at Shiloh around the 4th of July
Speaking Something Into Existence = Prophecy, prophetic utterance (wishful thinking)
Spiritual leech = Profiting off of the effort of another
Spooking = someone who gets really involved in spirit, psychic, occult realm and sees something lingering in the spirit by everything and everyone
Sleeping prophecies = A series of messages that apparently came while JRS was in some sleeping/waking transition state
Submission = a doctrine whereby members of the church must ask permission in minute detail for anything they wish to do (including, but not limited to, dating, marriage, employment, residence, schooling, areas of interest, etc.
Subnouncing = Announcing something already decided upon without submitting it first
TLWF = The Living Word Fellowship
This Week = Weekly printed 'Word' pamphlets from the JRS era
Through dealing = Died, ugh!
Tracking = Following the flow of the Word
Two-edged sword = Word of God cuts both ways
Unequal yoke = A couple with dissimilar degrees of commitment to TLW
Upward Flow = Directing focus of activities toward Apostolic level, preparing meals, cleaning house, and mowing the grass of your leader’s home while pretending they are God
Victory Siege = The heyday of Shiloh (summer of 1979--400+ people living in building) storming Heaven attempting to give God a black eye
Violent Intercession = Intense storming of Heaven telling God what to do
Wait on the Lord = contemplative zoning out, definition nebulous
Walk = Our 'walk with God' (Christ in the flesh)
Warfare = "I think I'm getting a cold."
Wiped Out = Unable to function
Word = TLW Apostolic take on the Bible
Worship/Singing in the Spirit = Singing to the Lord in spontaneous words or tongues; hands are often raised

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
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Date: July 17, 2021 11:03PM

I hear the old MFC farmhouse on the Shiloh property was intentionally burned down 2 nights ago. More purging of the property. I guess all buildings are being cleared out. I wonder if the water tower is next?

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
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Date: July 20, 2021 11:17PM

From kBOY's WALK TALK Lexicon:

Victory Siege = The heyday of Shiloh (summer of 1979--400+ people living in building) storming Heaven attempting to give God a black eye

I always think of this when I hear "Under His Eye" in Handmaid's Tale. But really all the heaven stormers achieved was making themselves hoarse and giving themselves PTSD. And God help the poor children who were living in Shiloh with their parents at the time. And all because JRS was having a hissy fit due to his wife of forty years refusing to die and save him the embarrassment of a very messy divorce. Thanks for the therapy bills, TLWF.

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Date: July 23, 2021 12:05AM

Reep wrote:
And all because JRS was having a hissy fit due to his wife of forty years refusing to die and save him the embarrassment of a very messy divorce.

Despite so many "prophets" violently praying day and night for the death of the Nephilim, Martha managed to outlive the Apostle to the Kingdom by many years. Vindication at its finest.
Marilyn, of course, later chastised the congregation for not loving John enough, insinuating that could have been a contributing factor in his early death. Her "love" was demonstrated by making out with her boyfriend while John lay dying in another room. Hypocrisy at it finest.

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
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Date: July 24, 2021 09:37PM

the heyday of Shiloh (summer of 1979--400+ people living in building) storming Heaven attempting to give God a black eye

If we knew when he took his naps, we could ambush him when his defenses are down. He's been around for a very long time, seen what mankind is capable of, so it stands to reason that he's a frequent napper.

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
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Date: July 25, 2021 05:36AM

"I'll tell you when you're getting too radical."

"Praying for the death of your wife is not too radical?"
-someone in the back of the church

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Date: August 02, 2021 05:51AM

Thank you again 4generation for this clear and powerful post from December of 2019. Hope you are doing well.

Posted by: 4generation
Date: December 28, 2019 12:28AM

Welcome Powertrip, so good to see another brazilian posting here.

Unfortunately what you shared with us is not a surprise to me and only shows how deceived we have been for decades in this church.

For me who was born into this cult and spent years serving these "men of God," cleaning their homes, serving food, and supporting them and their bs, it is devastating to know the truth only now.

The worst for me is seeing that there are people still supporting these leaders, as spiritual leaders and literally denying all the evidences and accusations made. To me this is the proof that religion makes people ignorant and unreasonable, because it makes no sense to continue to preach a doctrine of forgiveness that only favors abusive leaders and forgets the victims and those whose lives were destroyed by them.

I'm ready to forgive, that's not the point. But at least tell me what I'm forgiving you for. Because so far you haven't talked about what you regret.

Silas, should I forgive you for the moral, sexual and emotional abuse committed? Or the authoritarianism and control of people's lives through lies, deception and manipulation?

And you Gary, in your letter you said that you regret because you did not hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. But in what you did not hear HIm? In the covering up the crimes committed by the leadership you have established? Or getting involved with Marylin sexually with John's death? Or in creating a system and a doctrine that idolizes man instead of God?

Leaving everything in the field of subjectivity makes us continue to play that game "truth or consequences". The problem is that so far the truth has not been spoken and we have only lived with the consequences of everything that has happened.

My goal here is not to judge or to see them under the bars because of the crimes committed, thats not my role, there is a legal system for that, but my hope is to at least see some maturity and some balls from you to rise up like freaking mans and tell us the damn truth. And please dont give me that "bitterness" bullshit talk, we've heard you for decades and now you want to hide?

I know both of you check this forum everyday, so what do you think about send a public statement telling what happened? Lets take this to the social media instead of hiding from it? Silas can use one of his podcasts to talk about it and explain it to us, to his political friends or his catholics bishops. Or Gary can do it right from Jerusalem with his rabbis.

We all want to move on with our lives and forgive and do everything we need to do to continue in our personal walk with God. But as the Bible said: "the truth will set you free".. here we are waiting for the truth, for the change, to be heard and to stop pretending that these sins, abuses and actions are "normal" and that's okay to live that way. No more, never again, and regarding the abuses and the lies, there is no way to ever forget!

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