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Date: August 06, 2020 05:25AM

Onion Wrote:

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Date: August 05, 2020 01:22PM

In light of the new Gary Hargrave presence on facebook, twitter, and his Promised (threatened) podcast and website - it would be great when you are reposting old posts if you would start reposting some of my old posts. I was a first hand witness to a lot and Gary's name in bad light needs to be resurrected and blasted in link to his website and facebook.

What an arrogant, abusive prick Gary Hargrave is.

Welcome back, Onion.

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Date: August 06, 2020 07:48AM

Onion Wrote:
> In light of the new Gary Hargrave presence on
> facebook, twitter, and his Promised (threatened)
> podcast and website - it would be great when you
> are reposting old posts if you would start
> reposting some of my old posts.

You can share whatever you think is relevant to the discussion, Onion.

> What an arrogant, abusive prick Gary Hargrave is.

Yes, he is.

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Date: August 06, 2020 08:07AM

From my post of October 15, 2019. Just days before Shalom blew up TLWF with her courageous public post on Facebook.

Gary Hargrave has an unlimited arrogance and is trying to re-write history by launching his new sites - the same name changed just a little as it was when he took the corporation that used to be Church of His Holy Presence and then took over as the sole person (with Marilyn) responsible for and in charge of ALL TLWF churches and people with the Bylaw amendments in 1992.

The cover for Rick Holbrook and Scott McDonald was primarily by Gary Hargrave and Marilyn Hargrave and perhaps one or two they took into that very private level of secrecy IF ANYONE. It was never shared with the ministries who were supposed to be able to care for people but had no idea what was being allowed by the self- described "Apostolic Fathering Ministry" Gary Hargrave. At the various times I was extremely close to them, it was never shared with me. No one had more expertise at living a lie than Gary Hargrave and Marilyn Hargrave.

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Date: October 15, 2019 09:17PM

I know of several who covered for Rick: Marilyn, Gary, Scott, Steve - who am I missing?

Most of the time (IMHO), attention was given to Rick's four marriages preceded by divorce so that there could be adequate cover for his sexual assaults of women and young girls. G&M would call for help with the congregation in turmoil but would hide the extremes his conduct was taking.

His undercover eavesdropping in every corner of the church (TLW and CLW) by hiding wires and speakers and maybe cameras should be fully exposed. I don't know if we'll ever know how fully he eavesdropped on the Blix girls by sound and video wiring.

With his freedom of access to anything and everything he wanted, there was certainly NEVER an observance of privacy rights or clergy/penitent privilege. Even Gary Hargrave's hack job of falsely applying that privilege is not as bad as the reality of the Walk's main perpetrator watching and listening to everything.

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Date: August 06, 2020 10:30AM

Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
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Date: August 21, 2019 05:35PM

Aardvark - I sent you a private message earlier.

I have identified myself on this forum (Mary Wyatt) and I've identified myself as Onion on various Facebook groups that I no longer participate in because of the level of anger that I don't need in my life.

I had a lot of first hand knowledge of things that were done by JRS because I worked with him closely in Accounting and Legal and at the time of his death had been acing as John & Marilyn's personal assistant.

I saw some things I later researched and then I began learning a flood of information and this is how I break it down in my own mind.

I do not believe JRS committed any crimes. I have corroborated information about at least 4 extra marital affairs (corroborated by independent witness testimony that I will not repeat on this forum). I have first hand knowledge of his affair with Marilyn that was in place in 1972 and continued until they got married in 1980. I stayed at JRS' home so his wife Martha would not be left there alone on the two nights a week (every single week he was in town) when he "waited on the Lord." At that time I lived with Marilyn and knew (from her own mouth which is called an admission not hearsay) that she went to be with him. So John's wrongdoing had to do with his abuse of power in seducing various women (boy did it backfire on him with Marilyn) which I understand (but have no corroboration for) was his weakness as far back as the 4-Square days.

I have corroberated information that I learned after I became a lawyer that JRS gave words to people to do certain things that he needed to have done to protect him from having his sins of the flesh exposed. People obeyed words without knowing the truth for 20+ years.

Rick Holbrook is a criminal and the only reason he walks free is because the statute of limitations has run out on the crimes that have been exposed (so far). Yes there is adequate testimony as well as documentary evidence for him to be convicted of a crime (which requires beyond a reasonable doubt). In civil court the standard of proof is lower and I believe he will be held liable for the damages he has done to people.

Marilyn escapes criminal liability by being dead. But Gary, Marilyn and Rick all committed criminal acts against people and committed numerous acts of financial and tax fraud. Yes there is adequate live witness testimony about things that are long past the statute of limitations (forgery, fraud on the court) but there are many other financial crimes under the category of tax fraud that I believe will result in several convictions for both Gary Hargrave and Rick Holbrook. I've seen a lot of the documentary evidence. It is very solid. I can't disclose more than that on this Forum.

Hope that helps. PM me if you want to discuss further.

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Date: August 07, 2020 04:53AM

Reposting from one year ago.

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Date: August 04, 2019 01:34PM

JRS’ first lawyer in his divorce was a nightmare. He only cared about publicity and his own income and never really listened to what JRS had to say or could prove about his income. Looking back, maybe he had it right, that all of the church assets were so closely controlled by JRS that they were his personal property.

His second lawyer got it and was a pleasure to work with. He and his wife became pretty good friends to JRS and his crew. They had a Halloween party and invited JRS and Marilyn and their crew who attended in these costumes made to look like the fruit on a Fruit of the Loom label. It was hilarious and a huge hit at the party. JRS could have amazing and impressive events and performances any time – he had the slave labor and the financial resources of the people that he used as he pleased.

Looking back, maybe the first lawyer had it right. Maybe JRS had promised his family that they would receive all of the church assets as their own just as Rick has been heard promising one of his children that, “Someday this will all be yours.”

At some point when a landmark had been reached in the divorce (possibly the bifurcation) the lawyer and his family had a big party for all of us at their house in Newport. JRS also took the lawyer and his family on a trip to Hawaii and set up massive hospitality as only JRS could with all the church resources.

They did eventually bifurcate the marital status so JRS and Marilyn could get married right after the real estate part of the property settlement was done. Marilyn would not agree to the bifurcation and marriage to JRS until property was settled.

So weird all the machinations that were going on without my knowledge when I was so involved in everything. Marilyn was an expert bar none at making sure no one person had a complete picture of everything. She and Gary both operated this way throughout their ministry and I'm sure Gary has carried on in that way.

Right when they bifurcated and were getting married, Ed prepared deeds putting Blix and Kling into "community property" with Marilyn. So her dowry to marry JRS was 1/2 of two properties that would eventually sell for almost $1MM each. But before JRS died, the activity around his assets went into hyper mode. There was a power of attorney and a will prepared in March or April of 1983. JRS was completely incapacitated and rarely awake from March 10, 1983 until he died in June. Bill Maybee spent hours sitting in JRS' yard practicing to forge JRS' signature. He forged JRS' signature on the will and on the power of attorney.

They then had the witnesses to the will sign without seeing JRS sign the will -- Gary Hargrave was the first witness and then he talked the other two witnesses into signing it without actually witnessing it because that's what JRS wanted and Gary said "See, I already signed it."

They appointed a man as JRS' power of attorney with a forged and falsely notarized document. The man who assumed the role of JRS’ POA had no knowledge that the signature was forged, but this was in April 1983 when JRS was comatose or incapacitated 24/7 and could never have held a pen much less have the capacity to understand a document. The POA then signed the deeds to Blix and Kling transferring title to Marilyn's kids, giving Marilyn a life estate in both houses. With the property transferred and a forged will, Marilyn successfully avoided probate so she could take all the property as her own.

She also immediately sent assets to Iowa to hide them (I was told this information recently and don’t know what assets went). I know that JRS’ vast arsenal of weapons was duplicated in Iowa and at his home in North Hollywood. I also know that there were gold coins and silver bars in pretty large amounts that were cashed in and then the cash was put into the offering plates when offerings were taken for JRS and Marilyn and her family. Clergy abuse, and clergy crimes and money laundering apparently go hand-in-hand.

Then 4 months later her kids signed deeds transferring all the property back to her as her sole and separate property. Mission accomplished. (I knew some facts but put together the full story over the last year.) If anyone wants a copy of the deeds, send me a private message with your email and I will send them to you. You don't even have to know the behind the scenes details to see how hinky these transfers were. It's amazing they weren't caught.

I learned over the last year that Gary has admitted to several people that he and Marilyn were having sex before JRS died. I wonder just how long before he died it started. I was told there was some evidence it started in the Islands in 1982. But the charade they played out for those around them to see was that they fell in love after JRS died. They acted elaborately planned roles to me that were proved to be complete deception by the admission the sex had started before JRS died. Gary came to me like a little puppy in love and admitted he loved Marilyn. Then they spent all their time together but used me to stay at the house all the time - went home to sleep only a few hours a night when Gary left to go sleep in the "pool hall" a storage facility we used as an intercession room located in the middle yard between Blix and Kling. They kept up their charade and played their roles very well until they could start changing things over and get me off of all of the corporations (I was on all corporations that JRS was on - he insisted so I could make sure things were done legally) and I was on all of JRS and Marilyn's personal bank accounts. I don't know what they thought I would do if I knew the truth but they were extremely careful to hide the truth from me all the while continuing the charade that had started in 1972 that Marilyn and I were close, personal friends because they knew that meant I would be loyal.

Marilyn really was Jezebel. Two times she spoke with me and I knew she was lying. One was just after JRS died and she called me (I was working in the office at Blix) and asked me if I thought she should call and talk to Martha Kay and Mary Christine and offer to let them come and share in JRS' spiritual legacy (not the money of course). I couldn't understand what she was doing because it was so obviously and completely out of character for her. She HATED JRS' daughters and worked tirelessly to get him to cut them off from his life.

The second time was in the 90's. I had been told by a woman that Gary & Marilyn had a sexual threesome with her several times. Marilyn called me a few months later and told me that she and Gary usually did not address accusations, but she especially wanted to address this accusation to me (inferring how special I am to her) and to let me know it was a complete lie. I knew from that phone call that the story was true. Marilyn's wording and attitude about it were so completely out of character, I knew she was lying.

Gary and Marilyn Hargrave had the financial resources and the numbers in people to build many faceted deceptive pictures of themselves and to maintain those deceptions for 30+ years. They played different roles to different people so there would be no one person who knew the complete picture.

It still took me another 15 years to cut myself off completely from them and from the entire walk. I think Marilyn was an addiction to me - deadlier than drugs or alcohol but I was just as powerless because of her. I am not powerless anymore. And as long as I have breath, I will never again just sit down and shut up.

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Date: August 07, 2020 05:30AM

During the months I have not been present on this forum, the flow of information to me still trickles in from time to time.

Two financial improprieties (too soft a word) that started under JRS but were drastically increased under Gary Hargrave and Marilyn Hargrave concerned their use of cash to complete projects. I understand from those who saw it first hand that it was common practice for Gary Hargrave and Marilyn Hargrave to ask anyone who was flying to Brazil to carry large sums of cash because "you get more done in Brazil with cash." The source of the cash? I would suggest (just my opinion) that it was through Hargrave Family Ministries known now as Hargrave Ministries which would mean tax exempt funds use to gild the world of those leaders who were building lush homes in Brazil.

Apparently this cash was how the splendor of the homes in Mt. Zion Brazil were built for Hargraves and perhaps others, like Silas.

I said in the past that I did not believe JRS had committed crimes. But I have recently learned that JRS funded the smuggling of diamonds (blood diamonds) into the U.S. Many refrences have been made to Gary's flashy jewelry and it always puzzled me when Marilyn Hargrave or Gary Hargrave would flash diamonds because the little that I knew about the stash JRS had in his personal safe, was that a pinky ring from one of JRS' lifelong friends had been given to him but so many more diamonds were glittering on these people than what a pinky ring could hold. When I learned of the smuggling into the US of blood diamonds, I realized that's the flash we've seen on these people.

My conclusions are based on bits of information I have learned and are my opinion.

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Date: August 07, 2020 03:11PM


The depth and degree of the con is still impressive.  The differential between public and private was so carefully orchestrated, no one should be beating themselves up over being conned.

With as many messages that came regarding false prophets and 'angels of light', we just could not see through the smoke to realize that it was our own house that was on fire.

Thanks again for your continued contribution.

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Date: August 07, 2020 09:26PM

Thanks, Onion. Blood diamonds...had to look it up. WTF? JRS was quite a piece of work. Silver/gold mines, complete with his very own slave labor (including children), blood diamonds, bars of gold and silver... Then G&M and RH and crew tkicked it up to a whole unearthly level. They all make me sick.

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Date: August 07, 2020 10:46PM

J R S birthday & new L A W S U I T

(Mature content.)


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JRS Birthday & New Lawsuit
Visitors Welcome!

I'm thinking of a new church sign :)

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