Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 03:58PM

Onion Wrote:
> I have reported this post by Nickle & Dime to the
> moderator. Calling a contributor to this forum a
> "nephilim" is, in my opinion, a death threat. Or
> at the very least, evidence that whoever this
> idiot is, he or she is likely exposing the
> children who are members of YASP to doctrines of
> violence and death prayers/threats.
> I will be reporting this to the local police as a
> concern for what children at the camp may be
> exposed to that would be considered abuse, and the
> likelihood this is a homegrown terrorist threat
> and actionable under the law.

If they really are writing stuff like that it is beyond disturbing and Social Services should be brought in immediately--do not wait. If it is only a joke--then it is really sick. Oh my God. Dejavu yet much worse. This is serious so if it is a joke someone better speak up.

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 04:04PM

changedagain Wrote:
> From my sources:
> Gary is frightened and unleashing his fury.
> His Kingdom is being threatened...hence, the
> tried-and-true tactic of referring to 'Nephilim.'
> Everyone, be on the alert.
> p.s. If it appeases him, I might be
> willing to raise funds so he can buy a new BMW.

Are you serious? He is referring to Nephilum?

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 04:11PM

Onion Wrote:
> Thank you Twoteetwo - I like your name.
> I'm not sure what will come from the reporting. I
> think the news people were much more interested in
> hearing that suspicious activity has continued at
> Shiloh in time for them to plan a replay of the
> documentary comparing Jonestown and Shiloh by the
> end of the year anniversary. Especially since the
> exposure of controlling groups is back in the tv
> ratings bonanzas with the Leah Rimini
> documentaries and the focus from People
> Investigates on ID.
> I guess we will see.
> I'm very concerned about young people such as
> those in YASP being indoctrinated into violent
> prayer and hatred. Whether anyone at the
> headquarters will act out their threats, I am
> concerned in this day and age what teenagers may
> do to curry favor with leaders who are generally
> pretty harsh to them. It's not a beneficial
> practice on any level to teach hate to teens with
> raging hormones.
Exactly. If anyone is teaching this to the young--they know damn well what they are doing in my book. Everyone on this forum or just reading should be hearing loud alarm bells and I am not kidding we need confirmation as to if that post was real or a lie directed at us on the forum. I want to know if this truly is a yasp song. I am serious folks. I do not believe I am overreacting. The desensitizing to violence has been percolating for over 30 years and is a very serious matter. Young people today are not the young people of the 70's and 80's--power of suggestion is very real. I think Squeaky Fromm would agree.

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 10:14PM

Onion Wrote:
> Reveal - Excellent point. I was thinking about
> that in the context of the recent findings on the
> Catholic Church. The organization is under fire
> for their protection of the perpetrators, and
> theit complicity in hiding what was done and
> allowing the perpetrators to stay in position so
> they can harm additional parishoners.
> That exact description is what the TLWF has done
> for decades with both JRS about his biological son
> and even more so with Rick Holbrook and his
> constant, ongoing, multiple affairs and (what I
> believe to be) sexual assaults on girls and women.
> I SO want the "MeToo" movement to begin exposing
> church leaders. It is long past time for it to
> stop.

If the women who were girls and men who were boys would come forward then perhaps there would be justice.

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 10:21PM

cultfree Wrote:
> Thanks for sharing all that Reveal. I don't know
> about anyone else, but it is therapeutic to hear
> other people's stories and experiences in TLWF.
> Just to know that someone else on earth knows what
> it was like gives me the feeling of not being
> alone in it. I know other people I have spoken to
> feel this way.
> I feel like my number one suggestion to people who
> are out there, maybe reading this message board,
> and feeling alone, is try to reach out to people
> who have also left the cult, and find a network.
> The people I am in touch with are part of what I
> kinda call a support group. We get together, talk
> about our experience in TLWF, and help each other
> understand. It is such a specific experience
> (TLWF) that I feel like you need others to talk to
> who know what it was like. Find a network, and be
> a network for other people. I have often thought
> about how funny it is that we heard that saying
> "The Kingdom is relationships". And ya know what,
> I think in some ways that has come true, except,
> for that "word" to come to pass, people had to
> take it outside that god forsaken place, and walk
> it out as people. Relationships are important, and
> vital to our survival as people.
> I could, and have, talked for hours about my
> experience in TLWF, and probably will do it some
> day here as well, but I have found the most
> shocking part of that whole experience happened
> when I left the cult. I've described to my
> therapist how I feel like I had a really good set
> of tools to exist within a cult environment, but I
> had no toolset to exist out in the real world.
> Having to think for myself, have my own
> motivations, discover who I actually am as a
> person. All of that was expressly forbidden in my
> cult world. I've had to relearn how people
> function outside the control of a soul-destroying
> cult. I feel like in many ways, they tried to
> destroy the people we were as kids raised in that
> thing. I am thankful to know that they didn't
> succeed. They couldn't turn us in to "zeros with
> the rim rubbed out". The human spirit persevered,
> and we came out on top.
> The greatest liberation I have experienced is the
> feeling that they have no more control over me. I
> don't live under their thumb or influence any
> more. I still know people who are in the church,
> and I don't hesitate to tell them how I feel any
> more. I love the shit out of those people, and I
> won't stand by and be a spectator to the continued
> abuse.
> We're free people. We escaped a cult. Be reminded
> every day that you did something truly courageous,
> bold, and powerful in your life, and that was your
> first step in to a new life. What a great way to
> enter a new life, with a bold move. We all did
> that, and that is an amazing thing we should never
> stop being proud of. Yes, we're cult survivors,
> and that will always be a part of us. But realize
> that we've got the opportunity now to make our
> lives about so much more than that place. Let's
> feel powerful, people!

Hear! Hear! So glad you have joined us cult-free. You still have many years to make a real life. It is very sad what happened to the children of our generation--under our noses. And it was much worse than a lot of us experienced. As you describe coming of age under the rule of G and M--it just makes me sick.

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Cloudwatcher ()
Date: August 25, 2018 10:23PM

changedagain Wrote:
> As many of you know, one of my talents is writing
> spiritually incisive lyrics to worship
> songs...with the intent of lifting people up into
> a higher realm, so they can (hopefully) better
> understand God's purpose for their lives. Anyway,
> I just want to share you a song I am presently
> working on. I don't have the melody as yet, but
> the lyrics are just flowing. I've already shared
> what I have with a couple mature believers, whose
> opinions I trust, and the feedback has been
> positive. One of them said he hadn't come across
> anything 'quite like this.' The other said the
> song will 'have an impact.' Needless to say, I'm
> elated by the early response. It's given me the
> courage to share what I have so far:
> Song Title: Give it to Kevin
> My Job
> Is to Give it to Kevin
> Give it to Kevin
> Give it to Kevin
> Yeah!
> When Gary gets back from Brazil
> Hallelujah....
> (30 minutes of worshiping in the spirit)
> Word
> Offering
> Announcements etc.

You should have a verse in there "Tell Kevin" as was posted earlier on this bird concerning reepicheep being called out by a G-man minion.

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: reveal ()
Date: August 25, 2018 10:41PM

Yes, cultfree, I can 100% corroborate what you said about the Rick & Lorena situation. After reports that they were carrying on an inappropriate liaison, Lorena was sent to Shiloh for what lasted I think only a year or so, and then after summer camp that year Rick loaded up her car on one of the trucks they used to transport amphitheater show equipment from LA to Iowa, and brought Lorena back to LA. This was all a decision Rick made unilaterally. He did not ask anyone if this was ok, in fact, some of the leadership that was involved in Lorena's removal from LA in the first place did not even know that Lorena was back living there for quite some time. Not only was she back, but Rick had moved her into his and Maria's GUESTHOUSE. It wasn't long after this that Lorena was hired as his assistant, and I think we all knew what to expect after that.

There were many people who expressed concern about the Rick & Lorena situation, myself included, and we were all told to mind our own business. It was as if everyone knew what was going on, but we were supposed to turn a blind eye and pretend that everything was kosher. What is even more infuriating is that when the affair finally did come to light, everything was done to protect Rick & Lorena and to demonize Maria. Leadership insinuated (and not even subtly) that it was somehow Maria's lack as a wife that drove Rick into Lorena's arms. I can tell you with total confidence that Rick was a SHIT husband to Maria, and she put up with a lot of mistreatment from him for a lot of years.

To add insult to injury, when the affair became public, G&M or whoever they sent to clean up Rick's mess had a meeting with a group of those who had been close to Rick and were a part of his little entourage, to tell them that yes, Rick & Lorena had been carrying on a relationship but that it was NEVER SEXUAL. I think we can all agree that was a big fat lie. You would have to be completely naive to believe that one. In fact, I have it on good authority that there was proof to the contrary. It was also said that G&M knew about the affair for years, and let it play out. Real fucking classy.

What is so messed up about the whole thing is that even after these multiple affairs and countless instances of sexual misconduct, Rick is only given what basically amounts to a "time out" and then is not only reinstated into leadership, but he and his new bride are actually put in charge of the entire Fellowship, along with those two other aforementioned couples. Anyone who questioned this, or anything Rick did, was immediately sidelined.

Putting someone who has a history of sexual misconduct with very young women back into a leadership position again and again is gross negligence on the part of Gary & Marilyn. Everyone knows that sexual predators who are in positions of authority do massive amounts of damage, using their power and position to coerce, manipulate and intimidate.

So many of us shook our heads in disbelief over these happenings, but like we did with so many things, we just learned to accept it and not dare question it. Thanks, brainwashing!

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Onion ()
Date: August 26, 2018 05:10AM

Gross negligence and more can be found in the reports of abuse about the church ministries, Rick, and any number of other people involved in supporting, facilitating and protecting Rick. With the underage sexual assaults, failure to report by a mandatory reporter (clergy) is a felony. Where churches such as TLWF try to hide behind the pastor/penitent privilege -- if the information came from the victim, there would be NO application of the privilege for the perpetrator. I would estimate dozens of felony violations have occurred and will continue to occur until someone puts a stop to it.

Gross Negligence:

Gross negligence results from conduct that is substantially more divergent than ordinary negligence. It involves:

Conduct that is a significant leap from the guidelines by which a competent and reasonable person would act
A serious or high degree of negligence
Behavior which was out of line from a normal, reasonable person
Typical care is not taken
An absence of any kind of diligence
No care is taken whatsoever
Gross negligence is considered so serious as it illustrates a thoughtless disregard for others. To return to the amusement park example, if an operator allows passengers on a ride that they know is broken, the operator may be prosecuted for gross negligence.

Courts have characterized gross negligence as a reckless and unmistakable abuse of duty to the legal rights of others. Under a wrongful death statute, a display of gross negligence is mandatory in order to qualify for punitive damages. For example, if a driver of a car was driving at 100 mph and passengers asked them to slow down, but the driver kept the same speed or sped up which resulted in a crash, the driver could be found grossly negligent.

Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct:

Falling directly below actual intent in the misconduct hierarchy is willful, wanton, reckless conduct. Willful misconduct is considered further along the misconduct spectrum as:

Intentionally or voluntarily committed
Reckless or intentional
When trying to prove willful, wanton, reckless behavior, a prosecutor will normally try to provide evidence that significant harm was the result of the defendant's actions.

There are two main differences between negligence and willful, wanton, reckless conduct:

The defendant intentionally or knowingly disregarded all risk
The risk would most likely result in substantial harm

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: kBOY ()
Date: August 26, 2018 08:08PM

It is ironic that a movement that branded itself as 'The Walk', was nothing more than a convincing sales pitch made up out of false doctrine. Furthermore, while 'a walk' with our CREATOR should have be emphasized and enabled, instead, a culture of dependency was created in order to enrich the few at the expense of the many.


knows ALL to be


likes the one
to be served by the all

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Onion ()
Date: August 27, 2018 04:54AM

Someone suggested a goog book title re the walk" A Walk With Fraud.

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