Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Vrindavan ()
Date: June 28, 2007 01:02PM

>> It’s also an aid to those who are used to eating meat and would wish to become a vegetarian.

We are both vegetarian for years.

She started addict to "faked meat" after joining Ching Hai.
It is a wonder to me why the faked meat from Ching Hai people are so real to the real things in terms of taste, color and texture, faked steak, faked duck, faked mutton..........
In fact , she addicted to many other things related to Ching Hai too.

>> If we get our info resources mainly from people who “lost” a family member

no bias, but the Ching Hai people i met all failed in relationship(divorced).
I know there are some cases that did not,
but they left Ching Hai eventually without faith or follow another mainstream religion path as well.

>> who complained about Osho ever read a book of his?

Personal relationships or books, which one can tell the person more and the hidden side ??
Besides, there are contoversial topics in his books. On the other hands, many cult leaders delegate the task of writing books by others.

>> At the same time, working “inside” as in teaching, guiding and protecting her “disciples” to help us in spiritual development and how we should handle our daily life and treat our loved ones. The real teachings are within.

Thus, this is the deeper or higher teachings ??

>> Is it possible to let me have a better understanding on the evidences that supports your opinion?

from all her books, lectures, clothings, all kinds of self promotional materials, followers and ex-followers

>> We have to be in total submissive in the spiritual path

Thanks you for explaining what is " total submissive " and why it is so important

>> if we tell you which particular spiritual Master in the Himalayas give Ching Hai the permission as Master/teacher, will you accept this statement or belief it?

believe ot not is one thing,
not telling others is another thing,
make up an unreal story is again another thing,
undisclosed one's own real teacher yet is another thing

I never met a religion leader (from any tradition) who did not tell
others who his/her teacher(s) were feared that people will question about is it true?

Will you tell others your master is Ching Hai ?
and that she is a great teacher ??

>> have tasted the inner Light & Sound

able to taste it is not bad,
it is still good in certain extent.

>> more direct and easy ways to satisfy her intense greediness?

this depends on what she like to do and what she doesn't like to do


Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Passerby23 ()
Date: June 28, 2007 07:13PM

I am here to share with you some of my experiences and thoughts. You have your own stand and point view, that’s good. When Lord Jesus came to this planet to preach and show people the Way to Truth. Lord Jesus faced many obstacles and many people at that time expressed disbelief and doubted His Greatness and teachings too. This is how it is in this mundane world.

It’s the best thing that can happen in my life that I know Master Ching Hai. Initially, I have that strong urge to share my experiences with you all. Because Master have been leading me to the rightful path and embraced me with ultimate Love and Light. But these joys, only the one who experienced them will understand. I have not much to say.

I truly wished and prayed that anyone who are hurt directly or indirectly due to Master, can find their own new light in life soonest possible and may happiness be with them. I am sorry if I did cause any anxiety here. Take care.[/color:4b86ad4a92]

Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Date: May 28, 2008 10:22PM

I am very worried about this "Master" and her work, and think she needs investigating.

My husband of 10 years started to become involved 8 years ago. At first we talked about it, but at some point he clammed up. I think he was under instructions to do so. Then his money all seemed to be going her way. Then his time: more and more of it, until now when he isn't at work he is on a "retreat". And eventually he stopped being interested in me or his step son at all, in every way. He seems to be almost frightened to talk to me. I would be interested in comparing notes with others who have lost their loved ones to this manipulative, exploitative "Master".

Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: solea13 ()
Date: June 02, 2008 12:06AM

From my own observations & experience, this kind of excessive devotion is fairly common in people who become involved in New Religious Movements.

Especially in the early months, (maybe even years) the devotee experiences a 'high' that is similar to the feeling of falling in love.

A new devotee experiences what feels like a true spiritual awakening (can't comment if it is or not!). Also, there is a deep sense of complete safety from physical harm. Devotees feel like they are spiritually protected by the Master against all the many perils of the outside world - sickness, accidents, the threat from global warming - none of those things can touch the disciple under the powerful spiritual umbrella that the Master provides.

A new disciple no longer needs to make the complex decisions and choices in life that faced them before. They can return to a blissful state in which choices and decisions are made for them. They can even surrender their careers, because no work is as important as the 'spiritual work' of the group.

For the disciple, there is no price that seems to great to pay for the reward of safety that comes from loving the Master and belonging to the group, including the loss of spouse or family.

For those who find themselves in MyOwnMasters situation, it is a huge and unnacceptable price to pay.

The only thing I can offer is that there definitely came a point for me when I realized how much of my life and free will I had surrendered to my group. Even in the early months I started feeling overwhelmed by the demands of my group, and over a period of years, even though totally devoted to my leader, there was a nagging sense of depression about the things I had given up and the menial work I was doing.

Your loved one is probably a very idealistic person and deeply belives that he or she is saving humanity/the world ... even saving you by following the Master and working for Him/Her.

Challenging me too much during the early years of my involvement, only would have turned me against you & made me even more deeply committed.

However, I don't think that anyone is capable of offering that early level of total devotion for long. At some point, the balance will begin to come back and the person involved, if given half a chance to reflect, may re-think some of the more extreme attitudes that they adopted in the beginning.

People who divorced their spouses in the early days of entering a group probably regret it later, even if they do retain some of their beliefs and practices.

I have noticed on Suma Ching Hai television that her talks are becoming more and more apocalyptic as time goes on. This makes the 'exit price' of quitting the group a matter of physical and spiritual survival for devotees. For them, sticking with Ching Hai, no matter how bored of meditating, depressed or tired of being vegetarian you are is better than getting sick/dying alone and unprotected by her love in the coming global economic and social collapse.

Getting people out of such groups in the current climate of fear may be a difficult task; however, for some, it does become a great pressure and burden to be saving the world for many years. There may be subtle signs in a person's comments to you that they are ready to think about quitting. Encourage them by listening carefully for those subtle signs and let them know that there is support available to them on the 'outside'.

Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: solea13 ()
Date: June 03, 2008 11:27PM

For alarmed of London:

Devotees of Suma Ching Hai are intiiated into what is called the 'Kwan Yin' method, in which they may experience what Ching Hai calles the inner 'Light & Sound'.

We don't know if it is a true spiritual experience or not; however, the important thing is that most devotees really think that it is. It is an experience that provides confirmation of the existence of the 'spiritual realms' and proof of Ching Hai's Mastery over those realms.

Your husband may be afraid to talk to you because he thinks that as an un-initiated person you will not be capable of understanding what he is telling you. He may even be afraid that if he tells you some of the more extreme teachings of his Master that you will reject him.

The important thing to realize is that your husband is proably a very idealistic and loving person. One of the things that hooks devotees into a spiritual movement is the idea of offering 'unconditional love' to all humanity and helping others.

Yes, he is going to do a lot of meditating. Yes, he may even become vegetarian if he knows how to cook and if he can handle it! Most guys like their red meat, I must say; however, it is one of Ching Hai's strictest regulations. None of this means that he doesn't love you. he may in fact be very afraid of being misundersood by his family and especially by you.

There is a small pamphlet by Suma Ching Hai called 'The Key to Immediate Enlightenment". If you can bring yourself to read a little bit of that, it might help you to understand your husband. But if you do choose to read those materials or attend her speeches with him, make sure you are also VERY well-informed about cults, mind-control and thought reform so that you can make your own informed decisions.

If you want, you can try to let him know that you do love him, that you are there for him and that you won't reject him, even though he has adopted some unusual ideas. (As I said in my previous post, Ching Hai's apocalyptic predictions are very extreme these days. For the devotee, there is a logic in it that people on the outside can't see, especially given the apparent increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters and other socio-economic problems.)

A devotee might even blame themselves and their lack of spiritual devotion for such disasters, and take to meditating for longer hours or dedicating themselves more to doing work for the group. It's kind of a way to ensure salvation, not only for themselves but for their loved ones too! They are trying to ensure their families are among those who survive the coming 'earth changes' / 'global collapse' and make it into the 'new era of peace on earth'.

I know I'm not offering any solutions here. How long your husband remains involved in the group is really up to him. I'm not sure but I think the idea of forcible 'de-programming' methods is no longer a viable option. If you had done that to me I would have gone on and on that my human rights were being violated.

True Devotees sincerely believe they are on the True Spiritual Path. In some ways, we cannot tell them otherwise. All you can do is educate yourself about the group and read as much as possible about mind control and thought reform.

As you can see from the posts by passerby23 above, the official line is that Suma Ching Hai doesn't want to break up families, that she wants to foster a harmonious and peaceful environment of True and unconditional Love.

The fact is however, that a lot of devotees in the early stages are swept up in a total and absorbing love for the Master. Retaining a healthy balance and taking care of worldly responsibilities often seems unbelievably mundane to them. Previous interests are usually cast aside. Beloved hobbies are suddenly too trivial. Daily work life and chores are so dull compared to the mystical inner Light and Sound! Family relationships are so 'personal' and intimate. They need a lot of time and nurturing compared to the nice impersonal love that can be offered to everyone through selfless service to the group.

That stage does pass though. Nobody can stay there forever. And you never know, there may be some unexpected benefits. Your husband may become a better person for it, more considerate and caring towards you and towards other family members. He is really trying in some ways to become a better, more whole and integrated person through this experience. He is reaching out to find the deep meaning of life and the answer to the question, 'Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose on earth? How do I make the most of my time here on earth?"

Hang in there. Maybe try and get some professional counselling yourself, even if he won't come with you.

I wish you & your husband all the very best of luck.

Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: November 07, 2008 10:03PM

Ching hai is a charismatic spiritual teacher & philanthropist of Vietnamese origin who used to travel a lot preaching Love & Peace around the world.

Hue Dang Trinh her real name, is Guru Thakar Singh’s(passed away) student who teaches Shabd Yoga she learnt from him & even still presents his group’s spiritual diary to her own students.

Officially without mentioning Thakar Singh she instead claims her guru is so called 450 yr old known-to-her-alone Guru Khuda Ji of the Himalayas. She renamed this meditation the Quan Yin Method which is practiced by many of her students worldwide.

Those who remember her from Thakar’s Ashram describe her as devoted in her spiritual practice often meditating for 24hrs a day, she loved her food for such a small person(about 5ft tall) and while she had great sense of humour with her funny jokes her hot temper could come to the fore in a flash.

Her students seem to be a happy bunch who do lots of charitable works worldwide.

You will do well to research some more bearing in mind the volatile nature of info on the internet.

Goodluck in your quest.


Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 07, 2008 10:47PM

To whom it may concern:

Ching Hai has also been referred to as a "cult leader" and is a controversial figure.

See []

Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: November 16, 2008 01:53PM

Thanks, The Moderator,

The manipulation by ching Hai of her followers is also used to rake in cash from her followers.

By selling her range of jewellery to her loyal customer base (Disciples).

This is one of several ways she makes her cash.

The sales pitch includes telling the faithful they will gain their
master's grace & score lots of spiritual points whenever these pieces
are worn on their person.

Obviously this is false, some have realized this & one member can be
shown here on youtube auctioning his pieces of (ching Hai)jewellery.


The price range of these pieces are roughly between hundreds of
dollars to several thousand dollars each.

Multiply this by the several hundred thousands who will strive hard to get
their hands on these spiritual gems.


At the time of posting this the ebay link for the auction had gone
down but this info may be of interest to some on here.


Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: November 18, 2008 04:01AM

Ok this is the ebay link. Please note this link is on here for information purposes only. This is not an advert for you to purchase the item.
Obviously once the item is sold the link goes. But at the time of posting this link the item is still on ebay for sale.


The seller clearly no more believes in the supposed blessing power emanating from the piece of jewellery hence he's auctioning it off.
Please be cautious as you read the advert as the seller has chosen his words to suit cult members as they are the ones most likely to value
the piece more than anyone else. So go in, see for yourself whats going on, then get the heck out before the words hit you.

The main point of posting this info here is just to show that ching hai's grip on some of her disciples is loosening as they begin to think for themselves.

And the other point is to show how ching hai makes money from her disciples. This is only one of several ways she manipulates her students both spiritually & financially.


Re: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai - Why Manipulate?
Posted by: Rangdrol ()
Date: December 05, 2008 02:01PM

It is totally wrong for your mother to believe that a woman cannot attain enlightenment! That is so sad. If your mother didn't know that then maybe she didn't know Buddhism either. I can understand her frustration. For a Buddhist to say that a woman cannot attain enlightenment is not true, according to Buddhist teachings. I've been to KL Buddhist centers and mostly they are Chinese Malay, and hold very superstitious beliefs. Also, i have been in the Himalayas, and received teachings and blessings from teachers, but that doesn't mean I will go out and start a cult! The truth is that there are many fake gurus out there, people who have not let go of the ego, but have added partitions to it. I don't know about this teacher, so I do not judge her. But this God thing, this is a cult too.

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