my family's life has been deatroyed by Mohan
Posted by: punishmohannow ()
Date: February 28, 2007 05:08AM

If anyone knows the contact to file a report with the authorities in America, please let me know. My daughter had everything going for her in her life until a so called friend invited her to stay with her in South Beach. Not only was my daughter raped by Mohan, I was tormented by her friend that I had raped her. The fact that I have to wake up every day knowing my daughter was raped... I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares as I am forced to watch this scene as my eyes are forcibly held open.

My wife and I did everything we could to get our daughter out of this man's vicious clutches. We were not successful until it got to the point that our daughter could not function and Mohan had no use for her. Her rapidly deteriorating mental health and the attention she was getting from the other girls was the reason I'm told that she was finally willingly released. We have now spent over a year caring for her and visiting her in about six psychiatric wards. We paid to send her to the best cult rehab place in the country. She is slowly recovering but she will never testify against Mohan. Hopefully she will one day. We so have medical records where she stated to licensed professionals that Mohan suggested to her it was me who was raping her and that Mohan and I looked similar. I am white and he is black so I cannot understand how we look alike, and even disregarding our color, there is no way anybody could say we look alike. However, in the sate that Hillary was she could have been convinced to do or think anything.

I have so much information I'd be delighted to share with the authorities. Jackie claimed to be a psychologist and stated she was one in front of three people on Lincoln Road. I could dig up the date and the location. Jackie is not licensed to practice psychology in the state of Florida. I have written correspondence from people who told my daughter to throw away the medicine that was prescribed by a psychiatrist. Jackie's mother was my daughter's psychic and she told my daughter if she returned home she would have a bad life. Jackie accompanied my daughter to Citibank and arranged for her to take out a $7,000 loan. Jackie advised my daughter to take money out of the bank the day she took the loan and give her $3,000 for a water cooler. We are still getting constant calls from the bank's collection agency to pay the $7,000 back. My credit card constantly shows my daughter is still calling psychics.

Our home used to be a hangout for our children's friends. Apparently my daughter did such a good job convincing friends that I raped her, that many of her friends want absolutely nothing to do with me. The same can be said of her ex-boyfriend who spent four or five weeks living with us for a summer. He was only supposed to spend two weeks but he felt very comfortable here, so he stayed longer. The reality was the young man was from a very wealthy divorced family and he did not have his own bedroom when he went home for the summer. He knew the kind of family we were and how our children were unusually close. My wife and I had been pleading with him that our daughter needed help and he did nothing to encourage our daughter to seek help. He continued to believe that I performed these horrible acts upon my daughter and I still have his vicious E-mail comments.

I have my own health issues as I am diagnosed with two fatal illnesses so for me to lose a year out of my life by losing my daughter for a year and more... now you can see why I despise these people so much.

My wife and I spent thousands of dollars on detectives trying to locate our daughter on two occassions. Our income suffered greatly but we promised our daughter's siblings we would never give up. Financially we suffered greatly, but when it is your own child, you have no choice. People told us to give up on her. Fights became so frequent in our families. There were actually discussions within my family as to whether or not I could have done the horrendous acts that Mohan did which Mohan said that I did. My wife's family stopped speaking to me and my wife has lost her relationship with her siblings. My daughter actually tried to file a report with the police when she ran away from home. She was accompanied by a man and when the police saw how mentally incompetent she was, the police called for an ambulance. My daughter managed to pull herself together and convinced the fire department to release her. We then had to file for a medical warrant for our daughter and then a second warrant. It is not easy to get these warrants. Imagine how we rejoiced each time we obtained a warrant to drag our daughter into court. We did find her through a detective and our daughter was eventually brought into a couthouse in handcuffs where my wife, another daughter and my mother had to plead to the court that our daughter be brought to a hospital for a medical examination. Our greatest joy was when the judge said our daughter needed to be medically evaluated. She eventually stayed in a hospital for about two weeks. Most of these hospitals pumped her with so many drugs that her head was never clear. Zyprexa, even though I'm not spelling it right added about 25 pounds to my daughter's figure. I'm sure she was thrilled abotu that!

I did some research about where my daughter stayed when she ran away from home. Supposedly she found herself in a home through her frined from South Beach. However, when you research this guy and check out his websites, he seems to be a cult himself. I'd be glad to give that name to the police as well.

Mohan, Jackie... I ask you Jackie's mother. How could you seek to destroy a family? To Jackie's mother, you have a child. How could you allow yourself to be any part of this? And you know what the worst part of this is, the suffering that my family still endures and the pain that our other chidren have endured because our daughter was brainwashed against our whole family, what about my daughter, what abou the pain and suffering she endured and continues to endure. Mohan, Jackie, Jackie's mother. you are equal in your viciousness to Al Queda, Hitler and every suicide bomber we read about every day. If any of you are ever tried I hope it will be in a state where the death penalty is an option.

And let me close by saying, I don't want to hear a tad of a reply where someone praises Mohan. And the saddest part about my post is that my wife and I recognize we are the lucky ones. We have our daughter.

Re: my family's life has been deatroyed by Mohan
Posted by: Ken Chan ()
Date: November 08, 2007 07:45AM


I'm really touched by your story, and am sure you'll be pleased to know that Mohan has now been
arrested in th UK.



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