George Geftakys part 2
Posted by: david mauldin ()
Date: June 25, 2002 03:38AM

As time went on I learned that I had less and less controle over the decisions in my life. During 1985 I decided to go to a college that was in a nearby city. To do this I would have to move. I told this to my roomate and he responded by saying, "Go talk about this with Tim Geftakys, he can give you some good advice" I agreed to go ask Tim for "advice" but I had this strange feeling that what I was really doing was asking Tim for permission to attend this college. My doubts were confirmed when Tim "Advised" me by saying "O.K. You can go but you will live with the saints and attend all the meetings in West L.A. I left with this meeting with the thought "Why am I being told what I can and can't do with my life?" Not long after this I learned in order to finish my education I needed to move out of state to complete an intership in the medical field. This would only be 6 weeks. I told this to my roommates and again I was directed to Tim Geftakys.

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