The flying monkeys of oz , finding peace after the deception
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 28, 2022 09:29AM

Do you remember the words dorthy of the wizard of oz story repeated " theres no place like home " to find she was never was in oz to begin with .only in her mind she was dreaming that she was wished away to the land down under . Small Town girl meets Australia boaty , both fall in love ,he sends for her hand in marriage and God brought them together let No man tear asunder ! The honey moon two people deep in love sharing the sea on a small boat were happy in love UNTILL ! they dared to trust others with their whole lives " Jesus warned us whoever is a friend to the world are enemies of God " but for a time we was one big happy family ! Untill one day 2 pastors one like Able the other Cain fought over who was going to have all the glory . Then the divide began and able started out just a few chairs on the lawn , sweet ,humble ,funny man of God Chosen to be a true shepherd . While Cain declared with fist toward God ! I will take everything that is mine and more ! Your friends ,your family,their children and grandchildren , " how dare you correct me ! I am like God ! You will bow to me he said ! The bitterness , unforgivness,hatred ,and non communication went like a wild fire out of control .it did not happen over night ... The coveting became rebellion ,the rebellion became greed and the greed turned to HATE ! Cain would hold hatred in his heart and eventually slew able !
Cain formed his own cult of personality " my way or the highway " and to hell who it hurts in the end .
And he did not have to preach but a tiny lie of the serpent seed " did God say ?"

JESUS said We shall reap what we sow maybe not on this Earth right away
But the fruit of this man of rebellion has now trickled down deep into the hearts of his own children
He's passing down the business
And refuses to admit he is a sinner and needs to Repent and turn back to Jesus and ask those he has tried to destroy ,their lives ,property ,and their friendship and family
Two Words I'm Sorry I was wrong
Please forgive me .

But this self entitled king of this world may be at the point of no return because of such a unrepentant heart :(
Jesus said if someone has aught against you go to that person and try to seek reconciliation first
True Christians will forgive 70x 7

But the problem with those who waller in sin and rebellion will Run and hide in the dark ,point the finger blaming others and making this false apostle and his son a ensample of
What Apostle Paul warned us in 2 Peter ... Those who love their money ,position on the pulpit , show no humiliation and will not be corrected by those who have been burned by them that are willing to Forgive their enemies ! They are the merchandisers that Jesus warned us about ,wandering stars in the blackness ,reserved for eternal seperation from God UNLESS THEY FORGIVE and make restitution for the sins ( coveting ) greed , and self righteous deeds they committed for following this False Shepherd that has bruised and blooded more sheep than a slaughter house ! But does dot realize the other party is willing to forgive even if they refuse to see their own errors .

God loves whom he corrects
If you love that money ,those houses ,and that game and high position of pride and narcissism you are headed for a fall ...
I have learned that closing my eyes to my surroundings I was in a dangerous N.A.R kingdom now cult
And headed for hell . But Jesus forgave me ,washed me white as snow I am back into the sheep fold of His Safety .. and No Man calling himself Apostolic gifted or blasophming God by stealing from the church members of rockhampton Queensland for His own personal pleasures and favorites is right with God ! He is falken from Grace ! Needs to repent and turn back to Jesus ! The change takes place in turning away from the sin ! Recognizing Jesus Christ Died for him and it's by Faith through Grace we are saved not by works ,crowns or deeds !

We now know that God loves a gracious giver , we gave our friendship ,time and hard work building our home to retire in .we only left because they had turned away from God to bow to a false shepherd taught by c.p.wagner , Jim Jones ,and William Branham

We had no choice but to start all over again from scratch
Unfortunately some Christians still want to say" take the plank out of our eyes ,before they remove their speck ?

Our home is not here in Queensland ,not even in America it's in heaven with Jesus Christ
Those living under the law of Moses
Are Dead to Jesus Christ!
Time to Come out of her my people!
Only by faith through Grace are we saved !

Our space gets smaller and smaller
My husband still labors in love to those who Use him for their personal gain after 39 years !
And we are not the only ones to say
John Alley is a False Prophet
So is his son David
They do not follow Jesus ,they follow the 7 mountain mandate of heresy
And need to Repent

Time will tell those who dare
Play with the flying monkeys
Of narcissistic pride and rebellion

Hope to see you in God's kingdom
Not made by human hands or their spoken words
But the Very Word of God Alone

Shalom. Peace be with you all
Jesus Christ is Lord of All

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