Arnold Fruchtenbaum Rabbi or a rebel ?
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: October 02, 2022 04:24AM

We are a small group that left this teaching recently due to the change in how Christians were told this is Christianty his teachings were told to evangilize the jews to jellousy ?

the problem lies in the Difference of Doctrine
Jews are not Gentiles and Gentiles are not Jews
so after being under this teaching we wives are noticing a huge change in our husbands as now instead of being their wives , we are treated as slaves , told to shut our mouths . are not alowed to be around our husbands only at night ?
there is hard work for our groups the woman work hard and the Christian men are treating their wives with verbal and physical abuse , they are making us change our eating habits to a "daniel diet or liquid diet , the leaders are seperating the woman into small study groups alone to learn chuck misslers teachings
but at the same time they are to learn Ariel Ministries teachings and very little bible .

we found out from outside sources that his teachiings are mostly judaic theology
and was involved in the "family type Chosen cult "
although they were in contact with a luthern minister
"the chosen people ministries in New York they are called
now our group is flled with pompas , arrogant men that pride themselves to verbally abuse and work us as their "cows " or dogs ?
they have changed from our husbands to this extreme leglist view of
"you will do what i say or else !
food is sometimes withheld till we get our chorse done
and little or no sleep with no days off
we are told "your are under our law and you will do what we say or we will
throw you out
some have been threatned and others have been openly mocked in front of the

we realize that hasedic jews have their own beliefs
but this type of behavior of Christian Women we feel is
getting out of hand

they control the money , spend it on what they want
we are not allowed to question where it goes
they control when we eat when we do not
and what we eat
they will not let us exercise . unless its early in the morning to where noone ca see us
they consider us to be scum now
and not their spouses

can you help on this information on Fructenbaum
and has others experienced this as well
is this man a rabbi ?

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