Looking for Cult Survivors in Ohio
Date: July 15, 2022 06:48AM

In the last 25 years me and my husband including his family and my family have been falsely led by these people called The Word of Faith movement prosperity preachers finally we have left the movement but the healing is not going to be overnight both of us are experiencing PTSD from past trauma of this heretical teaching it has divided my family we lost our house and now we must start all over. This is taken emotional toll on us as well as a spiritual toll financial and we are trying to connect with other people that have been in the word of faith movement cult like ourselves we are hoping to be able to connect with those in Ohio that have groups that we can attend people we can talk to and relate to. Talking and sharing is therapeutic and we should never stop talking about what has happened because when we stopped talking they win and we lose. Please if there's anybody out there that has been in Cults in Australia or in America please let us know if there are areas in Ohio that have groups where we can attend and get help so that we can heal thanks again for your support and allowing us to post on this channel. Rick Ross has been an inspiration and with his expertise and knowledge of cults and the characteristics of them and their leaders is people like him the help us escape from The Word of Faith movement.

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