John Kingsley Alley and the Summit conference deception
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: May 03, 2022 11:30PM

John Alley a self appointed apostle of God ? Or he says .. "where did I hear that before " David koresh was considered a sinful messiah , Jim Jones even said " I'm a little god " Alley is no different in his twisting of scriptures to lead his members up to the "summit " of Moses ? Which is down right BLASPHEMY ! John Alley is no Moses nor is he apostolic gifted to IMPART some power on the innocent ,rather than it's a way to clean you out of your hard earned money you personally worked and saved for !
This is nothing new with Him ! Now he thinks he's Messiah ? And wants the church to claim power over Queensland in some apostolic anointing ? His teaching is down right full of such greed that he makes up stories ,says God tells him to force the church members to play more and more for fund raising all the while he's dipped into the church offering to give some media moron from Texas a couple hundred thousand to show up in a fancy helicopter to show this tiny church in Rockhampton to make a million ? It's all a marketing technique called bait and switch , and guess who really paid for the media ? The members that were brainwashed into building the kingdom of heaven ? Oh it's a kingdom alright ! It's the kingdom of John Kingsley Alley ! And the Summit conferences are used to fill his greedy coffers so he can buy new cars and tractors ,even airplanes at your expense? Jesus warned you of such people that lead you away from the Truth . But don't take our word for it ,blind lead the blind they all fall in a ditch .

Maybe your house will be taken away like ours was?
Maybe you will lose your job of 38 years as a carpenter ?
Maybe it will take you losing everything John Kingsley demands and declares on his self proclaimed summit conferences ?
The worst thing is you could loose your own soul .

But I guess John Kingsley Alley and his ilk are one of the 12 apostles ? Jesus warned you cannot serve two masters , one you will serve the other you will deny !

So praying for a false prophet
Makes you part of the problem
Not a Christian .
John Alley is not Moses and
He is not Israel he has been deceiving and now imparting this to his son David ! My God people wake up this coukd be another branch davidian situation

Get out now please while you still have time .

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