When they say Peace and Safety soon cometh sudden destruction
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: April 05, 2022 09:37PM

On September 2021 we said goodbye to Queensland , packed 2bags a piece loaded up our beloved cattle dog ,shipped her to America first and a month later we landed on American soil. Did we leave because it was a vacation ? No did we leave because of family needing us in the States no... We left because we had found that 12 years later after building our home on what we thought would be neutral ground became a compound ! It did not start that way , we did not want to say goodbye to those we loved some we have known all our lives ,others attended our wedding .but cults do not form over night and we were witnessing right before our eyes our beloved once simple Christian based family being brainwashed by kingdom now and word of faith heresy .
We started to see subtle changes
1. Changes in eating and diet habits
2. Subtle isolation became severe isolation as It's self made messiah became more and more controlling of this tiny church
3. Our beloved friends and some family members started to distance themselves from us
4 first using the children to draw them deep in
And later we would notice they stopped talking to us ,only but to wave hi when passing bye .
5 their father was first to be separated from his basic work of plumbing ,to given a better job with 5 kids and responsibility it seemed like a great opportunity , but as the separation took place it left his beloved wife vulnerable and alone with 5 little ones and there is when John Alley would begin .
1 using guilt by association to persuade this beautiful family into what is now become nothing more than a religious cult .
2 John Alley taught them to call him " father John " sounds endearing to call someone father or brother ,as everything was fine untill you upset him and then you was called out to feel his wrath
He would then use fear and intimidation to keep them in line
And used this excuse " if you don't bless this church or pay your tithes or without what belongs to the church you are bad evil deceitful and you will never prosper ?
This went on for years right under our noses ,and many that left this church were too afraid to speak up
They feared they would be cursed by the almighty John Kingsley Alley ! Many we talked to shared their stories of the mental ,financial and spiritual abuse .

We did not know what to say or how to help them out of this mess
But history has a way of reminding you what can happen when allowing this man that was allowed to take blank checks and walk in the car show room and buy anything his coveting and greedy heart desired ,laying claim it was for church use ?

This story would end here if it was not directly then going to effect us , so like a bush fire out of control Alley's greed intensified ,and then one day we got a knock at our door . The house we built with our own two hands their property was now going to be mortgaged and they wanted us to let a realtor come in and take pictures ? I said are you kidding me , seemed like the friends you once knew and loved even were at your wedding would be now cohursed into you selling your home just so father John could build a bigger church called peace ? With a dove ????? on it . Funny I never seen anything in the Bible about greed ,coveting anothers home or lying cheating and stealing your way to the top . We worked hard to build our home , but as my Godly grandmother always said you keep your friends close and your enemies closer :/ the greed and lies caused our friendship to dissolve and Alley won this fight we left it all ,the home ,the farm our farm animals ,the orchard and the garden GONE ! Our hearts are broken but We Trust that God will make a way and we Walk by Faith not sight ,settling for just a tiny 30 ft trailer and thankful we have family and loved ones that took us in untill we can hopefully build again .

Do we hate John Alley no
We pray for him and his family
We loved them and we laughed with them ,cried with them ,even broke bread with them . But as the Good Book speaks .. you must sometimes make hard secessions when remembering past history ... Remember Jones town and David Koresh , and the branch davidians? We had to leave for our own safety who knows if this could turn out to be another Jones town in Queensland ? My Lord I pray ???? they will open their God given eyes and run away ,don't look back and pray for those who are still in a church called Peace ?

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