Help!! Graduate student looking to interview people who have escaped from a cult
Posted by: Sknipper ()
Date: May 30, 2020 12:38AM

I am a graduate student working on my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Upon graduation I would like to work helping people who have escaped from cults. To better understand the experience of people in this situation, I’m hoping to find some people who would answer a few questions for a project I’m working on.

1) Can you tell me a little about your childhood? Was your childhood spent as a member of the cult or outside of the cult?

2) What was the name of the cult and how did you join? Did you live communally or on your own outside of the group? Did your family also join the cult?

3) How did membership in the group affect your relationships with people inside and outside of the group?

4) What were your core beliefs when you were in the cult?

5) Were there any positive aspects of being in the cult?

6) What were the negative aspects of being in the cult?

7) Was there a single event that caused you to leave the group or was it a series of things? Did you have any help leaving?

8) What has life been like for you after leaving? What obstacles have you encountered since being outside of the cult?

9) Is there anything that would be helpful for a future therapist to know about your experience?

Thank you so much for you help! It is greatly appreciated!


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