Re: Obviously Not A "SIMPLE MONK" Rangdrol
Posted by: Rangdrol ()
Date: December 10, 2008 05:31AM

Obviously he is not a simple monk. Do not insult the intelligence of the many people he has violated. This man is a full grown man that coerced many young women/Teenagers into a whole scenario where he is someone he isn't in a world he created. Not a simple monk! Not a monk at all!

Hi Electrolyte,

Well, this is what I was complaining about. The line says "He". Who are we referring to when we say "He"?

Mohan is NOT a monk. And I readily admit that I believe he is a con artist, a scammer, and that he has systematically abused his power, his title, and that his actions appear to be the work of a seriously deficient individual, with mental health issues.

But again, "He" is NOT a monk. To say so is wrong, and confuses the point.

My complaint, again was that other attacks were made against a teacher that I personally know. In fact was once asked to work on that teacher's behalf. If someone makes an accusation, they have to be prepared to make it public and to prove it.

When someone says that the reason we cannot find information on that person means that he is "protected" it all starts sounding like the delusional thinking of someone with a serious mental health disability. No one in the Tibetan community would shelter this kind of person. The incidents I do know, verifiable but a long time practitioner, is that yes, he wove his way in and around in the western Buddhist community, and that he conned not just western students, but Tibetan teachers.

I do find it totally bizarre that there is no mention of him in the media, and of this supposed arrest. This was my biggest complaint. If someone says that they read an article, then where is it? I went all over the internet, and took four hours, and not ONCE could I verify those claims. Why would we just want to believe whatever anyone says, if we cannot find proof? I don't doubt that this man is guilty, but thousands still believe that Jim Morrison is still alive. I am the perennial Doubting Thomas: I want some proof.

I have been around long enough to know, for example, that their are abusers out there, and that there are victims. I was emotionally, spiritually, physically, and sexually abused as a kid. But venting and accusing everyone they came in contact with doesn't do them or anyone else any good.

I gave the person the benefit of the doubt but they when I couldnt find info on the web, I had to ask why? Believe anything and everthing anyone says is no different that giving everyone your power.

The fact is, I would assume, that some people have had very negative experiences with this man and for whatever reason, have not prosecuted him. People need to do that. The other thing is that Mohan worked the foothills of Dharamshala and the UK, and the US. What we need to do is help bring this guy to court. In order to do that we have to find links and a network so that people can share their info with the police.

No Valid Links Point to Mohan's Arrest, or Arrest of Michael Lyons
Posted by: Rangdrol ()
Date: December 10, 2008 06:34AM

After an exhaustive search on the web, I am still unable to find any real information re an arrest, much less that a warrant has been issued and that the FBI is involved. Unless people come forward and have this man arrested then all of this is just for what? It makes the claims seem spurious.

I did find a link where someone has made many attempts to create an issue.


and this person who has gone out of her way on MANY Buddhist sites to criticize Mohan. She has at least four different emails and personalities that I am aware of and I am sure if Mr. Ross made a serious attempt at looking at IP addresses, which I am sure he can do, he would find that this woman is posting all this information, and that a few others have joined in, so to speak, to blast Mohan.

I am not denying that these things happened. But I do not see that he has been arrested, or ever was. What I do see is someone making a strong attempt to attack people that I know who are perfectly fine individuals, and I dont take that lightly at all. Just because Garchen Rinpoche was seated on the same stage that Mohan Singh was seated on does not make him guilty by association. of course every wack job who has ever had a displeasure of meeting some Tibetan teacher, or whose crush was downplayed will come out screaming.

Given what I have seen I am signing off on this issue. It does no good to just rant and rave and then make false allegations claiming that the Tibetan community is harboring "hiding" Mohan in the USA. That is, unfortunately, a paranoid delusion.

For someone who claims she was abused, and again, I do not know that she was not, but she is using the same kind of tactics that her abuser used, spreading lies, trying to cover up her own behaviour, etc.

I involved myself in this issue because accusations were made against a couple people that i knew and respected—not Mohan, whom I have never met, and I knew those accusations against those people were not correct. To note this person never claims to have been abused or manipulated by Tibetan teachers, but by association, she seeks to do so.

As I mentioned before, I was sexually abused, physicall abused by the Catholic church, but I pursued them in court, and in therapy. I do not go on trying to discredit people who had nothing to do with the situation I was involved in.

No Valid Links Point to Mohan's Arrest, or Arrest of Michael Lyons
Posted by: Electrolyte ()
Date: December 10, 2008 07:05AM

Yea I guess he was way ahead of everyone... as far as being careful not having pics of him taken. The lack of information of him available via internet searches are scarce and it is unusual. I wonder if he is protected or something- an informant? anything? Perhaps he has people that discard any filtered info about him on the net. I don't know. I was just curious about what happened to that house in Miami and the girls that lived there and I heard through someone that Mohan had been arrested on like 20 counts of rape. I personally wasn't but I saw the signs of that.

When I came to rickross I found some familiar names from the past- people that actually were so infatuated with this man that they were calling me years ago on Mohan's behalf. Now I think they have seen too much or somehow unmasked the lie. These girls were aggressive too- for Mohan. One girl in particular she was the 'psychiatrist' of the group - I mean I believe she knew what was going on- she would watch and make sure the girls were complying - while a new comer was blind-sighted she saw it all.
Anyway sorry that that happened to you. You were too young to know but at least you prosecuted. Are you a lawyer?

Re: No Valid Links Point to Mohan's Arrest, or Arrest of Michael Lyons
Posted by: Rangdrol ()
Date: December 10, 2008 07:50AM

HI Electrolyte,

Again, I dont deny that this guy is questionable, but only because I heard of is interaction with a woman i know and respect, who I have known for many years.

Also, none in the Tibetan coummunity would deny that he is a questionable person. But I have to ask this, where is the information? I am not talking about pictures, but it is interesting that no one has any pictures of him. I know being a Tibetan practitioner that people always take pictures at teachings. This guy seems to just move around the country and becomes a different character everywhere he goes. If there are so many allegations, there has to be some litigation. The other thing is that we are always warned to be wary of teachers. This is drummed into us time and time and time again. I cannot understand what charmisma he yields to have this kind of power over people—over some people. We are first and foremost warned to be careful of teachers-and to take several years before we take a teacher! Still is someone took advantage of someone, they are responsible.

I am not a lawyer, I just don't like it when people make accusations and then all the links pointing to it start to look like rantings.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: nirmal ()
Date: December 11, 2008 06:38AM

Ok...i have to ask a few questions about this guy. he's definately cracked...but why would he go by the name mohan singh? he claims he's some tibetan lama or something but he takes a name that is not tibetan. mohan singh is a sikh name, though there are some hindus who have the name singh..usually in gujurat i think. im going to take a stab and guess that this guy is some crazy white guy...and either he needs a primer on religious names because he's jusr so screwed up, or there's some confusion....i really ope he doesn't think he's sikh.....that's a disrgace to my religion.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: Electrolyte ()
Date: December 12, 2008 02:02AM

Well he's a black guy. He says he's 30 yrs old but he looks at least 55. He kind of looks like the butler from Fresh Prince (the tv show) at least that's how I remember him looking but he wears like long ethnic type tunics. I don't know why there is no information (litigation) I think people just rant because once you start writing about something you find many ways to say it and people strive to make their point here especially on a topic so tied to peoples emotions where they are trying to find common understanding.

Maybe he has another name - a legal name- so we can't find his info. Maybe he was an informant or something where his tracks are covered. For all of the places where people knew him, he certainly didn't leave any sort of bread trail. Lets find this guy.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: stellar ()
Date: December 12, 2008 05:44AM

I have a picture of him. It was sent to me in an email by one of the girls. Am I allowed to post it?

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 12, 2008 05:48AM


You may post it if you wish.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: December 17, 2008 09:35AM

Mohan is definitely going on trial in September. I have confirmation from law enforcement in London. Officials from the FBI and Scotland Yard visited and witnesses in the US in September. His trial is set for March in London. He has to sign on with the police every day as a sexual perpetrator until the trial and is out of prison on bail. If he doesn't show up for court, he doesn't get his bail back - or whomever put up the bail doesn't get it back. You won't find this information anywhere on the web, because they don't want it to alter the trial's outcome, but it is definitely happening and hopefully he will remain in prison this time. He was in fact an ordained Tibetan Lama, not a monk. He has ties to Penor Rinpoce and the Dalai Lama, but people have protected him for over 15 years. He was arrested five years ago for the same thing, but was acquitted of the charges last time. He is a sociopathic sexual predator.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: Rangdrol ()
Date: December 19, 2008 10:43AM

Starfish wrote: He was in fact an ordained Tibetan Lama, not a monk.

I don't know why you keep putting this false information on the web. First of all the FBI doesn't investigate sexual crimes. Secondly, if there was an arrest there would be real evidence to that. There isn't only ramblings by someone who posts varied false information and links everywhere. To say this won't be on the internet because they don't want it to alter the trial's outcome is ridiculous.

Also, when you say he was not a monk, it is obvious you have no clue what a monk is, or a lama. An ordained person is a "monk". A lama is a title and refers to someone who has done a three-year retreat. In India, a lama can mean a monk.

Also, he has no ties to Penor Rinpoche or the Dalai Lama. To say that "people" have protected him implies that people in the Buddhist community have and that is plainly false. Like "monarchbutterfly" you seemed very intent on spreading rumours. Why don't you tell us what your real gripe is? When monarch (who never identified herself) said she was raped, she later said she saw other women being raped. Her story changes with every telling, as not doubt will yours.

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