Mohan Singh assaulted 300 women without a criminal record.
Posted by: minty ()
Date: March 22, 2008 02:30AM

...Since then, twenty women have come forward to the New York District Attorney’s office and others have made anonymous reports. Very recently in Miami two women came forward to the Miami police and made a report. Mr. Lyons is also being pursued by the FBI. In total, over 300 women have come forward. ...
Hello, women of the world! This is partially your own fault. 295 women could have been saved from rape and assault if the first 5 women had pressed charged when it happened to them, instead of waiting until now. It is important give criminals a record that will show up when a background criminal record search is done. Without that, they can go apply at schools as teachers, become a counsel for young women, and abuse positions of trust. Victims that were assaulted carry a heavy burden. Victims have the responsibility thrust upon them to help protect future victims.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: dora ()
Date: April 15, 2008 04:13AM

Fact: 95 percent of rapes are not reported to law enforcement.

"Rape is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Rape is about power, not sex. The blame of rape lies solely with the rapist. Sometimes a rapist will try to exert even more power by making the person who's been raped, feel like it was actually her fault. This is just another way for the rapist to take control. Most people who are raped know their rapist. That can lead the person who's been raped to try to protect the perpetrator." (Richard Kingsley, MD) Thus, the reason why so many rapes go unreported.

How can you be so naive and callous to attempt to blame the many innocent women who were tricked into believing Mohan's alleged spiritual connections were real?

Why would an honest compassionate man need so many alias: Michael Christopher, Dr. Mo, Mohan Singh, Jack, etc etc? If not to deceive, to evade the law and evade paying taxes. Unfortunately, these many women were totally unaware of his deceptive tactics and the magnitude of his evil to cause harm to so many unsuspecting women.

Thankfully, many have finally come forward resulting in Mohan's arrest and pending trial. Rape is a very emotionally complicated and violent experience especially when the abuse comes from a person you believe to be compassionate, spiritual and a man of faith. His criminal record is now known to all and he will be judged for his heinous crimes.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: April 17, 2008 02:05AM

Do you know when the trial is?

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: bob stance ()
Date: April 30, 2008 12:49AM

dora what is the way in which 7you found out about the arrest of mohan singh,....
1.were you there
2.did you hear it from a friend
3.Are you personally involved in leagl proceedings against Mohan singh or friends or personally connected with one of Mohan Singh Aka michael Lyons alleged victims

please would you comment?
it will be enlighteneing to know the story of how you actually came to know of the arrest of Mohan Singh Aka michael Lyons

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: April 30, 2008 02:34AM

"dora what is the way in which 7you found out about the arrest of mohan singh,.... "

Dora, I would be careful in how you answer this queston. "Bob Stance" may be on the level, but this could be an effort to get you to reveal your identity to Mohan supporters. There have already been some VICIOUS Mohan defenders in this thread, so be careful!

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: bob stance ()
Date: May 05, 2008 05:03PM

"dora what is the way in which 7you found out about the arrest of mohan singh,.... "

Dora, I would be careful in how you answer this queston. "Bob Stance" may be on the level, but this could be an effort to get you to reveal your identity to Mohan supporters. There have already been some VICIOUS Mohan defenders in this thread, so be careful!

Most if not all of Mohan's defender's control their female victims through conditioned fear response....the idea that something terrible will or is going to actually happen to you if you do not comply....similair to the way in which flashing lights on a law enforcement patrol car are used in a routine traffic stop.......
so I will explain for your benefit shakti
"Im a guru and I can save you...provided you let me sexually penetrate you by will or force or psycic trickery via sage n new age healing/back fixing hhmm nice the name of tibetan buddhism/osho....if you think of going to the police...why I'll drug you with roprinol....and sedatives...kidnap you..for days on end.steal your passport and credit crads drivers licences /power base so you cant esacpe...further emphasising your powelerless/expired usefellness...and then I'll have my female devotees bombard you with phonecalls .....insisting that your parents have trapped you...or "your a reptile and Mo's helping you cleanse your demons,look darling he raped you and its for your own the way give me all you money...or I'll slap you silly....choke you in front of other female raped slaves {goading on the guru and yelling encouragement/perverse sexual entertainment}"
so shakti I am sure that the rule of law and the forces of justice will keep this evil soul trapped,in a bind,and unable to further harm any more unsuspecting yourg women .....
as I read previously....he has been detained under the mental health act......
so this is an end to a thirty year long reign of rape,intimidation ,and frightening youg women out of their sex energy ,finances and wits......
I pray that the highest forces of light and justice will surely and severely punish this dreadful man for ther low vibration energy sucking vampire that he accuses others of but he himself most truly is.......
In the united kingdom the punishment of chemical castration is not used...but perhaps this would benefit this man......

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: May 06, 2008 07:57AM

Bob wrote:

"As I read previously....he has been detained under the mental health act......"

Hello Bob,

Has he been detained under a mental health act? Is he in an institution or jail? I read that he was out on probation until the trial. Do you have more information on his whereabouts now?

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: bob stance ()
Date: May 07, 2008 07:15PM

I read what dora had written....I wonder what the actual truth is starfish....where did you read that he was out on probation......probation is only given under british criminal law after the criminal trial has ended and the verdict of guilty or not guilty has been ascertained.....being "out on probation"...means being given an alternate punishment to custodial sentencing as in time in jail/gaol.....and probation sentencing is also given as an add on after a specified period of imprisonment has expired.....specifically so that the perp or defendant can be adequately supervised......
but according to Dora the trial is not until later this if she is correct...and considering the serious nature of these alleged offences...because until the guilty or not guilty verdict has been reached...they are just that...alleged..!
so until such time as pre trial hearings take place....if it is true that this person has been arrested and taken into custody as Dora claims...and as yet there is or we do not have any definitive proof of this.....then under the british legal system this ,man would not be out on probation....he might well however be out on what is known as "bail"......where being the defendant or perpetrator agrees to the tune of i.e. $ 30,000 that he will return to court on such and such a date ,failing to appear will incur the amount specified....So starfish i do not actually know....for definite if what Dora is saying is true...we can only wait and see...once again where did you read that he is out on probation...please would you care to specify that?

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: June 12, 2008 01:15PM

Bob and Dora,

Mohan is definitely going on trial in September. I have confirmation from law enforcement in London.

Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: bob stance ()
Date: June 20, 2008 05:24PM

I just bumped into one of mohan's former devotees .....,just twenty minutes ago
"I cant believe you're saying that,he's such a kind sweet and gentle man".....and for that person that experience holds true according to the window of her perception.......I noticed that the foremer disciple said to me "relax you look tense" response was "it is not your buisiness to tell me how to feel,and if I feel not relaxed then I should have that freedom"..........this is a typical mohan/slash mohan follower trick to enrgetically target the aura of the other instantly belittling them ...telling them they are at fault...and slowly by surely ...away at thier dignity....what they do at the subconious level or psycic level is to get enrgetic hooks into the aura of thatt them the feeling that they are at deep karmic fault...and the only way is for them to be "fixed by the guru"
And I do understand that the law enforcement officials monitoring this site would possibly call that "conditioned fear response"
so the only way is to "be fixed by the guru"........
...just so long as young female pretty... the added bonus being with lots of cash .
And does that mean with an intrusive and unwelcome penis or middle index finger "Juss relax Im helping you with your demons"

.I worked and do work with some very powerful shamans...and what they have indeed that to feel anger is perfectly ok....and until we can feel things in totality...then we cannot even have a taste of what personal soul freedom means....the dsicussion with the former disciple....i said that i belived and had found that all gurus and religion is just an ancient method of midn that lets say you are a dsiciple of this guru....then you only have partial freedom ....we have never not been free...and the argument of all new age and old age guru's is "well thats why you need a guru".......but anyway in keeping with what is actually true and factual.....this man is in prison accpording to what um posters here claim...that being ...might add a little truism of mine own...which i doth shared the former blind devotee...."look I can understand what you are saying that it would be an incredulous claim...if it were that only one person /woman had made rape and or sexual assault allegations.. that would be a co-incidence bearing in mind a co-incidence happens just once..but the fact is that this has happened again and again and again over a period spanning twenty to thirty years......that means that this is not a coincidence,as it hasd happened more than once" shoul have seen her face drop.......that seemed to make her think a touch or a little more deeply......
Its funny how over the years most of this mans devotees are pretty young females...whose parents are almost always "toxic"....."demonic".....or "demons".........
So from a tibetan buddhist perspective could argue that these young women caused this by thier own bad karma ,because of what high buddhist lama told me that "people collectively create causal karma,cause and effect" or to put it more clrealy for wetsren minds "theres no smoke without fire" and that might well be true but fortunately for future no existent victims of this man what remains clear that in the eyes of british and american criminal law ,is that rape and sexual assault do so happen to be criminal offences......noty to be slighly ignored and brushed under the carpet so to speak....may the highest forces of justice prevail.....amen

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