Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: paquita ()
Date: April 07, 2006 08:26AM

Looking for information and support from former group members of Mohan Singh. He has following in UK and US. He is an abusive leader who sexually abuses his all female members and lives off funds provided to him by his members. He uses the guise of being a spiritual healer with powers he received from Osho. He uses the same story with all his "victims". He claims that they need to be healed from within, to disregard any materialistic possessions and to abandon all ties with family members.

[Moderator note: Michael Lyons aka "Mohan Singh" was jailed for 10 years July 25, 2010 in the United Kingdom after being convicted of raping one woman and assaulting another. According to press reports it is believed that dozens more women around the world may have been raped by the purported "cult leader." See [] ]

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: ddd ()
Date: April 12, 2006 06:33AM

I would be interested in furthering this discussion.

Mohan Singh
Posted by: paquita ()
Date: May 07, 2006 02:38PM

Mohan Singh/Michael Lions falsely claims to be a spiritual healer. He uses mind manipulation on young women for his own financial and sexual gratification. He is dangerous. He ruptures family units. He sexually abuses, claims to be the modern day Jesus, and robes you of your dignity, money and sense of self worth. There is no compassion or true spirituality in his deceptive techniques. Its only a matter of time before his follows vacate his control. Eventually they leave when it starts to get tiresome having to financially support his extravagent lifestyle at great expense to his vulnerable followers, often leaving them in great financial debt.

Mohan Singh
Posted by: icare ()
Date: October 09, 2006 08:31PM

I am curious paquita. Were you a former student of this man? I have seen a few threads about this man but to be honest they sound like they are all coming from a place of bitterness. I can't see anyone gullible or naive enough that would sit by and be abused sexually and financially. Lots of people are searching for something in their lives and maybe this man has some answers for his students.

Mohan Singh
Posted by: ex Mohan ()
Date: November 19, 2006 11:52PM

I am curious icare. You sound like a present student of mohan? If you want to hear nice positive things about mohan then I suggest you go to one of his dinners. If you come to a cult recovery forum then of course you will come across "bitterness" as this is what comes when you realise that you have been duped into wasting your life on mohans whims. People who get sucked into groups like mohans are far from being "gullible or naive" in fact quite the opposite, mohan is a cunning manipulator and uses techniques unbeknown to his students which allows him to abuse them sexually and financially. Its true, lots of people are searching for something in life which is the very thing that mohan uses to trap people, but the only answers you will find following him will be of abuse and a waste of human life. Please do yourself a favour and do some serious research on mind control and abusive leaders maybe then your questions will be answered. Best of luck to you.

Mohan Singh
Posted by: icare ()
Date: November 20, 2006 06:16AM

I am no member of his group nor would I ever follow anyone persons whims. You in fact sound like you are a member or former member. Mind control only works on those who let it. There is nothing mystical about it, it is just psychology. I also stick to what I am saying because it all sounds like heresay. I have researched this man and been in touch woth a few people who have nothing but stories. I am partial and without some kind of proof to these allegations it remains heresay..

Mohan Singh
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 20, 2006 10:45AM


You seem to be here as an apologist.

Coercive persuasion is done without the knowledge or the knowing consent of the individual.

See []

Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: November 20, 2006 11:52PM

I now have a list of about 20 people in the New York Metro area, mostly women who have either been raped by Mohan or abused in some way. If you would like to be included or willng to talk about your experience, please keep in touch. One young man saw him in NYC as soon as three months ago, which means that this sociopath is still on the loose.

My family wants to approach the New York District Attorney to file a complaint with this group of people, so that he is identified at least in New York and Miami. I know he has violently threatened people in Miami and is very dangerous. The women around him are dangerous as well and brainwashed into thinking that it is okay for them to be witnesses to rape. Please read the attached from another victim of his.

Feel free to contact me to discuss or if you know of any other women that want to talk, please have them contact me as well.

Please read this anonymous account, it details exactly what "Dr. Mohan" does to his victims.

July 2005

To whom it may concern;

I reside in Long Island NY. I have a Masters Degree.
•On May 2003 I met the Guru named Dr. Mohan who claimed to be associated with Dalai Lama in his office in New York. He was introduced to me by my cousin who knew him through another friend but never met him.
•He gave me some good advice regarding this energy and how I can connect with my inner peace through meditation. He suggested also that I would stop giving Reiki energy to people.
•He also cracked my back and did some sort of prayers with some sages that he smoked around my face.
•I followed the advice for two years. Then for the past few months, during the meditation, I was experiencing that my hands are vibrating and going to the top of my head. Then as they are up, I feel the energy is coming through my head and neck to my body.
•I also experience some out of body experience.
•I felt such inner peace and joy beyond description. I wanted to share it with him so I contacted Dr. Mohan around July 14th 2005.
•Over the phone he told me that these are all good experiences and that my third eye needs to be open and he can help me. He asked me to come and visit him in London so he could take me to some Lama’s that are familiar with this. He offered to pay for my ticket and I did not accept. He told me that they have place for me to stay and it is all planned. He was coming from Hong Kong and he will meet with me on Sunday July 17th.
•I contacted one of his associates in Miami named Jackie. She was arranging certain things for me. To the last minute when I asked her where I am residing in London, she did not give me any information. I asked her who it going to pick me up? She told me that this does not matter and that they can find me. She gave me the name and the phone number of the girl who was supposed to pick me up. Her name was Nadin. I called her and she gave me the address of the place that I will be residing.
•A few hours later Jackie called and gave me a different address that I will be residing.
•I was a little suspicious. I told her at the last minute before I take the plane that I would rather stay in the Hotel. At last she gave me the address of the place and I gave it to my family.
•I arrived in London July 16th 2005. Nadin picked me up from the airport. She told me that the apartment that she was planning to pick me up was occupied by Lama’s so she will take me to a hotel. She wanted me to pay for it and at the end of 4 days of my staying, they will reimburse me. I resided at Ibis hotel in London.

•On Sunday night, Nadin called me and said that I was invited to dinner. Someone will come and pick me up. A girl called Clare picked me up and dropped me at this house.
•We waited for at least 21/2 hours for Dr. Mohan to show up.
•There were about 15-20 people. Only three men and the rest all young girls.
•We gathered in a circle and we ate. Then he approached different girls. Here are some incidents.
•He raise one girls up and said” You are a reptile Jew. You Jewish people thing that you are better than others. You are blood suckers. You sucked the blood of everyone.” I saw her face turned red. Then she sat like a person who has no will and brain. Utterly brainwashed and no feeling.
•Then he raised the second girl and said “You Russian with blue eyes and blond hair you think that you are better than anyone else. You and your sexual fantasy.”
•Then he approached another girl and said that “You are fucked. Your mind is fucking with you”.
•I was just observing very concisely with no judgment yet seeing that something is not quite right.
•He approached me and said that “You are a control freak. You need to give up the control. You are so attached and proud of your culture that you are coming from.”
•Then he would call the girls to come it the middle and he was touching them in the neck and in the back and cracking their back. The touch did not look appropriate to me. It was not clean and it was disrespectful not only to them but also to me.
•Then Nadin came and sat next to me and said “I think you and Mohan met to get together. He told me that he knows you from the past life!!!!!”
•At around 3:30 AM, all of a sudden one of the guys in there told me that we need to go. I said, were we are going? He said do not ask anything just get your shoes and we are going.
•I got my shoes and walked out and Mohan said “You are coming in my car”. I said where are we going? He said, I will tell you later. I went along. In the car he opened the windows and wind was coming in and he was driving so fast. I asked again where we are going. He said you are going to this apartment to stay. Hotel is not a good place for you.
•We went in front of the apartment. He opened the main entrance. He asked me to follow him. There were no lights. He went downstairs and kept calling me to follow him. I told him that this does not feel right for me. I would like to go back to the Hotel. He said, I told you to come downstairs. I said it is too dark here. Then he said “Open your third eye”. That moment I notice he was tricking me. The third eye is for inner vision and outer. I opened the door and walked out. That Guy who came with another car told me” go inside and shut up.You are waking the neighbors. These neighbors are already complained about us.”
I was outside and felt nauseous. Mohan came out and told the guy to take me to his car. I refused to go to his car. I walked and he kept following me. He kept telling me that “this is a holly place and if I turned away from it is because I have some devilish and darkness inside of me. You need to go back.” At that time I started to pray and asked god to help me. There were not that many cars in the road. All of the sudden at an intersection, I saw a taxi and jumped in it and asked the drive to take me back to the hotel. I told him the story, and he offered to take me to the police station. I refused and wanted to go back to the hotel. The driver told me that his shift was not started till another half hour. Today he decided to start ½ hour earlier. We both found this to be a miracle. God saved me from the hands of this Evil.
•I came to the hotel and went to the reception and start explaining what happened to me. As we were speaking, Dr. Mohan called the hotel and asking about me. The receptionist told him that I checked out. The name of receptionist is Enayat Eslam. He also offered that we go to the police however, I just told him to change my room and check for the next flight back home and he did it for me. I was shaking and in tears. I could not even go to my room alone. I asked him to send someone with me to the room to pack. He was kind enough to do so. When I came to the room, they were calling me over and over and I did not answer. I listened to the messages. It was Nadin talking and I could also hear Mohan in the background that was talking and asking her to repeat. That this is my ego and my fear. I need to go back to him and so on….
•Around 5 Am, I contacted Enayat and said whether or not there is any availability, I will go to the airport and try to leave as a stand by. He arranges the taxi for me and I thanked him and got the information of his boss to send an acknowledgment letter for him. Which I did as soon as I arrived in U.S.
•I told this story to the taxi driver on the way to airport and he started crying. He was very touched since I was so scared and hurt.
•I finally took to first flight back home. When I got back home, I received some more voice mail messages from Jackie and also some e-mails that she was threatening me that when I turned back from Buda, it will come back to me thousand times. And that I am an idiot. I have archived her e-mail and voice mail for future references.
•After a few days of reflection, I contacted my cousin the one who introduced Mohan to me two years ago.
•When I met Mohan two years ago, I told my cousin that he was helpful to me so she decided to go and visit him in London. She told me the similar story regarding having the late dinner and the way he was talking to the girls etc. The difference was that when everyone left, since she was residing in that place and had no place to go, he approached her and had sexual intercourse with her. She told me that during the few days she was there he did not help her regarding her spiritual needs at all. So she decided to leave.
•My cousin was very depressed when she went to him and trusted that he could help. Unfortunately, not only he did not help her, but also took advantage of her. He tricked her and somehow she went along with him. She told me that she did this willingly, however she thought that this is part of the process!!! Only later she found out that this was a trap and she learned a lesson not to trust people any more.
•Although I left there safe and sound since I trusted my inner wisdom, I feel responsible for the girls who are still in his trap and also for the future desperate woman who might fall in his hands.
•In my culture, we save our body and soul for only one man that we choose in our life. We are extremely loyal, dedicated and authentic in our relationship. The marriage is extremely sacred and nobody can get in between the married couple like this. I honestly don’t know what would I do and how could I lived with myself if this incident would have happened and I would went along with Dr. Mohan.
•I would like to report Dr. Mohan and his practice in London, so that his Superiors know how he is taking advantage of some holly facilities in London for his own personal desires in the name of spiritual enlightenments.
•I truly hope that they look into it thoroughly and seriously since this practice is dangerous for the humanity.

Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: November 21, 2006 10:53PM

Hello Paquita,

If you are truely done with this sociopath and want to join a group of very well informed people in New York City who want to make a group report and have Mohan identified in the press, so that he can't hurt people anymore, please email me. No one is afraid of death threats or curses.


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Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: November 21, 2006 10:56PM


What Paquita is saying is absolutely true.

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