The Pathwork / Core Energetics
Date: November 20, 2017 12:02PM

Re: The Pathwork/ Core Energetic (founders John and Eva Pierrakos)

John Pierrakos claims to have studied under William Reich

I am a researcher so please forgive me if this is an inappropriate forum for these types of questions (Mods please delete if necessary).

I am attempting to reach people who have first hand knowledge/ concerns related specifically to these groups and their sexual activity/ boundary violations and how it affects the children of the adults involved. I am aware that there are many stories of patients who have become sexually involved with their "therapist" or other patients/ practitioners of these groups. I am trying to find out if anyone has knowledge of child molestation/ incest/ pedophilia related to these groups, members or if the sexuality of children and sexual experimentation directly related to children is encouraged or practiced within the "protected confines" of the groups/ sessions?

I have found certain practitioners of these groups who are very "proud" of the association with William Reich and how he and his philosophy have heavily influenced the "therapeutic model" for Core/ Pathwork. (they are in fact a mirror image of William Reich's practices), which caused him to be virtually run out of town on many occasions, disavowed by Freud and Einstein - but in William Reich's own books and diaries, he speaks often of his own childhood sexual experiences, the inappropriate relationship with his mother, (as does John Pierrakos), the sexuality of other children and how the "power of the orgasm" is the very life force that one should seek to discover. Obviously as it relates to minors, that is a horrific idea. I am researching these groups and the associates that remain today, and have not yet found a "smoking gun" if you will, related to pedophilia but there are many phrases and symbols throughout some of their websites that concern me greatly, but I need confirmation. I cannot and will not just "go on a hunch".

I would assure absolute confidentiality and concern for traumatic past events (I myself have also suffered decades of abuse, of which I am still recovering). I disclose that only to say that I understand and appreciate the need for tact, care, patience and discretion. I do not seek to disclose personal details of those in this forum, but only as a means to corroborate my own findings. I am researching a very specific current practitioner of Core Energetics, so I have no intention of disclosing, in any way, the experiences or knowledge of members of this forum.

You can reach me directly thru the messaging in this forum or privately at

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