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Re: A few resources I have found
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: March 08, 2018 01:21PM

WOW! Exellent. You really pulled this together on one page. Thank you

"The Narcissistic Family by Pressman and Pressman. Slim and readable, describes in family systems how a family unconsciously seeks to preserve its image of itself at expense of honesty and children's normal development."

I have recently begung to suspect this in some similar form. I ahve a theory, peronal note: the walk contemporaries of my own adult children are having a very hard time and don't know why. Well, I have harmed my 2 oldest kids in some way because the damage done to me. Not to mention my late ex husband's role. I have to take responcibility for my choices as a mother in the walk.

I did not realize how my emotional disheaval was harming my children. I wasa inweardly fighting the dysfunctional patterns I had asorbed just by being there at intercessions.
( Again, I have to take my own responcibility. Can't do anything about my late ex husband's part in the wak. I wish I knew how to fix it for one of alcolholic child.)

I would love to engage in more discussion on this and points in your post. I know it is old, but worth reviving for more to read.

Many thanks.

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