Scientology tears apart families
Posted by: ex-thetan ()
Date: September 28, 2005 08:55AM

I just want to tell you all what has happened to my family as a result of scientolgy and it's wacko rules. my sister has recently dis-owned my mother and anyone connected to her because the church of scientology told her to. I have grown up with my parents being scientologists. my sister joined staff about 13 years ago or so, and has been pretty fanantical about it ever since. my mother had recently started to search for information concerning the corruptness going on in "the church" because she didn't like the way she was being handled. She joined a website which is basically a group of scientologists who are sick of how it is being ran. She expressed her views on this site, some which were negative about scientology. Come to find out Scientology has a little spy network called "OSA" they found out my mother was getting on this site and was communicating with a "declared" scientologist. Declared means you are basically banned from the Church of Scientology and cannot have anything to do with it or it's members and vice -versa. Well they have declared my mom from the church of scientology because she was on this other website. Since my sister is still on staff they told her she can no longer have anything to do with her mother or anyone connected to her. Which basically means her whole entire family. my sister is making it very difficult for us to see her daughter. I guess if we see her daughter we are contaminating her or some b.s. I think any religion that would tell you to dis-own your whole family over freedom of speech should be outlawed! This makes me so angry. My sister is so brainwashed it's pathetic. Scientology is only concerned about covering their ass from lawsuits and making as much money as they can.

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Scientology tears apart families
Posted by: i_was_one ()
Date: October 16, 2005 12:39AM

Hi ex-thetan,

I hope your sister will eventually come around and leave the movement. And yes, the Church will ask people to disconnect from family, if that is what they think it might take to get someone to remain on staff or, if a public scientologist, if that is what it takes to keep them in the fold, so that they will continue forking over the money from time to time for auditing, training, etc. No telling how many people have been dried up financially by this cult.

I am glad I got out of it fifteen years ago. I, like so many others, spent a significant amount of money (tens of thousands of dollars) for spiritual improvement.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this forum. I think there is a lot of help here if one continues to post from time to time.



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Scientology tears apart families
Posted by: Maggie ()
Date: December 18, 2005 12:42PM

So sorry, ex-thetan. I see the Scientology building here in Hollywood and the 'free personality tests' they hawk on the street-- the unassuming tourists they reel-in, being curious because of the celebs. And all the desperate wanna-bes here who just want to belong. L.A. is just a hotbed of 'potentials', it's sad

Luckily I do not know or love anyone in this horrid cult -- and I've been schooling my daughter on what these types of organizations are about and how to avoid them.

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