Cultic persuasion and under-age children
Posted by: bonnie ()
Date: July 31, 2005 05:07AM

I have a question;

Is it legal for cults to force their attentions on minor children if the legal guardians of those children have asked them not to?
Is it legal for Any Adult to force his attention on a child when the legal guardian of the child has asked them not to.
Is there a legal remedy for this in the event that cult members cannot be reasoned with?
What can a parent do to prevent another adult from stealing their child away from them, emotionally, if not physically?
Is it necessary to be able to prove that the adults in question are members of a religious cult? Is it necessary to prove that the said cult is a harmful one?
How much power does a cult member really have, legally speaking, to steal the affections of someone else's minor child?
I think that any cult or cult follower that would follow this practice of attempting to separate a child from their family of origin is an abomination and evil in the extreme.
I cannot think of another practice that is less spiritual, more disgusting, or that could possibly invoke my ire to a greater degree.
If anyone ever tried to do this to my child, I would stop at Absolutely Nothing to prevent them from getting their hands on my child.
I would stop at nothing!
If there is a cult follower out there who is attempting to steal someone's child in order to indoctrinate them into their cult, I would think very long and hard before I did so. Not only do you risk incurring the wrath of an outraged parent, you make yourself and the cult to which you are attached look very, very, very bad. And you bring a whole lot of publicity of an extremely negative variety to your cult and it's leader.
If you have no shame, at least have some common sense. Let this one go, "guruji". In Amerika, at least, a parent can still protect their child.

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Cultic persuasion and under-age children
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: August 28, 2005 11:09AM

Hi Bonnie,

A typical way children seem to get involved in cults is when one of the parents gets involved. This sometimes follows in divorce. The cultic parent then introduces the child to the cult during access rights.

Also, when both parents are in a cult, what do you do for the child's sake?

The thread below illustrates this case and it also includes other threads on the area of children in cults - some is specific to Landmark Education.


I like to keep all the threads on children in cults together for easy reference.

I don't have an answer to your legal questions but depending on what country you live in, a visit to your local member of parliament may be able to help if you have a specific case in mind.


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Cultic persuasion and under-age children
Posted by: bonnie ()
Date: August 28, 2005 04:09PM

I'm just thankful that I don't have a kid involved in a cult; (got one involved in more mainstream insanity, though, and I can't do jack about that, either.)
I'm sure that the legal guardians of the child we have been referring to will be grateful for any info, as they are obviously worried for the safety of their child. I have no info that will help to alleviate their fears, but then again, I have no info that will add to them either.

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Cultic persuasion and under-age children
Posted by: Toni ()
Date: August 28, 2005 11:17PM

Bonnie: I know of divorce agreements that specifically restrict the cultmember parent from bringing the children to cult-related activitites.

IMHO, the children will receive cult influence regardless just because of the cult-head parent's belief system and behaviors.

I think the best protection is for the non-cult parent to gradually teach the children to think for themselves, and have strong internalized values. Ultimately, the children will have to define their own inner relationship with each of their parents. It's not easy.

Oz: An entire family... what to do? sigh. Remain their friend, help the head of household think for him/herself more? Recovering any one person in the family means fracturing the family and isolating the one non-cult person from his/her family. It's painful whichever way you go.

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