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Another Suicide at Landmark
Posted by: ULTAWARE ()
Date: April 27, 2005 09:18AM


When my e...x (man, it still is tough to put ex & wife (of 20 yrs) together)
wife was LEC-ing, it was, along with all the pain, grief, frustration, anger, love, disjointedness (awesome English eh?), AND vengence (sp?) what later became clearer was the her flutter (Decision to Forum-ize herself), [I realize that she did not relly decide herself], affected so many family members, in so many negative ways....

I really sense that this is a description of the process EST/LEC/New Age concepts ripple out to the non-ticket payers a.k.a. "the jungle out there" .....These butterfly -attractors/abusers are the real predators of our species today (along with marketers/bankers/car dealers/large US corps/purveyors of consumerism....whatever works on the lab rats...'just convince them (old days) no let's "help" them convince themselves that this is what they want..Does this sound like a LGAT (cult without walls) and cult game-plan?

Jimi Hendrix lyrics may have been the awareness call in his "All along the Watchtower"
(;-[ )

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