Matrix Energetics and Dr. Richard Bartlett
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Date: August 28, 2010 09:14PM

I have a friend who is interested in attending a conference in Atlanta offered by Matrix Energetics, founded by Dr. Richard Bartlett and co-taught by Dr. Mark Tillman. I'm helping her research this, because she hopes to avoid the LGAT fruit loop. I've read some of the material available online and it sounds like their "science" gets strange pretty within a sentence or two. Much of their work seems to be done in Europe.

There's not much here about it, a brief mention in '08 that goes nowhere in the forums. Can anyone help me?

Re: Matrix Energetics and Dr. Richard Bartlett
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 30, 2010 12:01AM


Much of their work seems to be done in Europe.

If one has to go to Europe to attend one of their events consider this:

It is much easier to create a wrap around milieu controlled situation if you're persuaded to do a workshop in a foreign country vs in your own home town where you can bug out when you want, or call a friend to come and get you out of there.

1) It costs substantial money to take such a trip. You have to take time off from work, so it may mean lost income. You may have to deal with misgivings from friends and family.

So, you're already set up to convince yourself that by spending that kind of money on a plane ticket, the event has to be worthwhile. Read up on how cognitive dissonance works. The more expensive in time effort and money a commitment is, the more people are likely to remain convinced it was worthwhile and to ignore any clear evidence to the contrary.

2) Jet lag. You're disoriented and all the more vulnerable in relation to oddball stuff in a program

3) Cultural and language barrier. You're in a foreign country, far from home and increasingly dependent on those who arrange the trip and workshop for you. YOu look to them for guidance.

4) Its harder to leave if you are far from home and dont like what is happening. At least if you dislike a workshop taking place at a hotel in your area, you know how to get out of there, and how to get home.

5) Does the workshop put you all in the same hotel and have you supervised? Its even harder to get up and get out.

Re: Matrix Energetics and Dr. Richard Bartlett
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 30, 2010 12:10AM

Looked at the website and yep, a couple of the events listed were in Germany.

Emphasizes he is Dr Richard Bartlett, but he is not listed as having an MD or Ph.D in health care, or a credential identifying him as a licensed psychotherapist. His bio states he was a doctor of chiropractics and later got a Naturopathic Doctor degree at Bastyr.

an advertisement/endorsement from The Secret Lady is on the website.



Richard Bartlett is an invaluable gift to this world. He is one of the few people on the planet who are breaking the boundaries of what we have imagined to be possible for humankind.”~ Rhonda Byrne, executive producer of The SecretRichard Bartlett with Rhonda Byrne creator of "The Secret" book & DVDOrder "The Secret" Here!>


Richard decided to attend chiropractic school after meeting Dr. Jacque Rowe, an inspiring and unique chiropractor. Dr. Bartlett attended Parker Chiropractic College graduating in 1987. While in school, his second child was born with bronchitis, asthma, and he would get pneumonia every third week of his life.

Deciding that he would have to find the answer himself, he started a self study path , eventually learning and practicing over 30 technique systems. In the course of his studies, Dr. Bartlett learned TBM as taught by Dr. Victor Frank , chiropractor. His son responded to this system and was healed.

After graduating Parker in 1987 Richard moved to Montana where he maintained a busy practice until 1996. Desiring to expand his practice scope in order to better be able to better serve his patient base, and the increasingly complex clinical cases he was seeing, Dr. Bartlett decided to attend Naturopathic school. His degree in Naturopathic medicine was completed in December of 2000.

“In 1996 my life took a new and surprising turn. While attending Bastyr University of Naturopathic medicine, and working full time in my day job as a chiropractor, I experienced a life changing event which redirected the entire course of my clinical experience. Call it a mystical occurrence, spiritual vision, outright hallucination, or as Dr. Jim Parker called it, the experience of being ' naturally right', suddenly the act of lightly touching a patient with focused intent created dramatic, often startling changes. Bones would realign themselves, chronic pain patterns would disappear often with only one brief session, scoliosis curvatures would re align right before my eyes.”

“As time went on this phenomenon seemed to grow stronger, sometimes each week revealing new and marvelous outcomes. Chronic conditions began to change even though they were often not even a conscious focus for the treatment. In addition people began to report that their emotional states, belief patterns, their very lives were mysteriously being transformed. Better yet these changes appeared to continue over time. My practice, always emotionally satisfying, became a profound ,and deeply moving day to day experience.”

“The biggest surprise was yet to come. Much to my astonishment I was able to teach my practice partner Dr. Dunn how to duplicate my results proving this ability was not just some special gift, but rather a readily teachable system that in a weekend seminar could be learned ,and the results duplicated by professional and lay person alike. I have been teaching seminars since 1992 and the feedback from participants is even better than I hoped for. Chiropractors frequently tell me how the simple procedures taught in this seminar have super charged their techniques.”

This entirely new paradigm utilizes the principles and science of Subtle Energy, and Quantum physics, coupled with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical verifiable effects that often defy rational explanation. Miracles happen every day, Matrix Energetics provides a technology and scientific framework to allow for their every day occurrence.



Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of TransformationIn 1997, Dr. Richard Bartlett experienced a shift in perception that would redirect the course of his entire life.

These spontaneous awakenings are not unique.

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