Do they still "quack" at PSI-7?
Posted by: PSI_exPatriot ()
Date: June 18, 2010 09:20AM

I read some of the stories, so I thought I would add in mine.

It starts in 1994.

My mother had passed away, and my boyfriend at the time was going through the final division of property with his ex-wife. Needless to say, life was very gritty.

A close friend of his had just completed MLS, and told him about the Basic. At the time the cost was about $350 or so. It was a reasonable enough price for any class. He had paid more for other more useless classes, and it had a money back guarantee.

He finished the Basic. His reaction was so different than others. He didn't ask me to go. In fact, he kind of acted a little protective. As if PSI was a new clique that was exclusively his. He took to me a few events, and left me with people trying to part me from my money. (A very tricky task. I like my money where it is. I have a hard time being frivolous.) I left those events (wallet closely guarded) and never got any pressure from him about joining up.

A few months later, he dropped $2500 on PSI-7. He was going through a lot, so I thought, if it helps you feel better then go do whatever you have to do. When he returned he looked exhausted, elated, and had a gold-painted pile of crap in his luggage. He shouted "I'm EXCITED!" to the airport and other people shouted back, someone came up to him and quacked like a duck. He laughed and quacked right back. "You wouldn't understand unless you went through it." On the way home he told me that he did things he never thought he would do, his buddy is going to be his friend for life, etc. Then he told me that he wasn't supposed to make any major life decisions for 4 to 6 months after the seminar, but that he thought it over on the plane and decided to talk to his ex-wife about getting back together. Call me crazy, but that stinks of a major life decision.

The reunion with his ex did not go as he had planned. She wanted her husband back, she didn't want to date him all over again. That wasn't working for him. Something was wrong. This isn't how it was supposed to work. He kept asking me if I could tell he was a better person now. Well, you dumped me to get back with your!

He joined PLD. If he didn't get at least one person to join he was going to get kicked out of PLD. I loved him. I was dealing with my mother's loss, and my sister had just had her first baby, and the love of my life went back to his ex-wife. I thought maybe it would make him fall in love with me, so I signed up.

I took the Basic in October of 1994. As the weekend wore on, I heard stories, cried (to be honest I cried because they were playing Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror.") What really stood out for me, was how little of the seminars teachings were practiced by my boyfriend. I felt great. I really wanted to go to PSI-7, and you are offered a discount if you sign up for it at the Basic. However, I have a REALLY hard time parting with money. So I asked the main speaker if I could get an extension on the deal. He told me that since I was using one of the key tools they had taught, he was willing to give me a break.

My boyfriend ended up spending the night locked in the PSI office - PLD rush. I didn't understand that until later.

The next day I pulled off a request to my boss. It was the most uncomfortable thing I'd ever done. I wrote up a proposal and a payment plan, and asked for the $2500 to take the seminar. It was well-written, and he gave me the money. I went to my boyfriend BEAMING! He was shocked that I'd gotten the money a day after I had made my deal with PSI. I even got my boss to go to my Basic graduation. My boyfriend wasn't happy about it at all. He was feeling territorial and didn't like that I was using what I learned so quickly, when it seemed like nothing was working for him at all. I told my sister about the basic, but she didn't have that kind of money. I had a hard enough time parting with my own money. I bought a set of audio tapes and gave them to her. I told her it was a great seminar, but for that price... I just couldn't.

I went to PSI-7 in July 1995. I was paired up with my exact opposite for a partner. I can't remember her name, but I found the pictures they take at the ranch. I got the message. I wrote in my journal. I really enjoyed the mornings. I liked the quiet before everyone woke up. I think that is forever imprinted on my memory. I still wake up that early. I hate heights. I hated that guy that was hanging people out over the cliff. I'm supposed to trust him. What's his name? Never got that anyway. When I see leaps of faith and bungee jumping on reality shows I think there must be something to it because so many people have revelations. I resolved that I can't put my life in the hands of strangers who want to dangle me off the side of cliff by a rope. I know this about myself, and I can live with that.

I remember clearly being told that I should not make any major life decisions when I return home. My memory of it is slightly vague, but I think there was something written on paper about it. Like a contract with yourself. Anyway, they were specific about it. My mind was awash with all the dumb things my boyfriend had done right out of the gate from PSI-7. Everything was starting to be totally clear. At the end of the seminar, it came time to pay up for WLS, and pay for my gold-painted pile of crap. I was asked what I thought my crap was worth. I said "zero." They gave it to me for free. They told us they had never done that before for a seminar, but they liked our group. My boyfriend had paid $300 for his! I wonder how many times they did that before. When I sat down to talk about WLS, I was still not cured of my obsessive need to cling to my money. I could NOT ask my boss again. I would have to come up with something else. So they told me about PLD. 90-day goal setting workshop, that maybe I could figure out then how to pay for it. Good enough. PLD was only $150 at the time. I could afford that easy.

I felt great coming home. No complaints, I didn't feel like I needed to quit my job. I couldn't even fathom that thought because I owed my wonderful supportive boss $2500! So if anything, I would ignore everyone in favor of making sure he got his money's worth. Because I had worked out the payments to be fairly small (no interest) it didn't hurt my paycheck as much. I looked at my relationship with new vigor, he picked me up at the airport and quacked at me, I was on top of the world. Unfortunately, "giver's gain" was in full swing at my boyfriend's house when I returned. He decided that if his marriage didn't work it was because he wasn't ready for it to work. So he should date a lot more people. Since I understood now, I should be supportive of him wanting to find his true love. And that it's possible to have more than one soul mate at a time.

I went back and staffed a Basic. I found that my perspective had changed. My boyfriend didn't play by the rules, he was "out of integrity." I did the Basic exit meeting for a girl who was so timid and meek. She was almost 30, but she was wearing braces and acted like a little girl. She even dressed like a little girl. She had 4 children and her marriage was in jeopardy. Her husband had gotten her to take the course. I wondered if I looked like that when I started. I felt pretty good that I wouldn't be in her position ever. But it began to seem like the more baggage you carried in, the more you got out of the seminar. The director made a big deal out of telling everyone about my method for getting the money to pay for PSI-7. There were lots of oohs and ahhs, I was on top of the world. I was still so soft-spoken, PSI-7 hadn't corrected that either. No one could believe I had done something so risky.

In September of 1995, I began PLD. At the time, you did not have to be a PSI-7 grad to take PLD. I believe now you do. A lot of people were taking PLD in lieu of taking PSI-7. They were advertising it as teaching the same principles in a longer length of time. PSI-7 must be easy after PLD. PLD was not easy after PSI-7. PSI-7 is like a love-in. PLD is like jury duty. You're all friendly until deliberations, and then you want to kill eachother to get out. I still had one unresolved issue. How to ask someone to go to the basic. There was a woman in my group who paid for over 30 people to take the basic. Giver's gain. She was certain they would pay her back, but she wasn't expecting them to. She knew she would be rewarded in another way. She eventually went to work for PSI. I managed to find one person who was a friend of a co-worker. She was okay with the price. I don't know if she ever went on to anything more after that. One person was enough to keep me in. Our team didn't lose anyone. Everyone eventually found someone to take the basic. Every time my wayward boyfriend called, I was busy with some PSI thing. He wanted me to have outside interests.

By this time, he was soured on the PSI experience. He refused to go on to MLS. I didn't try to recruit him, because for the first time, I had a goal that didn't include him. PLD did some local refurbishing projects for run-down apartments. I learned a lot about carpentry. I met this guy who was gorgeous, and friendly. As it turns out he's divorced, and his ex-wife had gone through the course as well.(It seems she had jumped the gun and filed for divorce after PSI-7). She had already been to WLS, she was working for PSI now and she was being really tough on him. I went on a date with him, because he was hot and I was mostly single. I felt a little bad, but I had put up with a lot. My boyfriend had begun seeing someone else on the side. I went out to a concert with him. Not a country music fan, but willing to give it a try. He told me over dinner that his ex was crazy. PSI had made her mean and she was stalking him, and badgering him to go on to MLS. He said he can't just leave their 4 kids and go off to the mountains!!! (4 kids?? Ex works in the PSI office??? 4 kids!) His ex was the meek little girl I had seen at the Basic!!!!! Holy CRAP! When he told me what she was doing, I thought dating him might be a severe conflict of interests, not to mention extremely I backed off. And I kissed that stunningly gorgeous thing goodbye. Looking back, leaving was definitely the right move, but I wish I had slept with him. ^^

Our PLD team was awesome! We had a record number of basic enrollments and even Jane Willhite acknowledged us. We never had to spend a night locked in the office. (I still laugh when I get phone calls from the poor souls locked up.) I made cold calls to old graduates of the LS's and found a similar pattern. Most LS grads weren't really interested in opening that door again. On the last night of PLD. I told my goal to the director who had helped me out many times before. "I want PSI to help me go to WLS." He did. He arranged a loan from a company and I was approved. Crappy credit and all. I had my $3500, and a decent (no interest) repayment option. I had done it again. I used the tools and had success. I staffed another basic and met up with some of the guys that went to MLS. They had all kinds of secrets, and showed off an impressive sized solid gold ring that they got at the end of MLS.

In July 1996, just before I went to WLS, the women from my town went to a coffee for another PLD team to help out. I met a woman there who had gone to WLS. She told me a story of a plastic necklace that the women received at the end of WLS. While the men were given a gold ring, women got a plastic necklace. She added, maybe they won't be cheap for your class though.

My boyfriend did not take me to the airport this time. He was busy with something/someone else, so my PLD buddy who had introduced me to Mr. Fabulous with the crazy ex and four kids dropped me and few others off.

The first thing you learn at WLS. You might not get anything out of this course right away, but you will have revelations for years to come. I learned that spiders like me...A LOT! I ended up with so many spider bites, I was grateful for the photo retouching at the end of the seminar. My room-mates were 3 very shy Japanese girls who didn't speak English. One of them translated our declaration of WLS'ness into Japanese. I don't know if they remember the crazy American who rambled endlessly at them in English, but I remember them fondly for their kindness, and their willingness to pretend they were listening. In the years to come, I would learn to speak Japanese.

The second thing you learn is that the volunteers are there to exact revenge for their horrible seminar experiences. They casually placed your life in jeopardy. My tent slid down a muddy hill into a river. A girl on the hill above me had snakes. A girl further away was placed on a cliff side in the dark. She was unaware that she could have fallen off the cliff until she woke up the next day. I spent the night watching 10 million mosquitos trying to get me through the mesh top of the my tent. I had no time for quiet reflection. I was more concerned with staying alive.

At the end of the seminar, I received...the necklace. At the time, there were no more seminars to attend. I had gone as far as I could go with PSI. There was nothing more to buy, except for attending the acknowledgement ceremony where the members of my PLD team were to get a snazzy trophy and group picture. One of my WLS sisters found out that the "necklace" was indeed plastic. We were outraged. We made angry phone calls and wrote angry letters to Jane Willhite. We were told the following: "It became necessary to cut the budget in certain areas of our Leadership classes. It came down to a choice between the MLS ring or the WLS necklace. We chose to keep the ring, because MLS was the original seminar. " We were told that our seminar price was reduced by $100 for the loss of our necklace. My response was swift. I would rather have received nothing, than to be told by a Women's Leadership Seminar that yes, I am indeed a second class citizen. I did not need to pay $3500 to hear that, but $3500 certainly drove the point home. My goal now was to hand back my cheap necklace directly to Jane Willhite. When I was told that the acknowledgement ceremony was going to cost an extra $150 to attend, and that the trophy I earned from PLD was an extra $30. I decided to take my vengeance and keep my wallet closed.

As it turned out, there was a hefty boycott of this event. A good portion of the instructors at the various seminars ended up leaving and making their own version of PSI that did not include the selling of the basic by it's attendees. Their version included a PLD, but not like the one I'd been through. I'm not sure if they are still around, but I know Tim O'Kelley went on to his own seminar. Nothing was the same after that. Once in a while some WLS alumni would get together, but the gatherings became less and less and the attendance became slim. I heard the girl with the 4 kids, left PSI during the exodus. I dropped my necklace in an envelope and sent it to Jane Willhite with a nice letter that simply says, "I choose out."

For me, the seminars were a chance to sort things out. I would love to go to the ranch again just to hang around. Up at 5am before the rest of the world, is something I enjoy every morning. I can still remember every detail about that place. I could probably walk it blindfolded and still find my dinner without a compass. ;) Of course there were bad things, and I am grateful for my protectiveness of wallet. I think the experience was better for me because I was so hesitant to buy what I couldn't afford. I found other ways.

The following year my wayward boyfriend would leave for the last time. We had grown so far away from eachother there was no point continuing. I claimed the cats, and began my life anew. I had two little responsibilities with bunny faces that loved that I woke up at 5am. They still love it, even in our old age. My old job eventually left as well, a victim of the shrinking economy. On my last day there, my boss gave me a check for $2500 and told me good luck. I think the figure was just a coincidence...but you never know. I think I'm different in a lot of ways, but I can't say if I would have been the same over time, or if it is directly related to PSI. But I can't put a price tag on peace of mind. I did find in later years that I am able to part with my money more freely (16 year old) and I rarely ever miss it (what's the point in worrying?)

I think that the heyday of PSI came to an end back then. I wonder if PSI realizes how "out of integrity" they are now, or if they even care about people anymore. I found my old WLS pictures, and looked up PSI, because I wasn't even sure they were still around. I had heard stories from people I thought were worse off than me, but I wonder what they got out of it. The woman that paid for all those people to go, what did she get from her experience? Back then there wasn't a facebook to keep in touch, and a lot of their names I don't remember. I wonder what happened to the girl and her 4 kids, and is her ex still hot? ^^ I recently looked up my wayward boyfriend...he's still wayward. I posted to his facebook, all I wrote was "quack!" ^^

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Re: Do they still "quack" at PSI-7?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 19, 2010 10:47PM

Thanks for having the courage to tell your story. It appears the effects of PSI are very long term. I wish you well.

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Re: Do they still "quack" at PSI-7?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: September 21, 2010 09:12AM

You can't make this shit up. Get a load of this PSI Idiot!!!!!!

Submitted by Theresa J. Thur... on Tue, 08/31/2010 - 19:23
I have had people emailing me about wanting to be paranormal writers and asking me where they can join my organization.
If one desires to Google me they should do so under TJ Thurmond Morris and not just Theresa Morris or TJ Morris ACIR although there are various names I have used not realizing that Google would not place them all on the same page or pages for my readers and fans to find me. I choose to be remembered as a Christian Mystic although as everyone knows history is fleeting and not known while living but is created after one is dead and gone from this realm of existence.
Therefore as a "Starving Artist who has to pay their dues," I have decided to share in the future some lessons of writing and how to share my organization as people are inquiring.

This is a beginning phase of a new paradigm and the movement will be called the Aquarian Age Ascension Center of Enlightenment. I did not choose the name ASCENSION CENTER but it was chosen for me by those above that some would consider the Holy Trinity as the DIVINE POWER. That would be GOD, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT!

Now, with that said, I shall offer a bit of history of how I became one of the first in a long line of what is now called paranormal writers and more particularly one of the Creators of the ET/UFO Community writers as we call it ET/UFO JOURNALISM 101.
Because the world is changing and we are entering what is now called the globalization phase or the "GLOBAL COMMUNITY", we are aware of the raise in the Holistic Alternative Health and Medicine fields. Also, there is over $30 Billion dollars reported this year and is gaining interest while the other fields in the product and service industry are in decline or in recession!

Therefore, I shall try to assist all those who desire me too as a GUIDE and TEACHER. I am going to assist those who want to share my path in the ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT. I was chosen to be an ET/UFO CONTACTEE and I do share what I can when I can with others in my writing.
This has come to the attention of other would be writers who desire to join me in my QUEST for THE INNER LIGHT and the book which I have began a series of TITLEs for is ASCENSION AGE 2012 & BEYOND, Spirituality & Philosophy for Whole LIfe Living - A Better Future. ISBN #

This book is the beginning in a series of which I started writing while I was reading my own columns on UFO Digest.
I saw how my own life was connected to the all spiritually and philosophically. I was changing and becoming a better writer with Dirk Vander Ploeg offering some guidance as to have my husband read my articles with me before I sent them in and to please use a spell check. I learned a lot from Dirk and will be glad to share in the future with him with completing some writing training for others. Although I had been an investigator reporter and private investigator in college, I was trained later as a Government Investigator and writing reports a certain way for them. This did not leave room for any creative thinking or writing. I did not learn much about writing but learned more about the people, place, and things I was investigating.
This is not the same thing as being what I call a "REAL WRITER" much less one that is called a PARANORMAL WRITER. So, I began a new path and quest to raise my own awareness of what Dirk wanted to present on UFO Digest. Still there was a learning curve as to what information he wanted me to share and how. This is how I learned that I was not so much like all the other people who were reporting on his website and others who were into the UFO Community of collecting photos and making videos. This that I wanted to do was working more with words and their relationship to other people.

I realized I was more about sharing my thoughts on the future of how the world could be with what I knew was introduced to me in HAWAII as the ASCENSION CENTER. Then I realized that this goes back much further than my 7 years in Hawaii and my creation of the PSYCHIC NETWORK and the book I had written there called ASCENSION ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS. This was more than the Psychic Awakening Classes that I taught others.
This was the "BIG AHA" moment of where I could blend my spirit and passion with a spark of talent that had been dormant in me but guided by those above whether they be the GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or their Demi Gods, Angels, Guides, or Metatron himself from the Akashic Field. This was more than the Theory of Everything. This was about the future of which I was to be a part as a Spiritual Mystic Writer. I could use my prior channeling, psychic, remote viewer energy and talents to include them in the working world as an Author/Entrepreneur.
This could offer me an outlet for all that energy and money and I mean thousands, $5,000 USD on one SEMINAR to be exact that I attended in PSI Seminars in Long Beach, California at the Hilton in 1993. Then I went to the PSI ranch. This was back in the day when we were learning about Werner Erhard, EST, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and I wasn't into that. Those guys in the rooms learning EST sounded like they were in misery, while we in PSI were doing self examinations in an agreeable atmosphere. I CHOSE PSI over EST.

I chose Wayne Dyer, Zig Zigler , Deepak Chopra and was already involved as an event planner for many Whole Earth and ECO Expos all over including various cities in the US and Canada. I went to Dallas, Chicago, and New York and participated in these conventions that were very green and environmentally wholesome. I liked the people and the products back then. But, one thing that was not present was the ET/UFO community. It was only represented with the bunch who believed in Blavatsky and certain other books. SO, it was Book Authors who were on the fringe of what I already knew to be the truth.
It was a time when Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin were mentioned secretly at these conventions but no one would claim a hall or row for those who were of the ET/UFO Community. We were all together except on that one topic, I knew the spirit in the future would have to change. Sure, there had been Shirley Mac Laine www.shirleymaclaine.comi, with Out On A Limb, [] and I watched it on television with my four daughters from military housing in Great Lakes, IL in 1987. I also watched the Whitley Strieber television show called Communion, [] with my girls who did not care for it at all. At that time, we had all been involved with ETs and UFOS and they were not frightening but enlightening. We did not understand why this movie portrayed a different experience.

I decided then to share some of my stories with others who had exhibits at these conventions and see what came back. There were some Gnostics who were serving whole food and they began to talk to me at my booth a few booths down. They represented a way of being and the SUFIS joined them. I didn't really want to be in the religious part of thiswhole life movement.

There were two men that came up to me and embarrassed me while I was eating with the Sufis. One said, "Hey, I know you. I saw you! You were in Las Vegas at the airport." Then the man with him said, "That's her. She's the one I was telling you about. The tall blonde that works underground at Area 51." I was so embarrassed and told them they didn't know what they were talking about. I had been outed and knew then that I must find a way to make this acceptable before this whole thing got out of hand. I soon learned that the extraterrestrials agreed with me and heard my thoughts and prayers but that is a long story better left for a later time....

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Re: Do they still "quack" at PSI-7?
Posted by: Jeri442 ()
Date: June 04, 2011 08:44AM

haha yes they do.

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