Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: June 02, 2007 11:33PM

Dear Ghost Dancer,

I am glad to hear that your wife seems more open to considering that she has been affected negatively by the group. That's progress.

I don't know whether it was like this for other people but I wanted to let you know that for my husband it doesn't seem to be like there is a breakthrough moment when the light goes on. It's more like the cracks in the system appear, followed by a desperate attempt to make the system work. For him, it appears the way out is gradual, incremental and uneven. I really freaked out when I thought he was out and then he went back in and that didn't help.

This is hard on me because it is hard to relax. I'll just think I'm with the man I married again when he will slip back into Mr. Robot mode, speaking in thought terminating cliches.

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Ghost Dancer ()
Date: June 08, 2007 10:44AM

Question Lady,
I must say this has been a strange week for me. My wife seems to seesaw from one emotion to another. Her PSI buddies are continuously calling her and talking to her to come back to the "fold." At times she seems to understand what they did to her and at others she believes her "friends" wouldn't do anything to hurt her. At first she was good with the idea of going to a counselor but her "friends" are telling her that if she can convince me to attend the basic this could save our marriage. I had to ask her how our marriage was in trouble and she slipped back into this "you don't support me" mode. Sometimes I think I'm the one going crazy.

Hope things work out for you. You will be in my prays.

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: John Clarke ()
Date: June 12, 2007 08:42AM


Now you explain to me how a smart, intelligent, rational woman comes back from “the ranch” with her PSI bible and her CD’s, other then an elimination of her rational ability, and a deconstruction of her mind? Tell me: is it rational for a person to pay $3600.00 dollars for a nine day “Leadership School” at the end of PSI7, unless they were under the influence of some sort of mind control?

She brought home pictures of climbing phone poles, climbing walls, walking thought the woods; blindfolded, standing on the edge of a cliff and staring into the eyes of the male members of the group by candlelight, and tell me that is not a cult. Remember your buddies were holding the ropes? This is used to build the team. Remember the barn dance, dressing in sexy clothes picked out by you “PSI Buddy” and making a fool of yourself? Remember wearing a bathing suit in situations designed to make you “uncomfortable?” Throwing the “BULLSHIT” on the wall? Remember that? Tell me this is rational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can’t tell me, or anyone else, what you did during the basic. I for one don’t care. Keep it a secret.

Samuel I saw this post (dated July, 2006?). You were right on the mark with the PSI bible and the CD's. My sister returned from one of these seminars and is constantly playing the CD's. And she has turned her life upside down. I posted on the thread called legal action?

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: June 12, 2007 08:52AM

Thanks for the prayers Ghost Dancer. I can sure use them

Dealing with the "you don't support me" issue is tricky. On the one hand, of course we support our spouses and all that makes them happy and healthy, but we don't support their involvement in [i:d459f485fa]this[/i:d459f485fa]. (the destructive program)

I'm not sure to handle this. Any advice from the veterans?

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Ghost Dancer ()
Date: June 12, 2007 12:22PM

In all the reading I have done on this, there is no set answer. You either confront the person who's involved and risk losing them, or you take your time, let them see this for what it is for themselves and risk losing them.

I must admit that I am at my wits end with my wife. If she doesn't wake up soon I fear she is going to lose more than her mind. My daughters are getting tired of the moods swings she is going through. They come home now and immediately go to their rooms to stay away from her. You just can't tell which way she is heading from one minute to the next. This is just so bizarre.

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: June 12, 2007 12:48PM

I wonder, do they ever really see it for what it is? My sister thinks she's out of the lgat but she definitely does not see it for what it is. I can understand how someone perhaps would never see it for what it is if nothing too disruptive happened in their lives afterwards. But, if things get turned upside down and/or the person who recruited you, who is your sibling, who you used to think had some valuable ideas and thoughts and who is now giving you information about lgats and you fail to [i:8957a8c53b]consider[/i:8957a8c53b] that the lgat is not what it appeared, that's disturbing to me. When I tell her things I have learned about lgats all she does is defend defend defend the lgat. Yet, she tells me that she is OUT of it. But the lgat is not out of her. I don't know how to deal with any of it. And the whole thing still infuriates me.

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Ghost Dancer ()
Date: June 13, 2007 09:14AM


I have the same problem with my wife. She tells me she's not involved anymore but it seems that she is still under the influence. She is acting suspicious all the time it's making me wonder what she is up too. She is telling me she is not calling her PSI buddies anymore but when I check the telephone she has called them, therefore she is lying to me about her involvement.

I asked her yesterday what she was doing about finding a job and she told me she is looking. She even told me that she has been posting her resume on line and nothing is coming up. I checked the computer and caught her in another lie. I am about at my wits end. [b:f64db02d86]SHE WAS NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE PSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/b:f64db02d86] and I am so afraid what this is going to do to my family if I tell her enough is enough....

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Ghost Dancer ()
Date: June 13, 2007 11:44AM

Ok, I gather a list of senators in Arizona. I think if we get together and email them and complain about PSI and other large groups awareness training programs maybe we can close them down.

Arizona Senate

Name Dis E-mail Phone (602) Fax (602)

Bennett 01 926-5584 926-3429
Hale 02 926-4323 417-3160
Gould 03 926-4138 417-3165
Harper 04 926-4178 417-3154
Flake 05 926-5219 417-3223
Martin 06 926-5284 417-3163
Waring 07 926-4916 417-3150
Allen 08 926-4480
Burns 09 926-5993 417-3225
Gray 10 926-3376 417-3253
Leff 11 926-4486 417-3170
Blendu 12 926-5955 417-3168
Miranda 13 926-5911 417-3171
Brotherton 14 926-4485 926-3429
Cheuvront 15 926-5325 417-3149
Aguirre 16 926-3830 417-3145
Mitchell 17 926-4124 417-3164
Johnson 18 926-3160 417-3151
Jarrett 19 926-5288 417-3161
Huppenthal 20 926-5261 417-3157
Tibshraeny 21 926-4481 417-3152
Verschoor 22 926-4136 417-3222
Rios 23 926-5685 417-3167
Cannell 24 926-4139 417-3156
Arzberger 25 926-4321 417-3146
Hellon 26 926-4326 417-3159
Garcia 27 926-4171
Aboud 28 926-5262 417-3166
Soltero 29 926-5342 417-3169
Bee 30 926-5683 417-3147

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Nason.x ()
Date: June 21, 2007 09:32AM

Well it happened... I came home from work on Monday and found my wife had moved out. I called her and she told me that she was more interested in the benefit of PSI. I asked her that what was and she couldn't explain it.

This has been such a nightmare.

Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 24, 2007 02:56AM

Yet another example of how PSI destroys families. This is more or less the same thing my wife said when she left. "I can't explain it to you."

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