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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: December 15, 2003 07:05AM

What i have learned, and am still learning, is that these LGAT seminar leaders play to people weaknesses.
Some people have Narcissistic, Grandiouse, and Vain tendencies. Some people also have Obsessive traits, and an extreme desire to ACHIEVE to be Recognized, etc. They want to be RICH and SUCCESSFUL and be a BIG SHOT.
These are the folks these Seminar leaders often get a hold of.

They sell to the GREED and VANITY crowd.

Have a look at these personality disorder traits, and compare them with what you know about Tony Robbins, and even what he has said about himself.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

I cannot change Tony Robbins, or any of these other Seminar Guru's out there.

All i can do is try to heal myself, so they can't get to me!
All i can try to do, is to heal my own vulerabilities in my own personality.


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 27, 2004 07:21AM


This is an exquisite example of the power of persuasion.
Above is a thread from the Robbins website, about Robbins birthday next week, i guess.
The thread was started by one of Robbins own moderators. He started the thread, as its part of their Social Influence strategy.

Robbins seems to want to make his fans LOVE him. He wants to be their "Best Friend". Not just "like" him, but to literally LOVE him, and worship him like a celebrity, or even more than that.

Some folks look up to him like a Godman.

He seems to be able to make total STRANGERS LOVE him, from just listening to him on tape.
They love him so much, some would spend their last penny to be close to him.

Its a brilliant business strategy. Get your customers to love giving you their money.

I find it fascinating, yet its also very sad.
I bet a lot of "Group Leaders" look at what Robbins has done very carefully.
It really does blow my mind, how people seem to "worship" him.
Its very disturbing to me.


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 28, 2004 07:03AM

Here is an audio interview with Robbins and this Robert Young guy.

From what i know, Robert Young was a FORMER partner of Robbins, who Robbins was in some type of partnership with, then I guess they "broke up" and Robbins came out with his own line of related "health products", and his own brand of "Greens".

Here is a bunch of anti-scientific ideas, which are then linked to an entire SERIES of products.
Who will buy these products?
People who are sick, with false hopes of miracle cures?

To me its just a babble of psedoscientific nonsense that has zero scientific validity.

Robbins is also moving into the "alternative health" field as well, and this field is worth countless millions.

Well, I guess there is a sucker born every minute, as they say.


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 13, 2004 02:16PM

The FTC has moved against one of the people recommended by Tony Robbins in his "Greens" business. Alejandro Guerrero (a.k.a. Alex Guerrero). (A "Dr" of Chinese Medicine).

Robbins recommends Alex Guerrero, and also says "Alex is the closest thing to a genius I have seen" in his current program called "Get The Edge".

What a relief. These guys are finally feeling the arm of the law.
Its good the FTC acted against them.

Robbins also sells his own "Greens" product.

Preliminary injunction bans "Supreme Greens" infomercial.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has won a preliminary injunction
[] against Donald
Barrett, Direct Marketing Concepts, Inc. (DMC) and ITV Direct, Inc.
(ITV), as part of the FTC's case alleging that defendants deceptively
marketed their dietary supplement product, Supreme Greens with MSM. A
U.S. District Court judge found that the FTC has demonstrated that
Barrett, DMC, and ITV likely made numerous false and unsubstantiated
claims in an infomercial promoting the product and probably made
unauthorized charges to consumers' credit or debit cards. The
preliminary injunction, which prohibits the challenged disease claims
and any asset dissipation, will remain in effect pending the outcome
of a trial on the FTC's allegations. [FTC obtains preliminary
injunction against marketers of bogus cancer-cure "Supreme Greens."
FTC news release, July 1, 2004]
[] Last month the FTC charged
that Barrett, DMC, ITV, and their business partners had deceptively
marketed Supreme Greens through a widely aired infomercial, claiming
that the product can cure, treat, or prevent cancer, diabetes,
arthritis, and heart disease. [Marketers of "Supreme Greens" and
"Coral Calcium Daily" come under fire from the FTC. FTC news release,
June 3, 2004] [] The preliminary
injunction prohibits these claims. Five additional defendants --
Healthy Solutions, LLC and Health Solutions, Inc., and their
principals Alejandro Guerrero (a.k.a. Alex Guerrero), Michael Howell,
and Greg Geremesz -- have signed stipulated preliminary injunctions.
In April, the FDA sent a warning letter to ITV.

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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: kittypaw ()
Date: July 19, 2004 07:42AM


(Below is an excerpt from a post describing ONE of Robbins MANY DIFFERENT Sales techniques.)

Yes, there is very powerful persuasion going on underneath the surface with Tony and the sales people at his seminar. Here is a little of my story:
So I am in the hallway / lobby area and up comes "Jason" (I cant remember his name, so this is made up). Jason asks me some personal questions and "engages" me. I thought he was really cool, and he lets me know that he is on Tony's MUST team. (I know now that the MUST team is actually a very well trained sales team) I am impressed that he is on this team because he was really young, and was inspired by the fact that he was traveling around the world with Tony and the rest of the team.

He then asks me about Hawaii. (This was Life Mastery which was taking place next month in September) I told him that I really did not want to go, because of the money, but was considering going when my money situation was better off.
What Jason did next was unsuspecting and brilliant at the same time. I did not learn about what he did until a year later when I worked for an Anthony Robbins and Associates franchise and took the Power to Influence seminar.

Jason asked me what was most important to me in life. A very deep question, and one I had to think about. I told him that helping people was very important to me. I told him that learning and growing was very important. A relationship etc... He then asked me what I would do anything to move away from (i.e. pain).
For me, I would move away from embarrassment, lonliness etc..

What Jason had just done, was get my values. Both moving toward values and moving away. While he was doing this, I have to admit that I thought he was coaching me and helping me, which I loved.

Next, he dug and found some pain in my life. He found out that I absolutely hated my job. I wanted to surround myself with new people becasue I was not growing, etc...

Now, armed with this very powerful information, Jason brought up Mastery University again. He is what the conversation looked like:

Jason: You know Jerry, I know you do not want to go to Mastery next month, and you dont have to...Let me ask you a question. If by going to Mastery, you could ultimately help people the way that you want, learn and grow in the way that you really want, get that girlfriend that you really want, would you consider going?

Jerry: (totally hooked on what he was saying, and unbeleivably excited...he just repeated back EXACTLY what I told him that I wanted...THUS ANCHORING MY HIGHEST VALUES IN LIFE to MASTERY UNIVERSITY) Hell yeah!, but I cant really afford it.

Jason: Jerry, I know you cant afford it right now. Let me know this, if money were not an option RIGHT NOW, would you go?

Jerry: Yes, I definately would. But I dont have the money, and have some major problems with money.

Jason: You know, you could take care of those problems at Wealth Mastery.

Jerry: (Really wanting to solve my problem) I can?

Jason: Yes! At Wealth Mastery you will learn........(goes on and pitches W Mastery and anchors that as a solution to my financial problems)

At this point I was seeing Mastery University as THE solution to all of my problems. The one thing that was holing me back even at this point was still the money. I wanted it taken care of. And I did not think that by going to Life Mastery in Hawaii (the next month) was even near the solution for that. Jason catches on to this and...

Jason: You know Jerry, at Life Mastery, Tony has a day where he teaches you about wealth.

Jerry: He does? Really?

Jason: Yes! Here is another question. If you DONT go to Mastery, knowing that it can solve you problem, you agree that it can solve you problem right?

Jerry: Yes, definitely.

Jason: Great, If you DONT go to Mastery, knowing that it can SOLVE you problem, what will it cost you?

After I told him the answers to that, and doing a mini-dickens on me, I gave him a check for $2,000 down and a promise that I was going to Life Mastery next month as well as Date w Destiny and Wealth Mastery.

Great work, Coz!
The 'sales' excerpt above sounds almost identical to the power plays used by the Landmark people. Ugh!


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 20, 2004 03:27AM

Is it possible for people to have almost no knowledge of the Advanced Techniques of persuasion being done to them by a Master Persuader?

Is it possible for them to listen to tapes, and never meet a "Leader", and yet fall almost totally under the "spell" and control of this Leader?

Could this Leader actually be a ruthless manipulator, a wolf in sheeps clothing?

Could this same leader be running a type of White-Collar LGAT "cult" of money, and a cult of grandiousity?

Could this Leader set it up so that most folks involved actually FEEL that he is the best thing that has ever happened to them?

Could a Con-Artist be so good, he seems to be legit?


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 27, 2004 09:35AM

Here are excerpts of what someone wrote about their superexpensive "Anthony Robbins Telephone Coaching".
Compare this with the literature on Thought Reform.

"Yes, a big disappointment about master coaching. I gave it up because I didn't get anything out of it or so little that it was not worth spending all my money on such an expensive program. I take full responsability for that decision and its consquences but if you allow me, I shall give a word of warning to those who consider applying for a master coaching.

If you check the coaching description in the brochure, you get a 3-4 pages of promises that are really attractive but it does not reflect the reality. (The contract makes sure to tell you that there is no guarantee and that all advertisment material is not taken into account and is in no way part of the contract)

I must say that the marketing around the coaching is very seductive and well made but maybe too ambitous and disproportionate with the reality.
I also noticed that they are all conditionned in a way that does not leave them space to think freely. It is really like in a sect where all the people use the same words, the same arguments, totally coloured by the leader' point of view and language. This is not right and they should wake up !

So enough with that ! I feel it is very healthy for me to go away from this psychic environment and break free.

Well, to make it simple, if you stop after let's say 6 sessions of 30 minutes each (that's a 2 months coaching) you need to pay $1390 + $295 cancellation fee! Total = $ 1684 for 3 hours = $ 561 the hour !

I also had to add a 45 minutes talk with a new coach to tell him all over again what I told the first one. I'll wait for the final computation next week but boy that hurt."

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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: August 02, 2004 06:33AM

Here is an excerpt from the same individual quoted above, regarding Anthony Robbins Coaching. (This "coaching" costs over 3-grand for a contract, and you pay IN ADVANCE. They have rock solid contracts you sign, and if you quit early then the price of the coaching per session increases, and you have to pay a cancellation fee, etc.).

There is anger in his post, yet it has hope in it for me, as he has found his way out of the rabbit hole of manipulation and what I would call "Thought Control" from advanced salespeople.

In general, advanced super-salespeople are highly trained, and systematic in their application of the most advanced techniques of persuasion/manipulation, and even aspects of what I would call "Thought Reform".

He refers to something quite interesting when he states they all "think the same way".

I feel proud of this person, as they figured out what was going on early enough to get out of it.

There are systems that are set up to take you for all you have, if you let them. It starts with a few hundred dollars, then goes to a few thousand, then goes to over 10 grand, then to many 10's of thousands, then it can move up to over 60 grand a year, and even beyond that. Whatever you have, they will TAKE IT. If you let them do it to you.

BEWARE when techniques of "Mind Control" are used to sell you terribly over-priced products/services by highly intelligent, ruthless, advanced supersalespeople.

(this is a part of his last post after he found they deleted all of his posts about his problems with Anthony Robbins "Coaching")

The awfull truth about this forum
I was expecting this and I am not surprised a bit.

I have been at the source of this serie and I was wondering from the beginning if they would allow a sincere criticism to have its place in the forum.

I recently had the same experience with the coaching consultant who just could not let me go ! He was giving me all the sale blabla which I'm so tired of and he could not understand how I dared to jump out of the master coaching.

I explained to him where they went wrong but he just refused to listen (this was too confronting) and he tried to put me down by saying I was wrong. These people are such in need of security that they will follow anyone who is articulate enough to make them believe that they are the chosen one and that they have found the right path. Just sheeps unable to think for themselves.

Please WAKE UP ! This is not a philantropic organisation. Money is at the core of it. Worse, it has become a kind of sect where you are not allowed to think differently and if you do, you will be the black sheep and banned. I'm angry at them because of this attitude. They are not honest and they mislead people. Believe me, this search for power by all means is devils'work (which means that the ego is at work, not love)

You are not allowed to talk about the dark side of the moon. They just want the shiny side to be shown. Once again, business. Please give them wonderful testimonials and tell them how great they are and I bet they will send to you a gift.

I'll tell you they are cowered and should be ashamed for befooling people in such a way. I'm not american but I believe the first amendement is the freedom to express oneself and they simply betray it. But it is their forum so they can do whatever they want right ? So I'll make sure to make the right publicity for them in my country.

I am not a visionnary but I can tell you that they will soon prevent me from accessing this forum. I'll make sure that if they come to my country, the whole strory will be revealed in all the newspapers. I will not forget that and let them abuse from other gullible clients.

Since this might be my last post, I wish you well and remember: STAY AWAKE !

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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: August 06, 2004 08:52AM

Another important part of the LGAT SALES process, is to HIDE-Obscure the legal contracts from the victim..uh, I mean...customer...for as long as possible.

For instance, if you call an Advanced LGAT Salesperson for Coaching, or a seminar or whatever, and ask them to send you the FULL CONTRACT, they will not do so. It messes up their Sales Process. What they will do is run all of their SALES TECHNIQUES on you. Anyone can call up an advanced salesperson, and you will immediately see them start to "work on you" using these types of techniques of manipulation. Its quite a good exercise to do so.

Why might they even DELETE any messages that contain the FULL-TEXT of any of the tricky contracts from a website?

Because if people sit back, and THINK about these contracts, WHEN THEY ARE CALM, then they might not sign them! They are FULL of all sorts of "tricky clauses", where you lose your deposit, where the rate goes up, where you have to deliver the cancelled contract by a certain time, and its all said in very fine print, etc etc. There are all sorts of tricky clauses and details in them. What they do, is they trick you by saying there is a "satisfaction guarantee". Most people think that this means you can get your money back. WRONG. There are all sorts of penalties, and rules, and dates, etc, that you have to meet to get SOME of your money back. Every contract is different. If you don't do things EXACTLY right, you will lose ALL of the money you gave to them, and get NO REFUND at all.

The scam is, to get you into a seminar, and then to get you REALLY EXCITED, by playing loud music, and getting you to jump up and down for 12 hours, and think you have discovered the solutions to solve all of your problems and working you into a "Peak State" (MANIA). The Leader will basically put most people into a "hypnotic trance" and a Manic State of mind. Then he INSTRUCTS them, after building them up for hours and DAYS, to go to the back of the room, where his "closers" and his "special sales team", (you MUST sign this now TEAM), work peoples credit cards to the limit.
Some of these seminars can cost beyond 10 grand!!!
They will ENCOURAGE you to max out your credit cards! They truly don't seem to give two sh*ts of what happens to the person after. All they seem to care about is their COMMISSION. They all want to be rich like their Leader, and he got rich milking average people out of THOUSANDS of dollars each.

So they are running EVERY high-pressure sales technique in the book, building people up, using Social Proof to get them to sign, having tricky contracts that are hard to understand right away, "false-tricky" satisfaction guarantee's, and getting people to sign legal contracts in a crowded room, with music blasting, being worked over by HIGHLY TRAINED SALESPEOPLE, and many other techniques, all at the SAME TIME.
And there is a hellava lot more to it than that!!!

They have this down to a SCIENCE.
They have been doing it for decades.
They have learned all these sleazy Sales Techniques from sleazy LGAT seminar promoters, and they have been running them, and improving them ever since.

They are using every single trick in the book on people, and many that are not in the book yet....
They have literally broken the financial backs of countless people, and they just keep on going...and going...and going...


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Psychosis after a Tony Robbins Seminar??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: August 06, 2004 04:14PM

(excerpt from the article)


Jury Hands Wade Cook Seminars Inc. Copyright Victory; Tony Robbins Ordered to Pay Damages of $655,900
Business Wire, Oct 1, 1998

TACOMA, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 1998--A jury in Tacoma, Wash., this afternoon found nationally-known speaker and seminar leader Tony Robbins guilty of copyright infringement, and has awarded damages of $655,900 to the plaintiff, Wade B. Cook.

The verdict comes in a case filed by Cook, a financial author and educator, who claimed Robbins had copied and used without permission material from his best-selling book, Wall Street Money Machine.

"He took phrases right out of my book and used them over and over again in an illegal fashion," said Cook. "I'm very pleased that the jury found Mr. Robbins wrong in this case and I hope it sends a message to him that he can't make a career out of copying other people's original work."

Arguments in the two day trial centered around "The Meter Drop" -- a unique concept of stock trading created by Cook and incorporated into his book as the central theme. According to testimony, in May of 1996, Robbins read Cook's Wall Street Money Machine, met with Cook several times and attended one of his seminars. In August of 1996, Robbins introduced a financial seminar manual of his own that included repeated use of the term meter drop and other phrases found in Cook's best-seller.

Federal copyright law states anyone who copies original elements from a copyrighted work infringes on that copyright. Robbins admitted use of the phrase and concepts, but claimed he did not need permission from Cook to do so. Robbins also testified that the term has been edited out of his manual when in fact, it still appeared in the manual as late as February of 1998.


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