Victims of Jarl Moe's investment schemes.
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: August 29, 2009 10:17AM

Are there others out there that have been subjected to/monetarily rewarded by the business dealings with an individual calling himself "Jarl Moe"? He claims he is legit. He may be, I am not God, I only see what is obviously before me.

There are many questionable practices and claims by this individual which defy logic and common sense and legality ("tax evasion" in a common, unwashed-masses sort of term).

For all people who have either been victimized or even enriched beyond logical comprehension by this investment/seminar "guru" please help the forum to flesh out who this person is.

My guess is he has no current criminal record under the name he is using (I could be wrong and he may be operating under an alias) but he is operating within the shadow of the current European legal system.

Please use caution dealing with this sort of person.

Keep your wallet and bank account safe at all costs.

Greed and fear are what con-artists ALWAYS use to fleece you. Beware and be safe.

I am especially interested in hearing from all the people that "Jarl Moe" claim made over 300% on their investments DUE TO HIM AND HIS MANAGEMENT.

Thank you in advance. Your wallet will thank you.

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