Re: Help w/ Landmark Please
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: August 08, 2009 04:40AM


I got my entire Forum refunded, after completing the entire thing. Keep pestering them and you'll get your refund.

Good work!


Re: Help w/ Landmark Please
Posted by: Bren ()
Date: August 30, 2009 12:46PM

YES!! Finally after MANY calls my $$ was refunded. Talking with my brother but there is definitely a differance since I backed out of the landmark "experiance". I am praying for him as he is now in the advance course.

Thanks guys...

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Re: Help w/ Landmark Please
Posted by: Lars Bergwik ()
Date: August 31, 2009 01:48AM

thanks for the update Bren.

I hope everything works out for you.


Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 31, 2009 03:28AM

That's good to get the money back.
Even more important, its great that Landmark was not able to use their powerful techniques to mess with a person's mind.

A good lesson from this thread is...

#1) never give Landmark any money whatsoever, as its almost impossible to get that money back. Its like buying from a shady door-to-door salesman or store with no refunds, its too risky. Only buy products from reputable companies who back up their products with easy and instant 100% refunds.

#2) If a close family member tries to enroll you in Landmark, and you don't want to argue and fight about it, demand a copy of the complete Landmark waiver first, as posted in this thread.

#3) Then take that waiver to a doctor, psychologist, or other professional, and simply have them write a letter that you should NOT take Landmark, based on Landmark's own written waiver. It could be to a medication, or other NON-DISCLOSED PRIVATE issue.

If a professional Landmark salesperson or Leader tries to pressure you to attend the Landmark Forum, get them to write/sign their name to the statement from the doctor saying you should NOT attend the Landmark Forum.
That will scare the hell out of them.

Game over.

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