Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: July 04, 2009 04:33AM

the best long-term way to expose these groups, is to precisely detail the many techniques and processes they use on people.
That is why these groups try to suppress factual criticism of their methods.

but precisely explaining how the entire system works, is probably the best way in the long-term to educate the public.

but a short-term individual case is probably quite different. Usually, Landmark ends up destroying almost all non-Landmark friendships, as its intended.

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: July 04, 2009 06:56PM

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Carlos B ()
Date: July 04, 2009 09:57PM

John - it's a great article. Thanks for that. It's a pity the writer didn't stick it through the whole course. It has the makings of an amazing screenplay. "Dogshit metaphysics" - what great title that would be. I did have the notion to write a screenplay based on the Forum but never got past the first draft, maybe I'll go back to it.

The Anticult - I think there are three distinct audiences - the general public who may be attracted by Landmark, those who volunteer (and these are the people liable to lose contact with the outside world), and the soft periphery who recommend the Forum to anyone prepared to listen.

I'm mainly concerned with what I call the soft periphery. For example I know a woman who recommends the Forum as the cure-all for everything from toothache to psychosis. Most people think she's a little odd (!) but an acquaintance of mine did do the Forum on her recommendation. He's a very feet-on-the-ground type and hated it. Now the two of them are not on speaking terms. The woman's faith in the Forum was not shaken or even touched (as far as I can see) by the guy's reaction. I think she just has to figure it out for herself but I am thinking about what sort of info would facilitate that. There are some excellent points in the article John recommended about the reduction of people to an infantile level and I guess I'm thinking about how useful a blow by blow account of the Forum would be - without the jokes - explaining what the leader is doing and how and why. Does such athing exist? (or anything close?)

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: July 05, 2009 06:59PM

Don't know of anything like that existing.

Would be a valuable thing to have in terms of something that can be read beforehand so that a person who still goes on to do the forum could mentally 'track' through their recollection of the article whilst the sessions are in progress.

This in turn could provide the necessary alienation from what is being applied to the crowd by the leader, and thus limit or negate the large group brainwashing effect.

I'm curious as to what others would think as far as this being possible to achieve. Thoughts, anyone?


Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: ExLand ()
Date: July 06, 2009 11:18PM

It is very difficult to remember exactly what happened during the forum because a majority of the time you are in a trance state. However I am in the process of deconstructing the forum. This does however require a lot of research into the methods of thought reform, and the specific techniques employed. I have managed to get a copy of RJ Lifton's "Thought reform and the psychology of totalism" which is providing me with a lot of useful information. I will over the next few months attempt to describe exactly what went on during the forum, and to reveal the methods used- which I hope to post on a blog. I will require as much help as possible in advertising the blog once it's completed!

So I will keep you all posted!

Keep up the good discussions on these forums they do help tremendously as well.

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Lincoln ()
Date: July 07, 2009 04:13AM

Hi Nettie, Thanks for the valuable information. My son has become involved with Landmark Education and has been now for a few years. He's got some of our other children involved now as well. He's always doing it on the weekends and I'm really concerned about it. It all seems so FAKE , the over the top happy I"M GREAT replies whenever you talk to them ect. What can I do? Theyre wasting huge amounts of money on this Landmark game and I'm worried about this as theyre only just married and now expecting their first baby. Ive tried sending info to him via email but he just dismisses it . Its great what youre doing and so needed. Well done Nettie.

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Lars Bergwik ()
Date: July 07, 2009 06:20PM

thank you Lincoln.

nettie / Lars Bergwik / nisseberka on youtube

Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: July 09, 2009 02:35AM


Carols, You might like the above post - it was one of the earliest posts in the LGAT forum here by $375lighter .

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